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shop my wardrobe! day in my dreams’ online store is now live, here’s the scoop

Alright so it’s been a crazy, crazy couple of months. Not just with Covid and the generally crazy year it’s been, but also a ton of changes both in work and personal life. I’ve had a huge surprise I’ve been putting together for ages, and I’m finally ready to share!

quote from founder of shop day in my dreams

In case you’ve missed the update on my Instagram… After months of hard work, I’ve now officially launched an e-commerce shop!

Day in my dreams has forever been an outlet for creativity and inspiration. It has created so many new opportunities and experiences, and I really wanted to find another way to share that with you.

shop the wardrobe of dayinmydreams

This project has been underway since early 2019, and I can’t believe it’s actually all come together. Since then there have been many a late night sourcing products, building the site, photographing and listing each item.

I cannot thank my friends and family enough for being such a huge support of my blog, Day in my Dreams. This will be an extension of that endeavor.

luxury fashion blogger sorts wardrobe day in my dreamsshop my wardrobe on dayinmydreams

Through my journey starting a luxury fashion blog back in 2014, it has really inspired me to see and appreciate entrepreneurs in all lines of business. I’ve worked with countless start up brands, apps, platforms, agencies and just a ton of really inspiring people that are chasing their dreams. This movement is me officially biting off another chuck out of life.

It’s also another way I hope to continue to connect and support other entrepreneurs both locally and around the world.

Plus, we could all use another reason to smile. I hope the love and care placed into curating the collection, packing, and shipping to your door helps to brighten someones day. Please join me, as I hope to try to share more positivity and community focus in the upcoming months.

package from shop day in my dreams

While this crazy year has changed a lot in all of our lives, it has given me the time to focus and curate something I hope will be very special.

As travel starts re-opening, the future vision for the site is to include special discoveries and open access to unique, high quality pieces and essentials from around the world.

I’ve found so many things through my travels that you just can’t find anywhere else, and I really want to be able to share that with you.

day in my dreams luxury fashion wardrobe

Plus, the site will be an opportunity for people to shop ‘The Wardrobe’… select new and gently used pieces I’ve received as a fashion blogger. In fashion there is so much waste.

The Wardrobe will be to help encourage circular fashion, and sharing some of the new and lightly used goods I’ve been so greatly blessed to receive.

shop day in my dreams gold jewelry

Please, have a look! Right now some of my biggest finds have been 18-24K gold plated jewelry, handbags, shoes (of course), and pieces from The Wardrobe. If I haven’t thanked you already, thank you immensely for the encouragement, support, and helping me to continue to chase a Day in my Dreams.

shop day in my dreams packaging

Another thank you to so many of you who have already shown your support! The launch was a huge success, and packages have continued to fly out the doors.

This is a small independent undertaking! My partners have been myself and my friend slash IT expert and sometimes photographer Kundan Kumar, so I will personally be picking, packing and sending your packages out with love myself.

If you would like to help or support, please check it out, and share if you can! I’m hoping to just build some exposure at this stage, so literally every click makes a HUGE difference. You can find the shop link on the top right navigation of the site, or check it out directly here >>

shop day in my dreams home page

Again, just want to encourage you all. If you have a dream, chase it! With hard work and dedication, you can accomplish anything. If there’s something I can do to help you in your journey, reach out. I hope to build a community of encouragement and support for young entrepreneurs everywhere. In the meantime, I will continue to share any tips I can on how I achieved success working as a fashion blogger while still managing my career. It’s hard, but it’s possible. If you’re halfway there or just getting started, keep up the fight.

And, stay tuned for more! New jewelry, timepieces and more pieces in The Wardrobe are coming soon.

#givingjoy free cashmere giveaway from state cashmere

want free cashmere? join #givingjoy to get your free gift from state cashmere, no strings attached

How about “free” for an innovative campaign? I don’t often write about campaigns, but something about the #givingjoy story by State Cashmere just couldn’t go unnoticed. Why? They’re not really promoting anything…

They’re giving their summer collection away. For free. No strings attached.

#givingjoy free cashmere giveaway from state cashmere campaign

When I first received the details from my friends at State Cashmere, I was sure I was reading something incorrectly, or just not quite understanding. But as it turns out, I headed to their site, shopped their summer collection and was able to redeem a free cashmere tee just for subscribing.

