st. thomas virgin islands, suits on drinks up

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Pop, and cheers all around. The first bottle of champaign spills bubbles onto the white deck. Laughter and chatter can be heard over the hum of the charter’s engine. The sea captain smiles as the group of merry toast to the day. Who knew ocean spray and champagne paired together so nicely. The sea had never looked so blue, and rocky islands and sandy shores specked the otherwise perfectly still waters in the distance. It was charter day.
infinity pool in nun swimwear

island loungewear

st. thomas house

infinity pool

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR + KRISTINA PETRICK + SOME STOLEN FROM FRIENDS | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | swimwear c/o:NüN BANGKOK | activewear c/o:NüN BANGKOK | travel bag c/o:LO & SONS | cashmere travel blanket and eyemask c/o:MASON | laceup sandals c/o:OTBT

Welcome to the travel blog recap of the Virgin Islands. A trip made during the peak traveling time (and by that I mean 1 week exactly prior to “in-season”). The early start to vacationing gave us the tropical world to explore on our own, with little traffic from other tourists in the area. We spend the week just off shore, sharing a private villa in St. Thomas with our group of 8 close friends. A choice I would strongly recommend over the confines of the average resort. The extra space and clear view of the islands from our the infinity pool gave us a place to call our own during our stay.

tropical virgin islands

resort swimwear

Activities Not to Miss

A private charter tour of the local islands tops the list. We chose Aqua Blue Charters, and with our entertaining captain Scotty on deck, this was by far our favorite adventure of the trip. The ship was beautiful, and had a great indoor lounge (not that we spent any time indoors). We made the stop to Willy T’s for lunch – a sunken ship themed pub with great seafood, a good crowd, and a jump-spot where girls are supposed to go topless.

The catch of the day made it all worth our while.

Through caves with legendary hidden treasure, coral reefs and island walls, our snorkels peeped above the waters as we hopped island to island. The fish seemed acquainted with visitors. And let’s just say a few pretzels go a long way in bringing the teams together. We also stopped by the famous Corona island, one of the only flat beachy islands along the way. We had it all to ourselves, and spend the hour traipsing between palm trees to see who could discover the biggest hermit crabs.

entertainment in the virgin islands

blogger and co

With long palms hanging low ladened with the weight of ripened coconuts and beach seen on all sides around, it was truly a sight to behold.

Another must-do trip, take the ferry to St. Peter for the day. The islanders yelled loudly from the worn deck, begrudgingly directing traffic to back in inches from the car behind them. Dents? Inevitable. Once aboard, we opted for the 3rd floor lookout where we could stay out of the way of angry shipmen and watch islands pass until we arrived. Once in St. Peter, the food not to miss was from a whole-in-the wall seafood joint called Woody’s Seafood Saloon. The shark bites (admittedly not shark meat) were grilled bites of perfection. Though after a couple rounds of house shotskies pretty much everything was tasting fairly delightful.

beaches of st. thomas

Back in St. Thomas… We hit up the downtown for a night out, and followed up in suit at Iggy’s Beach Bar and Grill for lunch the day after. And no wonder their mascot, HUGE iguanas specked the years and hung from the tries, barely supporting themselves on the frail branches of tropical shrubberies. The breeze cooled slightly for a day. Welcome after the days of sun. A color specked bar with rows of rainbow beach chairs lined the seaside.

A lone hammock swung slowly in the wind. The perfect sendoff of one of our last nights together.

A beautiful trip all in all, but I can’t sign off without dishing on the goods! And by that, I do mean rum. Lot’s and lots of rum. Here are some of the islands most famous drinks that we indulged in.

the travel crew

virgin island drink recipes

Must have Island Drink Recipes

Rum Punch
2 Oz Dark Rum
1/4 Oz Grenadine
Equal Parts of Sour Mix, Pineapple and Orange Juices
1 Dash of Bitters
Served layered on ice with plenty of fruit garnishes.

2 Part Oz Lopez
1 Parts Coco, Baileys, Kahlua, Coconut Rum, Amaretto
Served frozen as the ultimate refresher with whipped cream and chocolate drizzling.

2 Oz Rum
1 Oz Cream de Coconut
4 Oz Pineapple
1 Oz Orange Juice
Served on ice, usually in a plastic souvenir cup, but oh so good.

