returning to life as a fashion blogger, and introducing hemsmith

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life as a fashion blogger

Just returned from a journey through India, and resuming once again the lifestyle of a fashion blogger. It’s been a long break, and catching up the the pace of normal life has been a more tremendous undertaking than expected. I can still taste the mouthwatering curries and ample coconut water that was consumed along the way. And the silence feels strange as if I’ve never heard it before.

At any rate, getting back to the routine has felt more like  a fresh start, and I’ve spent the past couple of days sorting through trip photos and catching up on the latest on Instagram. But before diving into vacation adventures, I wanted to share with you a discovery I made earlier in the year and have recently had the pleasure of experiencing first hand.

hemsmith minimal back detail
photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | crop top c/o:HEMSMITH | knot cuff c/o:LUXE BLOGGER | ball ring c/o:EVERY MONDAY | cutout boots c/o:WINDSOR SMITH

luxe blogger cuff
hemsmith casual fashion

Introducing Hemsmith, a modern, unisex clothing line of comfortable basics that compliment a minimal wardrobe. I discovered the brand first in November of last year, when I came contact with Hemsmith as a fashion blogger. We chatted through a few emails back and forth, sharing some common interests in fashion and design. The line was just at it’s beginnings then, and blossoming as we continued staying in touch.

This year, big changes are on the wind and the Hemsmith site is now live! Feeling good about the amount of effort put into each piece, I couldn’t resist but to give them a try and share it with you.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | cutoff c/o:HEMSMITH
minimal timepiece c/o:WOLSCH



Currently featuring two of her pieces: the unisex Vince cutoff and the Ava crop. Both super soft and stretchy with an asymmetrical design from the SS16 collection. Feeling internally conflicted whether it’s the material choice or unique design that I like most – either way both tops are total wins for the warm season.

casual hemsmith fashion

Shooting just days before my trip, I paired both with denim as my go-to solution for comfort and efficiency for tackling my to-do list – however I’m pretty sure culottes would be an excellent choice as well. Complimenting timepiece for the ensemble is by Wolsch. The simple face and ink-toned pebbled leather band added a rich texture that made me feel pulled together through the hustle. Part of the fun in being a fashion blogger is being able to toy-with and remix outfits on the daily – so you’ll be seeing these styles again.

In the mean time, be sure to check out the Hemsmith site and support an awesome startup designer. India trip updates coming soon so be sure to keep in touch!

minimalist fashion open to interpretation

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2016 0614 from zen til now 1

The art of interpretation is both a beautiful and malicious thing. Every set of eyes sees the world in a different way. Some seeing the troubles and complications in live – others seeing beauty in even the darkest moments. It’s easy to get lost in your own line of sight, but one who can see from many perspectives is able to tap into worlds that can transform the way we see, think and believe. And whether those directions are right or wrong, that shift in direction acts as a catalyst into the co-existing lives around us.

It’s kind of like modern art. Everyone who looks at the strokes and colors on the canvas see something different, and that’s what makes it beautiful.

2016 0614 from zen til now 6 (1)

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | minimalist silk crop c/o:TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE | minimalist silk trouser c/o:TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE | lava stone earrings c/o:EVERY MONDAY | stack rings c/o:EVERY MONDAY

closeup too damn expensive minimalist fashion

2016 0614 from zen til now 6
2016 0614 from zen til now 7

2016 0614 from zen til now 2 (1)

That is exactly what I like about Too Damn Expensive (and no I’m not talking about price tag). It’s a line of minimalist fashion, newly discovered and consisting of a capsule collection of well-thought pieces. The designer has incorporated strong lines contrasted by softest materials which catch the light in a tangible way. The silky lines flow and drape, transforming this look with every step. The pieces themselves are quite loose and deconstructed. Ties and belts lend themselves as a channel of transformation in which the look can be twisted and tight or relaxed and free. Pieces of wearable art, they left me feeling ready to tour a gallery and enjoy a glass of champaign (then again, I’m always quite ready for that).

silk minimalist fashionminimalist fashion2016 0614 from zen til now 9 (1)

Pulling the almost lunar essence of the look, I paired it with accessories by Every Monday. The handmade pieces include stack rings and lava stone earrings (how cool is that?) Her pieces have a beautiful ethereal presence about them that totally sends me to the moon.

