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Who wants to detox when you can teatox?

Introducing the newest health craze, teatoxing! Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like… (detox was so yesterday). If you haven’t already caught wind of it yet, you might live in a cave. But for those of you who aren’t quite sure, let me break it down for you. Detoxes became a huge phenomenon along with the trend of eating clean (no chemicals, artificial flavoring, etc) a few years back. It’s basically meant to tone up, loose a bit of weight, and cleanse out all the yucky stuff we eat everyday by limiting yourself to a select group of foods or liquids. TEAtoxing is basically the same thing. The difference… I still get to eat my pizza.

That’s right ladies and gentleman… PIZZA. (not that I’m recommending chowing down on junk food in the process)… just saying, I don’t have a lot of self control. So a detox that allows me to keep my regular eating habits, sounds pretty good to me. The directions, simply sip a cup three times a day before meals. I’m only a week in, and I’ve already noticed a bit of difference!

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photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:iPHONE 6 | teatox c/o:BYRON BODY | loungewear c/o:SOMI | nail laquer c/o:INTENSAE | iphone case c/o:WANDERER WANDERER | socks c/o:SAMMY ICON | stack rings & earings c/o:THE ORDINARY CO


I was so excited to get my Byron Body‘s teatox, that I started literally the moment it arrived in the post. First thought: this is the most beautiful tea I’ve ever seen. Second thought: wait… did they accidentally send me potpourri? Third: this the best tasting potpourri I’ve had had. Fourth: let the 4 week teatox begin! Finished my first week and feel great. Plus I noticed it’s quite calming to add a bit of mandatory tea time throughout the day. Want to read something hilarious? Check out their FAQ section. I was cracking up. My favorite:

Q: If I reach my goal weight can I stop?
A: Yes, but as you get skinnier your goal weight will also decrease #bodyimageproblems

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Thought it was pretty appropriate timing that this natural wood case from Wanderer Wanderer came in right when I started teatoxing. Is someone up there trying to send me a message? I DO eat healthy and live natural, I swear! Give up my pizza? Nooooooo… Ok sorry – done with the pizza references… I must be hungry. Anyways, it’s beautiful and I love it, and it’s real wood! How cool is that?

Also remember that company I told you about in this post that supports efforts in creating strong women? Well, now you can see why I feel so spoiled by them. Seriously how cute are these sets by Somi? Fell in love with their packaging also. Simple. Understated. Beautiful. If you’re looking for some solid basics, be sure to check them out.

2015-1005-detox-09Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset 2015-1005-detox-10

Will continue to update you with my Byron teatox journey via Instagram, so be sure to follow me there. With the cold blast of weather passing through the East Coast this week, it couldn’t have begun at a better time. And thanks for stocking my wardrobe with cozy socks Sammy Icon. They saved my mood this rainy October day. #socomfy #staywarm #stayhealthy I think it’s about time for my next tea… Later babes.


  1. Omg you bought so many things from the store! The bra is super cool and I think that is super comfy. Am I right haha. You are animals are so cute the cat is matched with your phone case ahah just kidding! I think is cute!
    Tell me more about your teatox and the results I hope that is going well. Another great post Kristina!

    btw there are some surprises on my blog

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