A message from the CEO Has Rone, “As a token of my appreciation, I want to gift you with a garment from my spring/summer collection. This gift is exclusively for you as a genuine thank you for all your support of State Cashmere.

I also want to invite you to take part in our #GivingJoy campaign. This campaign gives an opportunity for your followers to gift someone special with free summer cashmere during these challenging times. On us, no strings attached.”

blogger wears #givingjoy free cashmere giveaway from state cashmere#givingjoy free cashmere giveaway from state cashmere sweaters

I’ve worked with State Cashmere on a few projects, and have always loved not only the quality and designs of their luxury cashmere essentials, but also their honest and straight forward approach to their store.

To see a company genuinely working to spread joy and not just up their bottom line was refreshing, and absolutely worth talking about. Plus, I want to give you all the gift of joy! I appreciate each one of your support, kind words and encouragement.

#givingjoy free cashmere giveaway from state cashmere rules and details

So join the fun, it’s free! Here are the deets, and hurry, offer is while supplies last.

How to be a part of the campaign and get your free gift from State Cashmere:

  • Comment with your appreciation to anyone you would like to bless, and tag them on a State Cashmere’s social post.
  • Go to the link in their bio or click here and sign up with your name and email from the pop-up
  • A special code will be sent via email
  • Select a gift from the spring/summer collection and add it to the cart
  • Enter the code at checkout
  • The free gift is on its way! No strings attached!
  • (Shipping fee of $6 may apply for some of the products)… FYI it did not for mine, but regardless the quality is exceptional and it will be the best $6 you spend.

#givingjoy free cashmere giveaway from state cashmere sustainable fashion

It’s not a scam, it’s real. Enjoy #givingjoy and share with your friends! Curious to learn more? Read my full review on State Cashmere and discover their sustainable approach to luxury fashion essentials.

The women’s collection is going fast so head on over to their site to get yours! Otherwise, grab something from the men’s for your boo or wear it yourself… it’s all genderless fashion these days anyways right? Happy free gifting!

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perspective of reality, emotions and fantasy | what is real life a day in our dreams

I believe that who we are exists somewhere between reality, emotions and fantasy.

There are times our emotions tell us things our mind simply cannot. Who we love. How much pain we can bare. What makes us happy. Fantasy is the next level, and perhaps the most raw essence of self. It tells us who to trust. It gives us that gut feeling that we can neither create or ignore. It is a realm where our creativity and imagination are truly limitless, without the restraints of physics or science. People often dismiss the part of themselves driven by fantasy. But why?

mountain views

Why turn away from the only part of yourself in which you have complete control and direction. The place you can be anything you choose.

They say it’s not real. It’s just a dream. But aren’t dreams what drive people to accomplish incredible things? Hasn’t every visionary and leader of every generation first started with nothing more than a dream.

rain and sunshine

Believing only in reality is a trap.

You’ll never grow past the things you already know. You will understand the things that have a predictable outcome. You can be smart. You can memorize books and books of highly complex information. But what will you do with it? In reality, you will only expand your mind. And you will never be able to get out of it.

Emotion drives us out of reality.

We may know to love someone isn’t a logical choice. But we do so anyways without regard for reality. Emotion is much more powerful than reality.  It causes us to see a certain truth, but choose to redefine it based on our reactions and how that truth makes us feel.

Emotion is what drives a parent to sacrifice their own life for their child, and to put oneself in danger for the ones they love. It inspires romantic gestures and makes us laugh and cry.


Emotion inspires us to practice empathy, mercy, and grace for those who don’t deserve it. Emotion can also drive fear, so deep within ourselves that it cripples our reaction to the real world around us. Emotion can chain someone to an abusive partner, even when in reality there’s a way out.

We can choose to dismiss emotions in our decision making, overriding them with reality. But we cannot make them go away.

No matter what reality throws at us, no matter how scarred we become, no matter how deep we burry them, emotions are more powerful than our minds, and they will resurface.

Whether your mind allows it, or whether we wait until it comes bubbling up out of our systems, it will return. It will come rushing back, overflowing like a damn that can only hold so much water. For those of you who started believing reality is the only truth, I hope you’ve reconsidered.