Painkiller on top left and rum punch on right. Perfectly refreshing amidst the island’s heat. Living up vacation to the fullest.

lo and sons travel bag

In the Bag

Packing recommendations, go light. My bag was filled with party dresses and heels, and of course all we ended up putting to use was swimsuits and covers save one night on the town. Luckily thanks to Nün Bangkok, my swim selection was on fleek with some of the most luxurious sporty swimwear I’ve seen till date. Their activewear pieces doubled as covers for me, and were the most worn items on the trip along with some good travel sandles by OTBT. Travel kit from Mason also came in handy while in-route to St. Thomas… a several hour delay meant time keeping cozy in the airport, and a couple bloodies and a cashmere wrap was exactly what the doctor ordered.

beach activewear and travel bagwhat's in my travel baghappy travel blogger

Packed it all in my new duffle by Lo & Sons. The pockets came in huge handy for keeping everything sorted. It doubled as my carry on for traveling, and a beach bag once we arrived. The lower compartment is structured, so you can keep items there you don’t want crushed (aka, bottles of champaign). Which by the way, were taken in high abundance throughout the trip.

air travel view

Want more travel blog recaps from 2016? Come with me to my travels in India this past spring, and a weekend in San Francisco taken on a whim.

best of instagram november 2016

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best of instagram november 2016

Running parallel with the blog, or sometimes with a mind of it’s own. Want to know the reader’s favorites? Here are the posts you loved the most, with the November highlights of the Instagram blog of day in my dreams. Thank you supporting me in the month’s biggest adventure – touring the islands of St. Thomas and the return home again to greet fall full-faced yet unwilling.

Your favorites of the month: travel features, moments at home, and all white and grey fashion. In order from top left to bottom right, in case you missed it – here’s the inside scoop.

best of instagram november 2016

#1: Your top pick, the warmest welcome home from the Virgin Islands with my favorite dog pal (Naizak). Wearing a cashmere lounge set from Grana, because it was just too soon to embrace the reality that vacation was over and it was time to rejoin the real world. Full story on the blog.

Sweetest comment from @theprojectdrama: “Cuteness overload! @dayinmydreams this is by far my favorite photo of the day 😊”

#2: Next up, trying to adjust back to the eastern US climate, staying warm in heattech technology from Uniqulo USA #warmtothecore

warm leggings

#3: Brand discovery of Leah Alexandria jewelry, sporting some new all white and gold arm candy from her newest collection.

minimalist jewelry

#4: In less than 6 months I’ll have straight teeth! So excited to join the Smile Direct Club, thank you guys so much for supporting me in my journey. Now on my 4th set of retainers, and the smile is only growing.

Thank you for supporting my journey @eileenvonberckefeldtI! “had the same way to get straight teeth! Just from another brand but perfect! A short almost invisible way.”

all white fashion

#5: If this isn’t paradise, I don’t know what is. Thank you for following along in my travels of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. This infinity pool probably never got so much use in it’s life. Wearing swimwear by NUN.

travel blogger

#6: Lulu’s keeps me at the height of fashion with on-trend flair pants and pumps by Kendall + Kylie. They’re a great one-stop-shop for affordable fashion… just in time for the holidays!

lulus flair pants

The runner up with an honorable mention, these haute new booties from Aldo’s new fall collection. Wore the laceup booties with A’gaci fray pants and a thick grey sweater. At least these new fashion treats are making the cooler weather easier to swallow.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment, you’re the best @yoncaerguner: “Love Aldo! Looks so good 👌🏻👌🏻”

instagram feature of aldos shoes

That wraps it up for November. Thank you all so much for your love and support as always… you make each day a little brighter (no touching up needed). Here’s to December and wrapping up 2016 with a bang.

For more fashion inspiration, be sure to check out Wheretoget, just featured as a top blogger choice for 2016!

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forever a fantasy

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aurum sterling silver jewelry

You know those dreams you used to have as a child… with unicorns in the sky and the power of the wind beneath your wings? With magical trolls as your best friends and some pending evil to ward away.

I believe that part of our childhood fantasy lives on forever.

It inspires you, reminds you that there’s something special inside everyone, and drives you to keep dreaming – no matter how that dream may change with time. That part in our lives has a power of its own. A freedom. A moment where anything is possible, if only in our dreams.

fashion blogger with sterling sliversterling sliver ring

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR + KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | sterling silver ring c/o:AURUM (take 25% off with code: TAKE25PC)

I choose to live that reality, embracing the boundless journey on the flip side. Something about the ethereal beauty of certain things in this world transport me there. The sky at dusk, a clear full moon, staring into the crashing waves of the sea. The prolonged glance of a stranger or the melody of your favorite song.

sterling sliver feather ring

The Icelandic creations of Aurum are one thing that does just that. The design is so delicate. Gracefully forming some of the most unique designs I’ve seen. This featured sterling silver Swan ring had me dreaming from the start, and it’s hardly come off my finger since it’s arrived. The designer is clearly inspired, with an entire collection that reminds you of some ancient beauty or forgotten magic. If you’re looking for a special gift idea for Christmas, I highly recommend. Their Black Friday sales are happening now, and you can get 25% off with code: TAKE25PC now through November 28. Can’t believe it’s time to start planning for the holidays already.

all white sterling silver

Time flies. But part of it stays still forever. Finding balance in both let’s you live a life somewhere in between reality and your not so distant dreams. With the magic of the holidays approaching, I hope you find time to live in that space, a day in your dreams. And here’s to being surrounded by the people that you take with you in both spaces.

can you say cashmere

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Soft, simple, and luxurious. Those pieces you run your fingers over in the store just to feel a couple moments of the texture grazing your skin. The sweaters you pull over your hands just to feel a couple more inches of comfort. That extra layer in your gloves that keeps all the little pinkies cozy against winter’s wind. That sweater that you’ll be living in for the next 6 months before spring returns. That gift you can just keep giving, because no one can ever have enough. You know what I’m talking about. Cashmere.

