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day in my dreams

Took a dive, started on a whim, and ended up being one of the most incredible adventures I could have asked for – Happy 1st year anniversary to day in my dreams.

The experience is beyond what I could ever have expected it to be, and you have made it that. Thank so much for supporting me from the very beginning through this first year. Your encouragement and inspirations have not only kept me blogging, but also brightened many days in my own personal life, like a close group of friends along for one of life’s many journeys. Having this opportunity to take something that is a passion and inner release for me, and being able to share that and interact with so many incredibly talented people, brands, and companies – is something I will be forever grateful for. I feel truly blessed.

Also, feeling a bit cheesy (but truly want to know how grateful I am for each of you) after this extended speech – so let’s get back to it shall we?

Thought it appropriate to make the announcement over a blog post from inside my home where it all started. Enjoying some cool rainy-day vibes and heavy knits through the beginning of fall in casuals for the past couple of weeks.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:NIKON D90 | c/meo collective knit c/o:IFCHIC | boyfriend jeans c/o:LOOKBOOK STORE | lounge bralette and boyshort c/o:SOMI | timepiece c/o:CLUSE | marble iPhone case c/o:MADOTTA | stack rings c/o:THE ORDINARY CO

2015-0928-day-in-my-dreams-03 2015-0928-day-in-my-dreams-06

Marble case is from Madotta. Looked at several white cases, but the marble print on this one was just right, and I couldn’t live without it. My phone has been as spoiled as me! Plus, how cute is their notecard. Love them.


Anyone else flipping out over these gorgeous details??? #minimalistessentials Come to me. (posing with alluring face) jk. but for real, I’m still staring at this photo as I’m trying to type. (thank you Mavis Beacon for making that a bit easier). All of the above have been traveling everywhere with me since they arrived. Love the mesh band that Cluse is doing with their timepieces. Adds a nice sophisticated finish to pretty much everything I wear (one of the many perks of dressing mostly monochrome).


Wonderfully distressed pair of Denim from Lookbook Store. (Yes mom… I got them this way… on purpose) I think Naizak is a fan. Not really sure what she loves more, me or my rug which she continually tries to claim as her own.


Underneath it all, this comfy loungewear just came in from Somi. Beautiful (and incredibly comfy) basics. Feeling totally spoiled. (and the people that work there are amazing p.s.) Not only do they craft these with a lot of stretch for the way you move, they also do it for a good cause. Somi supports women all around the world by helping to provide housing, education, and leadership training for those who are not as fortunate as you and I to have those things so readily available to us. So if you’ve been looking for some loungewear or it’s just time to update your basics, be sure to check them out first and encourage the power of helping others, and creating beautiful, strong women everywhere.

2015-0928-day-in-my-dreams-13 2015-0928-day-in-my-dreams-192015-0928-day-in-my-dreams-20

Yes Naizak, we’re done (for now). Enjoy the beautiful day, and thank you again for all your love and support this past year! Let the 2nd year saga begin.


  1. This blogpost is amazing on so many levels! I am in love with Naizak, your home, that rug and the perfect hardware! I also have the marble case from Madotta and am still completely in love with it! You look amazing in Somi’s pieces!

    And last but not least congrats to your first year of blogging! Never stop cause I am a huge fan of your cyber space!

    Sophie xx

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    • well those are about the nicest combination of words anyone has ever written to me =) thanks so much Sophie! totally love your blog – I feel we’re similar in many ways! and have many of the same favorites. so happy to be in touch


    • haha totally right! I don’t think I’ve been in anything fitted in ages… this cold weather does it to me (or at least that’s my excuse ;) have a great afternoon Laura


  2. Wow congratulations Kristina! I absolutely love your style so I hope you never stop blogging :) All the pieces you are wearing are amazing, especially that loungewear…they look super comfy too. Also Naizak is just adorable! How can you say no to those eyes? :)

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    • thank you! can’t believe it’s been that long already… (and really… I can never say no =) hope you have an incredible weekend ahead!


  3. First of all congratulations on your 1st anniversary Christina. Keep up the hard work as you are who has so many to share with the world and I believe you will go more future:). My second years was the most fun bcos you will receive many amazing opportunities from many companies and events, as you are already a model looking yourself :) and that I wish you luck with our blog fields! Your look is my favorite look of the day. Love everything you are wearing the top and the bottom are too chic:), you’re incredible:). Thank you also for your support as well:). Xx


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    • thank you! so excited about going in to the second year, I feel like I’ve learned so much already, and it’s the open road ahead! thank you so much for your kind words… you’re so good to me =) happy friday

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  4. Congratulations and happy birthday DIMD! I always have adored your blog and indeed you. Your style is so unique and your writing is spot on.
    Thanks to you for your unwavering support too – you’re the best!
    Keep doing what you are doing, as it’s superb.
    Also give Naizak a big hug too, she’s adorable.
    Samuel xxx

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    • thank you so much… and I need to get my lazy a** back in the gym and then it would be better haha… maybe tomorrow ;) enjoy the weekend as well!


  5. You always have incredible pictures that make me want to have everything in my life black and white hehe. Especially love the black timepiece (want!!). Many congrats on your first year of blogging and best wishes for an even better and more fulfilling second year!

    xx, Tristan || Gold Lion Style

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  6. Congratulations my dear on your 1 year anniversary! I am so proud of you and find so much inspiration in everything that you post. I am so thankful that we have been able to connect through our blogs and I hope to one day meet in real life. I hope you have many more successful years to come, you deserve about a million more followers.

    Joy xx.

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    • thanks Joy! I’m so grateful for our friendship, even if it’s held to the constraint of cyber for now… perhaps someday the stars will pull us together to meet! you are a mutual inspiration to me, and I love your honestly and kind heart (and of course your killer fashion) hope you’re having an amazing weekend!

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