In the fantasy, we take what we’ve seen and known, bind it to our emotions, and create an entire universe that’s of our own making. It’s what you dream. It’s what you wish you’d dream.

It can be the utopia you desire to be reality, or a place where your worst fears come to life. Nothing has limits here. For good or for bad, everything is heightened in this dimension where we can see, feel, hear and experience every sense on a deeper level. It runs so deep, there are new senses that don’t exist on any other plain.

We sense things. We know without the knowledge or a feeling of why. We just know.

We feel it. It seeps into our gut with a sinking churning feeling. It often warns us of danger, inspires us to touch someone, look in there eyes and just feel something they’re experiencing. It’s the look you see back, whether best or far away. It is the deepest level of power I have ever felt.


More then logic, more than emotion. The fantasy is real.

So real it can transmit messages of pain and hurt from others miles and miles away. I know this to be true, because I’ve felt it. In a sort of unexplainable way, I’ve known things that were not yet mine to know. How, I cannot begin to imagine. But I know it’s real. Fantasy is the world which we cannot explain, yet part of us always knows it exists. It scares us. It entices us. You can see and feel the connection with people and other creatures though it.

If you can tap into that fantasy, don’t hide from it. You are one of the few that can look past reality and emotion, and experience something not everyone can…

We are taught to drown the fantasy out as a child. We are told it isn’t real. We are told to pursue logic, or some revolutionaries say to follow your heart. But who tells us to nurture the fantasy?

Fantasy can be beautiful. It triggers vivid imagination, twisted story plots, and a way of seeing the world that isn’t possible any other way. It brings the world to life, in colors you have never seen before.

Do you remember being a child? In our mature lives we occasionally reflect on memories, but when is the last time you tried to embody what you actually felt in your youngest years. Can you recall the instincts and intuition you felt so many years ago? That feeling you were told to drown? That feeling that was never acknowledged and nurtured the way your heart and mind were.

The fantasy is just as much a part of our nature as anything else. But so often it’s diluted by reality, emotions, and neglect.

Don’t forget. Never forget. Retrain yourself to see what you’ve already forgotten. Only then can you escape the traps of reality and emotions to join us on the next level of experience. A place where everything is possible. I live a day in my dreams. And this is a call for you to join me, and live in yours.

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maison margiela replica springtime in a park review

evoking springtime memories | review of Maison Margiela’s Replica Springtime in a Park perfume

Spring has past, but we haven’t forgotten, nor will it be likely that we ever will. It’s no secret that I’m a cult follower of Maison Margiela’s luxury perfume fragrances. Since my first experience sampling By the Fireplace (my all time favorite Margiela scent), I’ve looked forward to each of their new releases with eager anticipation, and often recommended their fragrances as a luxury gift to yourself or others.

This spring, I had the opportunity to try one of their newest scents, Springtime in a Park. In this Replica Springtime in a Park review, I’ll do my best to indulge your senses in the Maison Margiela experience, as well as share some key points about the collection.

masion margiela replica springtime in a park in handmasion margiela replica packaging

photography:ME | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | perfume c/o:REPLICA

Bare in mind while the fundamental olfactive notes consistently emerge, perfumes will manifest uniquely as they bond with your own body’s chemistry. Known for their genderless approach to cologne, Replica has a soft but distinguishable different aura on both men and women, both of which applications reveal themselves in an appealing but different way.

Maison Margiela is a Parisian luxury fashion icon.

They first launched their line of Replica fragrances in 1994. And their entire fragrance lineup now includes the Replica Eau de Toilette, Replica Eae de Parfum, Untitled, and Mutiny collections. Springtime in a Park is a part of the Eau de Toilette collection. The inspiration of Replica was to evoke scents hidden deep in our memories, as a fully immersive sensory experience.

luxury fashion blogger reviews replica perfume

masion margiela replica springtime in a park description

In their words, “Springtime in a park captures the gentle light and fresh floral atmosphere of a nice and romantic Spring afternoon at the park. Blossoms appear everywhere and nature is calling us. It is a delicate perfume composed of fresh and fruity scents of pear notes and blooming Lily of the Valley accord mixed with a enveloping white musks. The perfect scent to recreate the floral atmosphere of the first days of Spring.” – Maison Margiela

Prominent olfactive notes to imagine include pear accord, bergamot and blackcurrant. These fruity elements give the perfume a light, sweet smell that carries though strongly in the front. Middle notes become floral, infused with lily of the valley, jasmine and rose. At the end, a true perfume connoisseur will pick up on the soft musk, vanilla and ambrox.