And with the holiday season fastly approaching, it’s something that’s been on my mind, so I’ve partnered with Grana to tell you a story – the story of cashmere. And not just any cashmere, Mongolian cashmere, sourced from inner Mongolia where it is carefully combed, scored and spun for the softest knits that we all yearn for this time of year. If you’re preparing yourself for the winter weather, checking off your Christmas list, or just curious to know how cashmere is made, grab a cup of coffee, and let the story begin.

grana cashmere turtleneckgrana cashmere

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | cashmere turtleneck c/o:GRANA | cashmere crop sweater c/o:GRANA | cashmere joggers c/o:GRANA | cashmere cardigan c/o:GRANA | black silk cami c/o:GRANA | crossbody bag c/o:MEZZANOTTE

Imagine yourself in a vast, beautifully barren landscape. Studded with jagged rocks and endless hills with open space and sky as far as the eye can see.

It may seem enchantingly welcoming from first impressions, but looks can be deceiving, and the locals know the land holds a secret that makes it hard to survive. Harsh and unforgiving, the land freezes at -40°C when winter sweeps across the plains, and scorches at +40°C as the earth continues to spin through its seasons. Welcome to Mongolia, where only the strong survive, and nature is forced to adapt to its relentless polar swings.

There, in the clearing is a heard of ivory goats contrasting their terrain, seemingly unaffected by nature’s harsh reality. To keep warm, they have not only grown a coat of long hairs, but also an undercoat of plush downy fleece to keep them cozy against the bitter cold… cashmere.

cashmere cardigancashmere cardigan and joggers

And no, don’t worry. The farmers don’t strip the poor things of their winter coat and leave them to bear their own in the cold. In fact, they’re not sheared at all. When spring shows itself, the goat farmers carefully comb out each goat, releasing them of the heavy layer in time to avoid the unbearable heat that follows. From there, the wool begins a meticulous journey of combing, scouring and spinning before it is transformed into the fine yarn from which Grana knits are made. From there, the yarn is woven and stitched into simple basics, bringing the culture of Mongolia and the comfort of its local resources right into the welcoming palm of your hand.

cashmere sweatsuitwhite husky

cashmere loungewear

And in case you are wondering, no – it’s not itchy. Mongolian cashmere is amongst the softest you’ll find. I have now 4 pieces of cozy cashmere luxuries from Grana, and they’ve been traveling with me across the states in every recent journey. In fact, I love them so much, I’ve since purchased some pieces for my mom because they were too good not to share – which is why I couldn’t resist sharing them with you as well.

grana mongolian cashmere crop sweater

fashion blogger

It’s no new news that fashion bloggers are bombarded with fresh pieces almost on the daily, so when something is good enough to stay on repeat, that’s saying something. This cardigan has now been worn at least a couple dozen times… you can check out another way I’ve styled it here with their silk pieces.

Want some too? Grana practices transparent retail, so you can see exactly what you’re getting for the price, without the markups of the middle man. And just for Thanksgiving, they’re marking their prices down to cost – with no profits for themselves just to let more people have a try. If you haven’t checked off your Christmas list yet, you’re welcome. Hope you and all the lucky peeps on your list enjoy them as much as I do. Happy holidays!

To shop: Click here

fall’s last fight, the sun sets and the season changes

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fall fashion

The sky is buttery cream, blurring softy with the tree tops. Flashes of gold flicker between the branches, and through the window one can hardly imagine the forbidden cold that lies just on the other side of the glass. The waters glow like crystalized roses, fading into grey as it slowly disappears over the horizon. The sun sinks a smidge more, and the golden trees transform into dark shadows against the intensely glowing sky of pinks, orange and gold. For a flash, all colors become vibrant, one last hurrah before the sun retreats for the night.

fall velvet shoesdancing fall fashion

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | felt hat c/o:LULUS | knit dress c/o:LULUS | sherpa vest c/o:LULUS | velvet pumps c/o:LULUS

Grey, quiet, stillness. Dusk folds over the earth, a foreshadowing of the season to come. The crisp chill of the morning past is pushed away and replaced with a haunting cold. The motion forces leaves from their branches, fluttering to the ground in defeat. Solders lost in the fight of the season’s bitter sweet transformation.

Darkness. Winter is almost here. The sky turns to black lit only by a thin line of the moon crescent smiling sideways at its victory over the day. Earth and sky become one, differentiated only by darker shadows outlining tree tops and the clouds rolling in.

fall fashionfashion blogger

Luckily for us all, morning will soon return again. And the battle of winter is lost at least one more day to its mediator – fall. Until your last stance of the year, I’ll be right here with you, holding on to summer’s sun until the last leaf falls. Here’s to your graceful passing, and your return in the years to come when the battle is inevitably lost. The war is not over.