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mcq black leather corset

the black leather corset, MCQ by Alexander McQueen

Playing the bad-girl with the dark side of fashion alongside slick vinyl pants and asymmetrical braids, the black leather corset is back, and more fierce than ever. The reemergence of grunge is hitting mainstream with a force. From daring fashion trends to pop culture like Taylor Swift’s rebirth in Reputation – as always – the strong bond between lifestyle and fashion is evident. Are you ready for it? It’s time to live fearlessly, embracing your boldest self, never backing down. Dominating the streets from traditional bone-lined corsets to corset belts, shirts, dresses and accessories, it’s clear mainstream is about to be overcast by an apocalyptic rush of dark, lace-up bad girl style surging through with a vengeance. And what’s worse, we’re going to like it. top corset picks by kristina-petrick featuring studded belts   photography:BECCA ESHLEMAN | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | black leather corset c/o:IFCHIC Designer labels absolutely killing the corset trend Some of the labels doing it right? Alexander McQueen has always been a luxury fashion leader in underground trends, along with labels …

mobs footwear review

luxury footwear for the modern nomad

Sleek lines, tonal hues, architectural silhouettes – a sharp, directional line runs boldly from heel to toe, seemingly thrusting the style in a forward direction. There’s no looking back. Cool. Casual. Ultra luxe. Meet MOBS and their line of luxury footwear, redefining world-class sneakers for everyday style. photography:JOEY PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | shoes c/o:MOBS   There are certain brands, through a combination of minimal aesthetics and modern lines, that resonate deeply with the core of your being that drives your fashion and lifestyle choices. MOBS is one of those brands. Somehow blurring the line between contemporary art and timeless style, their capsule collection of visually-unisex sneakers are an unmatched level of understated greatness. In this MOBS footwear review, I will cover MOBS unique mission statement, the features that make the shoes more than ordinary, and three ways to style their most popular styles. About MOBS footwear Mobility, Optimism, Beauty and Soul [MOBS] define the brand’s unique mission, creating an experience and movement specific to them. They understand we live in a culture …

ravella silk review

Ravella silk review in winter whites

Soft, subtle, and velvety-smooth to the touch – silk remains a go-to selection for luxury fashion pieces for women around the world. With meticulous craftsmanship in manufacturing at a high thread count for maximum luster and beauty, it’s also remained a challenge to attain quality silk pieces at an affordable price range for everyday wear. Fret no more. I’ve partnered with Ravella to introduce you to a new line of silk wear that’s as carefully crafted as highly-sought luxury brands, at a price range you can afford to stock your wardrobe with. In this Ravella silk review, I will be sharing my experience with the brand, my thoughts on the quality of material and designs, and a few key features that make Ravella silk innovative in the fashion market. photography:JOEY PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | silk blouse c/o:RAVELLA First, here’s a bit about the brand Ravella is a modern luxury brand specializing in 100% silk products, offering a capsule collection of blouses and silk tops. Named after a coastal town in Italy, Ravella …

luxury fashion gift guide

luxury holiday gift guide for her

Trying to get a head start on Christmas shopping? If you’re like me, it’s not going to happen. But there are a few perks of being a fashion blogger, and one of them is discovering some really incredible new brands with unique, luxury products that are make gifting during the holiday season a total breeze. Who new there were so many companies doing such amazing things! I remember before I started blogging, scrounging for last minute ideas on dozens of “holiday gift guides”, “gifts for her”, “luxury gift ideas” and more – only to be recommended some cheap office do-dads, some kind of zen sandbox-thing, and other equally bazaar gifts that any normal human being would never consider owning in real life. Now, I have the opportunity to try so many incredible products throughout the year, that by the time Christmas rolls around, I can hardly wait to grab doubles of my favorites for friends and family. Here is my “for her” luxury holiday gift guide 2017, with a few of my top picks for …

anne fontaine holiday gift guide

dark romance revealed in the Anne Fontaine holiday accessory gift guide

The first of winter’s snow has fallen gracefully on the ground, lights are strung up around the city, and it seems the world is ready once again for the holiday season. Editorials and fashion bloggers have turned their focus to holiday preparation and style, and in this space, that’s no exception. Shades of red, green and gold speckle shopping centers and holiday wardrobes. Joining in the spirits, I’ve partnered with Anne Fontaine presenting a luxury fashion gift guide with opulent gems to give or get, following the most exclusive of today’s fashion trends. Anne Fontaine has presented an innovative collection of moody accessories with a dark, romantic edge.   Studded with golden chains, leather straps, rounded gems and feminine lace – these pieces are an experiential treat to give or to adorn yourself with over the holidays. In the collection, you’ll find a mesmerizing mix of intrinsic-medieval collars, belts, jewelry, scarves, brooches, shoes, sunglasses and my personal favorite – jeweled cufflinks in a variety of living forms. In the collection, you’ll find lush velvets, delicate …