Truly, the title Springtime in a Park is apropos to the intoxicating fragrance.

maison margiela replica springtime in a park fragrance

On the east coast, we have the pleasure of enjoying a plethora of flowering trees in the early months of February through June. Imagine those pink blossoms that bloom in burdened clusters of spring branches. Now picture an expanse of new green grasses, a fresh rain and a sort of nostalgic charm.

If you were sipping hot vanilla tea from the daintiest of vintage cups under those laden blossoms, such would be the sent of Maison Margiela’s Replica Springtime in a Park.

east coast springtime floral blossoms

maison margiela replica springtime in a park floral fragrance

The fragrance is light, airy and not overwhelming to the senses. Tried on both men and women’s body chemistry, it lends itself to a lighter, fruitier scent on most women, whereas the musk is more noted in its masculine form.

The packaging is beautiful. Inspired by classic apothecary jars, the collection of Replica perfume is instantly identifiable. Each bottle is carefully dressed with a raw edge cotton label, printed in a simple black san serif font. Then as if it were fed through a vintage typewriter, a soft grey stamp notes the origin, provenance and period, fragrance and style description.

maison margiela replica springtime in a park packaging bottlemaison margiela replica springtime in a park luxury perfume review

A cotton rope bound across the top collar of each bottle binds the finish in a soft, natural embrace. The perfume itself is a pale pink, blending with their collection of golds, clear, and pastel greens and blues.

The bottles themselves are a work of art, and have a charming old world feel.

This Replica Springtime in a Park review is intended to not only share with you a sensual experience. It has been written to share Replica’s essence of memories evoked through our senses. For me, it takes me back to a place of charming fields of spring flowers nestled in the woods behind my childhood home. (Yes, this is a real shot in one of those places from my younger years).


springtime memories


It reminds me of a springtime uncomplicated, and unburdened… the kind we are craving in this era. If you try it for yourself, I hope you can enjoy a memory of something bright, beautiful and sweet.


In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, the featured perfume was gifted to me by Maison Margiela Replica. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

ways to wear anne fontaine blouses at home style

4 ways to wear a classic button down blouse at home with Anne Fontaine

Essential. That word has become so prevalent in our lives. But what does it mean? The fashion culture has experienced a monumental shift. But now as the world rediscovers stability, it’s been fascinating to watch effortless, modern staples reenter our focus in a fundamental way. When things get complicated, we seek out effortless solutions that are as adaptable as we’ve become. One such piece, the timeless button down blouse.

anne fontaine blouseclassic white blouse by anne fontaine

photography:JOSH WOLFE | camera:SONY A7riii | essential blouses c/o:ANNE FONTAINE

While a blouse is a quintessential piece in everyone’s wardrobe, I’ve found it to be even more relevant in my newly adapted at home lifestyle. The truth is, this isn’t just a roadblock or pause on life anymore.

luxury fashion blogger in anne fontaine blouse

We’re living in the new normal.

A normal where we work, play and create a new life for ourselves from our own homes. We have embraced the positive aspects of solitude, finding tranquility in the serene environment that’s created some space from the chaos happening all around us.

seriousness of life at homemoody anne fontaine blouse

With those vitals at the heart of our evolution, this editorial is important to me in not only the direction of luxury fashion, but also what it means to live a luxurious lifestyle from home.

In this outlet of expression, I’ll be presenting you four elements of my new lifestyle from home, and the quintessential blouses that support that lifestyle by the wonderfully brilliant designer, Anne Fontaine.

behind the scenes with anne fontaine

I’ve now worked alongside Anne Fontaine for years with a strong admiration for her essential approach to luxury fashion. Most recently on introducing her pre-fall collection from last season, and first back in 2017. By the way, I still own and wear the pieces from our first partnership on a weekly basis. Her pieces are effortless with sculptural details that define refined style for the modern woman.