And speaking of the moon – this one is falling fast under the said lunar pull, pulling her too sleep… so until next time my loves, sweet dreams.

#mondaymotivation beach-ready in titika activewear

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titika activewear leggings and sneakers

Here’s to a productive week of triumphs and success, letting go of all that ill besets, and running forward full speed ahead.

It’s Monday! And if you weren’t able to rally over the weekend, it’s time to get motivated. Spending this week in NYC and leaving for the Nicobar Islands, India just a few days after my return home. Preparations have been in full swing, and at this point I’m just crossing my fingers that nothing crucial has been overlooked.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | pattern activewear bra c/o:TITIKA | pattern jacket c/o:TITIKA | activewear leggings c/o:TITIKA | black sneakers c/o:WINDSOR SMITH | fitness tracker c/o:TOTWOO


Toning up to get beach-ready before the trip. Thanks to Titika for making that a little more fun in new activewear sets. Something about new workout clothes always helps me go that extra mile. And these leggings could. not. be. more. comfortable. I’m pretty sure they’re just going to be taking over my wardrobe in general.

Love their attention to details especially in the mixed materials and back designs. Perfect for this particular short run – and cute enough that I felt comfortable hitting up the local weekend market on the way home. I’m a sucker for versatility, so if my activewear can double as errand-appropriate, they’ve won my affections. Because let’s be real – we don’t have time to change five times a day for work, leisure, errands, gym and a night out on the town.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | lace-back activewear bra c/o:TITIKA | tank c/o:TITIKA | activewear leggings c/o:TITIKA | sneakers c/o:EGO | fitness tracker c/o:TOTWOO




Also on the wrist, Totwoo smart jewelry tracking every step along the way. Pretty for a fitness tracker right? Wearable tech has always been an interest of mine. I was the first girl on a Fitbit, and similarly couldn’t wait to give this crystal-encrusted technology a try. Had a bit of trouble getting the app to sync (hey, I never said I was good at this stuff) but the team was extremely helpful in getting me on my way. I’m now able to track steps, UV exposure, get reminders when I’m idle and more. It also has a fun flashing light option that basically makes me want tequila shots in a dance club… versatility – I’m telling you. I couldn’t be more prepared.

2016-0613-titika-minimalist-sport-activewear-34 2016-0613-titika-minimalist-sport-activewear-332016-0613-titika-minimalist-sport-activewear-21

The combination didn’t arrive a day too soon, I’m pretty sure my gym card has collected a quarter inch of dust since my last trip. But procrastinate no more! Today is the day to get things in order. The sun is shining, the people are out, and it’s a fresh new day. #MondayMotivation

So get it girls, may you tackle those to-dos in a swift sweep and have time to unwind shortly thereafter.

summer whispers of wanderlust

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backless wanderlust style with western roundie towel

She released a sigh as deep as the sea, let down her hair and let life begin. It’s not easy to let go of the troubling whispers of doubt and insecurities, but a moment staring into the sunset or across the ever moving waters of the sea spanning into nothingness drowns the voices into the abyss – and there happiness is found. Let the warmth of the sun cover your skin warm the deepest caverns of your heart, be in the moment, and be free. This is the spirit of wanderlust, the traveler’s soul. Let go, breath, and dance to the symphony of life’s little miracles surrounding you every step of the way.

