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shopbop luxury fashion designer sale

luxury steals now or never – shopbop’s fall sale event is happening now

Those Golden Goose sneakers and Balenciaga accessories are closer to your fingertips than ever before – Shopbop’s fall sale event is happening now, and that means all luxury fashion items (sale and full-price) are discounted with up to an additional 25% off! I often advocate investing in timeless luxury pieces that will last you season through season, and nothing makes building that collection more attainable than a sale off of all your bookmarked favorites. Here’s the scoop on the discount and how to snag your season’s luxury fashion steals, along with a few of my favorites getting added to my shopping cart. For those of you that don’t already shop via shopbop, shopbop is a luxury fashion retail site, curating a collection from all of the biggest and exciting new talents in the fashion industry. They carry new trending brands like Golden Goose and AG jeans, along side your luxury staple brands like Alexander Wang, Gucci, Balenciaga and others. You can shop by their seasonal trend packages in their Fall Checklist, by designer or by …

ugly duckling, a serenade to the season

so what if I’m not

A heavy fog weighs down on the mountaintops, yet the haze on the horizon is only half as concealing as the changes whirling in front of our eyes. Autumn has arrived, and the time has come for another serenade of the seasons. A fall night wind murmurs secrets of the season’s change, and we begin to seek comforts of a darker palette, a tighter hold, and whispers by a fire. Our deepest instincts urge us to be prepared, guarded and protected ourselves from the cold that is to come. We should be seeking comfort, but what if I’m not? Walls are often as dangerous as what they were built to protect, and the comforts of a fire can just as quickly burn you with a single touch of the flame. Life is unpredictable. And no matter how much we may focus on the preparation of safekeeping, the irony is that these measures make us no safer than we were before. Instead, they instill a false sense of security, create a crutch and make us shut …

logo belt fall fashion trend 2018

fall trends: the logo belt

It’s the era of readjusted vision with radically independent viewpoints and an optimistic view. Fashion is a reflection of our culture, and a sect of young, assertive individuals has paved the way for a 2018 fashion trend that’s grounded in moody irony and an expanded identity as they refuse to adapt to the norms, and seek instead to be boldly confident in their own personal choices. Youthful rebellion is nothing new, but the mood is distinctly evolved. No longer are these insurgents bitter, angry or aggressive. Instead, they are jubilant with their lifestyle choices. They no longer seek to defy their surrounding culture, but rather are more focused on the positive energy they feel in the freedom of their own choices. Hence is born the new tribe of youthful independence. Interpreted into fashion, we see a strong mix of sporty and nostalgic pieces. Graphic elements and denim basics mix in unusual ways. This trend is more about the unique combinations. A part of this trend is a graphic fashion movement called logomania. Logomania is a …

minimalist luxury lifestyle blog featuring leather mini skirts

the black leather mini skirt

When maintaining a minimalist fashion wardrobe, discovering the season’s most staple items is important in order to maximize wear-per-piece. A few key pieces results in reducing a lot of bulk in your closet that you’ll probably never wear. This season’s transitional essential – the black mini skirt. A timeless piece by design, the black mini is hitting the 2018 fashion scene bigger than ever. The beautiful thing, these little staples don’t take up a lot of space, and the pairing options are nearly endless. So don’t be afraid to bear those stems ladies, go for mid-thigh or above to nail the trend, and check out the post below for who’s wearing it, how to pair it, and where you can get a mini of your own. How to wear a black mini skirt First of all, let’s let get off the preconceived idea that a black mini is a trend only for the ladies of the night. This year, it’s all about keeping it classy with a well balanced approach to edge. A black mini …

shopbop luxury fashion sale

best steals from the shopbop seasonal sale

Been on the lookout for some luxury fashion steals to kick off your new season wardrobe? Your time has come. Shopbop has launched its end of season sale with designer collection pieces up to 70% off. People often feel luxury fashion is unattainable for the average woman, but there are some tips that help you build a collection that lasts you from season to season. Making selections based on timeless style, taking advantage of big seasonal markdowns, and browsing vintage items are all great ways to build your luxury collection on a budget. In spirit of minimalist luxury fashion principals, I’ve decided to share my wishlist to help you get started on your iconic wardrobe. First and foremost, let’s talk about shoes. A brand that would have been impossible to miss by now, Golden Goose continues to make a big appearance in luxury street style with it’s unique, deliberately distressed collection of basic casual sneakers. I purchased my first pair at the flagship store in Milan, and have since had a major itch to expand …