Her silhouettes transcend generations, and each piece is an uncomplicated masterpiece that allows you to experience luxury everyday. The Anne Fontaine blouse is the nucleus of the collection.

In fact, in 1993, Anne Fontaine created “an entire feminine universe around the white shirt, the perennial staple and effortless chic.” – Anne Fontaine History Since then, she’s opened boutiques in around the world in Paris, Boston and Tokyo.

anne fontaine white blousesanne fontaine white blouses capsule wardrobe

The concept is simple. The white blouse is an essential every woman needs. Simplicity is found in essentials. Luxury is found in the details. And so her line of luxury essentials was born.

LOOK #1: The new normal: everyday chic in an essential silhouette Anne Fontaine blouse

This first look highlights Anne Fontaine blouses as a part of the new normal: Being comfortable in your own skin, and embracing empowerment over challenges.

anne fontaine empowered fashionanne fontaine boss work styleanne fontaine leozane white polin shirt with textured yoke

For this look, I styled the Anne Fontaine Leozane white poplin shirt with textured yoke. For me this is the perfect white blouse for everyday wear. The silhouette is classic and timeless, and this poplin is their crisp white signature fabric.

The fabric is truly amazing.

It’s the first thing I noticed back when I received my very first piece from Anne Fontaine years back. Imagine your perfect button down. Soft, crisp, just the right thickness. You can roll up the sleeves or wear them down. They wash well, so you won’t mind having them in your everyday rotation.

anne fontaine textured yokeanne fontaine textured yokecontemplating the new normal from home in anne fontaineboss stylein thought in anne fontaine

“The long cotton fibers originate in South America with a percentage of elastane for added comfort. The poplin is woven tightly to avoid transparency and to add lasting durability” – Anne Fontaine

You will feel the difference in this poplin cotton. If I could have just one blouse in my efforts to reduce to a capsule wardrobe, this would be it.

The details on the yoke make it just a bit more interesting that a basic blouse. Though of course, my first pick was actually quite similar minus the yoke detail. This one I like because it’s more special, without being more complicated.

everyday summer style in anne fontaineanne fontaine blouse portraitanne fontaine blouse pose

For summer style, I paired it with a satin finish white short, and loungewear bra. Because there’s no need to be all buttoned up at home. This look is made to relax, while maintaining a collected, sophisticated style. I’d also wear it dressed up with suiting, or even more casual with high waisted denim essentials.

LOOK #2: Work from home: adapt to a new lifestyle, Zoom and take over the world in a bit of vintage heritage style

Working from home was not a novel concept for me even prior to Covid. When I returned to Virginia from NYC, my work as Creative and Marketing Director allowed me the freedom to work remote as I choose. However, the ratio of time spent in my home versus in the office took a dramatic shift in recent months.

anne fontaine blouse for work from homepuppy kisseswork from home lifestyle with anne fontainehappiness with dog friend

I’m enjoy quite and serenity while working from home, so it’s always been my ideal. Plus, it allows a bit more time spent with my four legged best friend.

Now, I work from home most days, unless a day in the office is required. I’ll pop in for meetings, pickup and drop off of items, or to use the industrial printer for in-hand materials.

work from home enza anne fontaine blouse work from home stylepuppy lovework from home windowsenza anne fontaine blouse work from home style confidence

My days however, have not grown to be any lighter. Actually, I’m busier than ever, recreating a strategy for our new evolving world and the consumer market place that’s so dramatically changed.

I’m Facetiming our Chief Designer, joining Zoom calls, reading countless sources of fresh information and inspiration. We’re watching changes, closely. Curious about the new world and determined to conquer it with dauntless pursuit each and every day.

zoom callhusky loveenza anne fontaine blouse work from home stylephone call

After that, I come here. Joining you all in a written release of all things fashion and luxury sharing new inspirations, exciting designers and trends for the new season. The hustle is still real, and I need to dress the part to feel collected and presentable for no matter what the day might bring.

For this look, I selected the Anne Fontaine Enza white poplin shirt with a triple cuff accent. I can’t think of a better work than charming for this style. It has sort of an iconic vintage feel, in the same poplin fabric mix as the Leozane blouse.

enza anne fontaine blouse work from home styleenza anne fontaine blouse work from home style detailsenza anne fontaine blouse work from home style reading magazine

With a mostly monochrome wardrobe, this look is one way I can embody professionalism while remaining comfy at home.