This life’s next journey is taking me across the sea back to India – a place which captured my heart from the first moment I stepped foot on the charmed grounds. Prepare yourselves for an eastern Asia journey soon to come – and in the mean time enjoy these moments of wanderlust that can be had here from home.

backless wanderlust style and hair

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | backless wanderlust dress c/o:JOAH BROWN

wanderlust fashion with roundie towel choker wanderlust stylewalking wanderlust style

Expressing a free spirit draped in casual cotton basics for everyday lifestyle from Joah Brown. If they don’t express the spirit of wanderlust – I don’t know what does. From summer strolls, to beach and poolside, the effortless comfort suits an open mind and endless days of sun. In a simple statement, they’re the pieces you want to live in, and the garments for moments that should never end.

Created in Los Angeles, CA Joah Brown perfectly captures the story of effortless happiness and all-day comfort. Designed as transitional elements, they’re definitely a brand you’ll want to check out for this summer’s basics.

backless wanderlust styleclose up wanderlust stylebackless wanderlust style and bag

My top picks were the the Free Me dress and Lazy Day tank (both appropriately named don’t you think?) Check out their site and let me know your favs. The cotton is insanely soft, and the styles are relaxed and timeless.

happy pineapple wanderlust style

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | deep-sleeve cut-off c/o:JOAH BROWN

grunge wanderlust stylecutoff wanderlust style

Practicing my pineapple balancing skills as well (needless to say, I failed). One element of wanderlust I’ll leave to the editorials. At any rate, keep dreaming, and never give up on your inner spirit of warmth and wanderlust. #befree #stayrad

pineapple wanderlust style



casual sport sneaker style

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casual minimalist sneakers

Kick back and let your hair down, summer is here and it’s time to squeeze the most enjoyment out of each day.

There are so many experiences possible in life’s journey, and I plan to take as many as possible. So many times we get caught up in daily routine and forget to spend time relaxing or getting out to explore the world. Instead, have a mindset of get-up-and-go with a no-excuse attitude for getting stuck in the rut. So far so good with days spent poolside, mini trips to D.C., VA beach, NYC and beyond. What’s on your jetset list for the summer? Don’t make excuses of why next weekend might be better… GO!

minimalist sneaker style

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | slip-on slacks c/o:FABRIZIO GIANNI | leatherette top c/o:THE RUSHING HOUR (30% off with code: dayinmydreams30 ) | saddle bag c/o:DESIGUAL | purse pom pom c/o:LUXE BLOGGER | casual sport sneakers c/o:WINDSOR SMITH

minimalist fashion pom pom

minimalist sneaker style

Nothing makes me feel more relaxed and ready to go than casual sneaker style that lets me run as fast as my feet will take me. This first look is inspired by tackling the weekly to-dos in style. Feel like you don’t have time for exploring new opportunities? Spend one day a week like a raging psychopath and knock out as many to-dos as possible. That way, when the weekend rolls around you’ll have a sense of accomplishment, and no excuses to stay stuck in the house. This look is made to run, and that one day of fast-pace motivation goes a long way in freeing up extra time! These pull-on trousers have been a lifesaver for clean-professional (and wrinkle-free!) style that fits into a lifestyle in motion.

sneaker fashion minimal overalls

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | oversized overalls c/o:THE RUSHING HOUR (30% off with code: dayinmydreams30 ) | casual sport sneakers c/o:EGO | silver rings c/o:CHARLOTTE VALKENIERS

minimal casual style

Allowing the ultimate form of laid-back mentality to win over your mind on occasion is a great way to recoup after your hectic to-do day. Reward yourself with some of life’s much needed comforts (fresh air, good wine, and good company), and map out the adventure ahead. Having a couple hours to unwind in equally casual style let’s you clear your mind of the unnecessary, so you’ll be ready for the worriless adventures that follow.

grey casual sneakers

overalls sneaker style

When you’re overwhelmed with daily tasks… work, work, work, work, work… get it done. Relax. Then Play. All are equally important to a happy, healthy you. Don’t make excuses, go! Take on the world by storm (and don’t forget to smile).

happiness minimal style