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if chic off duty

Returned from Columbus after a week of trend work for fall 2016, and finally ready to cozy down into my own home for the next several days.Currently catching up on emails and inspirations.

The soft rain piddling outside my windows is adding to the nostalgia… thick blankets, hot tea, and not a place to go or thing to do.

It feels so good to be home. Going to be draped in some seriously off-duty styles for the next couple of weeks. Jeans, I’ve truly missed you. And something about holey ones makes me feel even more relaxed. Got these new ones and this cozy knit bralette from the Lookbook Store. I’ve seriously been living in this bralette, and plan to be in nothing else for the rest of the day. They’ve got some seriously great steals, if you’re in the mood for some online shopping this weekend!


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:NIKON D90 | blouse c/o:IFCHIC | denim c/o:LOOKBOOK STORE | bralette c/o:LOOKBOOK STORE | bucket bag c/o:THE LEATHER COLLECTIVE | shoes c/o:CLARKS | timepiece c/o:CHRISTIAN PAUL | iphone case c/o:GMYLE | stack rings c/o:THE ORDINARY CO | bar earlings c/o:THE ORDINARY CO

2015-0921-if-chic-off-duty-3 (1)  2015-0921-if-chic-off-duty-72015-0921-if-chic-off-duty-4 (1)

Oh yeah, and that comfort only rule for this week?… especially applies to my over-worked toesies. I get asked every time I wear these beauties where I got them from. And the best part is, they pretty much feel like slippers on my feet. Thank you for being brilliant Clarks.

2015-0921-if-chic-off-duty-1 (1)2015-0921-if-chic-off-duty-6 (1)2015-0921-if-chic-off-duty-52015-0921-if-chic-off-duty-9

Those days when you don’t feel like trying but still have to show your face in public? Focusing on a few simple details can make everyday wear something still polished and special. Slipped on these beautiful new rings from The Ordinary Co (you’re going to be seeing them a lot) and a beautiful Christian Paul marble timepiece. Another great (and 100% effortless) accessory – a marble inspired iPhone case like this one from GMYLE.


Do you guys remember my ifchic story from last week? Just thought I’d give you an update since yet another glorious 24th has past. During the past month, I managed to save $128 in free coins! I took a snapshot of me shopping above to give you a better idea of what they look like.  By clicking on the coins hidden all over the site, you’re allowed to collect up to $180 a month as store credit to shop during their #ifchic24 shopping event each month. Since the date has just passed, thought you might like a reminder to start collecting coins again for the next round. That is of course… unless you don’t like free online shopping…

You can check out my steals and unboxing from last month on my blog post here, (this blouse is from ifchic also and ended up being 100% free!) so be sure to check them out. Later babes, and enjoy a relaxing weekend!


  1. Wow, such great pieces in this look. I love that bralette and with that top and your jeans it is so relaxed and casual, perfect for the daytime ! I also loveee your phone case, it is beautiful. I will have to check out ifchic as well sounds like an amazing website !


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  2. No where else is cozy like our home sweet home. Hope you had a great time in Columbus:).. I also pretty much living life on the road and gas station are my road’s friends now:). You are so right about a lazy day and playing with details is a not bad idea at all. Those jeans are the hot ones, I might have to dig down into my boxes to find them for the season those I’ve bought from the “Levi’s” in the past season. You’re beautiful to look at:).

    Wish you a happy into week darling.

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    • thanks Tanya, it ended up being a great trip! love a good ripped up denim… got another pair I’m posting from them today actually! life on the road is an adventure, but also exhausting! hope you’ve been able to make some time for yourself.


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