Still seeking effortless luxury, I’ve paired it with white chino pants in a relaxed fit. Tonal and especially all white looks are mindless masterpieces of style. You’ll always match. It’s also office ready should I need to dash out for a meeting, or take an unscheduled Skype call.

enza anne fontaine blouse work from home styleenza anne fontaine blouse work from home style

Look #3: Lounge: relax and unwind time, discover self care and happiness in a stretch fit Anne Fontaine blouse

On weekends, unrestrained comfort is what I seek, with the most scintillating part of my day being cold pressed iced coffee served in bed. For this look, the Anne Fontaine white blouse Nuage is my select. Nuage is an Anne Fontaine best seller, it’s not difficult to understand why.

lounge wear from home anne fontaine blouselounge wear from home anne fontaine blousehusky lovelounge wear from home anne fontaine blouse

Its most notable feature is the jersey prima cotton-poplin mix with a slim fit. The body of the shirt is stretchy, like your favorite worn-in t-shirt that has a lot of stretch.

puppy playlounge wear from home anne fontaine blousepuppy lovelounge wear from home anne fontaine blouselounge wear from home anne fontaine blouselounge wear from home anne fontaine blouse sleeves

It is so. Comfy. The silhouette remains a quite elemental style that can be worn with anything. The collar, sleeve cuffs and button placket are made in the crisp signature poplin so even though you’ll feel the bliss of stretch cotton, the details come together in a sharp way.

It’s relaxed enough for play with a combination that’s just as pulled together. Really the possibilities for this piece are endless.

lounge wear from home anne fontaine blouselounge wear from home anne fontaine blouselounge wear from home anne fontaine blouselounge wear from home anne fontaine blouse

Look #4: Home resort wear: embrace summer in sophisticated style, making heat waves in an oversized Anne Fontaine blouse loaded with artisanal details

Lastly, get ready for a heat wave. This summer is going to be a scorcher, and you’ll want to take advantage of those extra weekend hours.

classy resort wear anne fontaine blouselounge wear from home anne fontaine blouse sexylounge wear from home anne fontaine blouse

At last, we take a dive into the indulgence of summer in full swing. Aliana is the Anne Fontaine blouse that’s ideal for an oversized, relaxed fit you can wear as a loungewear or poolside cover. It is also made with my favorite Anne Fontaine signature poplin,

but it’s the details of this shirt that make it truly exceptional.

lounge wear from home anne fontaine blouse backlounge wear from home anne fontaine blouselounge wear from home anne fontaine blouse

The two pocket design compliments the concealed center button placket. This gives it a sort of reserved, composed feel when buttoned. Open, the pearly white buttons can stand out in a more intrinsic way.

The back of the shift is also unique, with subtle pleated darts on the sides and back of the garment. In addition, the shirt also has a detachable color, making this a two-in-one silhouette.

lounge wear from home anne fontaine blouse

Worn sleeves down, you can swap the cufflinks for Anne Fontaine’s signature collection of blouse accessories. Or, you can cuff them up for a more carefree style.

While we sought out extreme comfort and decompression before, we’ve evolved. We’re ready for something new. Not just in our fashion choices, but at the core of our humanity.

lounge wear from home anne fontaine blouselounge wear from home anne fontaine blouselounge wear from home anne fontaine blouse

We have chosen empowerment over challenges. We are an era of dauntless men and women. Fearless in the eye of the storm. Ready to try new things. Able to embrace ourselves with confidence and a focus on wellbeing. Regardless of our environment, we will continue to take the world by storm. And we will present our new selves to the world, exactly as who we choose to become. Nothing more.

lounge wear from home anne fontaine blousesanne fontaine white blouse

The classic Anne Fontaine blouses are the perfect compliment to today’s uncomplicated approach to luxury.

They have been staples in my wardrobe for years, and each of these new pieces serves a unique purpose in a capsule wardrobe that embodies what life is like today in the new normal. You can sign up for their newsletter to catch our collaboration highlight in the mail this Sunday, or check back and I’ll update this post with a link to more of my favorite styles.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, the featured post is in collaboration with Anne Fontaine. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!