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Love luxury fashion but not feeling like trying too hard? Sport luxury is the easiest (and sexiest) solution. Unlike some of today’s quirky fashion blogger trends, sport luxury is effortless and totally understandable no matter what part of the world you may be living in. Here are a few key tips on dressing up your sportswear pieces… or dressing down your luxury fashion… depending on how you choose to look at it.

Unlike athleisure, sport luxury doesn’t mean going ultra casual, and you probably won’t look like you just got out of the gym. Athleisure is defined by activewear pieces that you can wear for other occasions in your lifestyle. Leggings to the market, sneakers with dresses and a sport jacket just for the heck of it are all pretty good examples of athleisure style. Sport luxury is a slightly more elevated fashion trend, blending sporty elements into high-fashion style.

david lerner leather joggers

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | snap knit c/o:DAVID LERNER | leather leggings c/o:DAVID LERNER | gingham print shoes c/o:SENSO | accessories c/o:ABBOTT LYON | newsboy cap:TOPSHOP


Not sure which pieces to mix? Make your luxury pieces the most basic ones. David Lerner is a known favorite for leather legging style, and one of my favorite partner brands that you’ve probably seen speckled throughout my blog. For your luxury selection, go for a sporty leather jogger from a brand like David Lerner that’s going to have the details mastered for a really refined, luxury look. This snap-side tank is from their knit top collection, and makes for a fun component to the look.

Don’t over-think sport. Snaps are a subtle finishing detail that’s just sporty enough to pull the look together, without being a Nike swoosh t-shirt. Their lounge collection has really grown, and I found myself living in their sweatsuits during my “off time” last week from my NYC hotel room.

Since the leather joggers double for both luxury fashion and sport, this look could be complete sport luxe as-is, but accessories are always fun, so I’ve layered them on. Gingham is a hot fashion trend for 2018, so I’ve dressed up the look with Senso gingham sandals with a bit of a feminine ruffle. They “girl” the look up a bit, but you could also opt for a pair of luxury sneakers to make the look a bit more casual.

luxury fashion blogger in david lerner leather joggerssenso gingham shoes

The more accessories, the more you’ll screw towards luxury fashion over sport. Pick your balance, and accessorize accordingly. Since my day consisted mostly of office work, running errands, and (of course) shooting some picks for this shoot, I made the look a bit more “fashion” so you guys could see the difference more distinctively.

During my normal translation of sport luxury, I may tend to pick more sporty pieces. Swapping the hat for a low, middle-part ponytail, a more minimalist bag, and those luxury sneakers over heels would have made this look ultra sporty and casual, while still holding distinct luxury notes with the David Lerner leather joggers.

How would you wear the trend? Let me know if you’re all about your sporty spice girl or if you like to glam up your sport luxury looks.

Looking for more gingham? Here’s everything you need to know about one of this year’s hottest trends on the blog.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with David Lerner. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

net bags fashion trend

It’s official, citrus fruits in net bags are currently trending on the most popular fashion blogs

When life gives you lemons, grab a couple of limes and oranges and throw them in a net bag – you’ll be the hottest it-girl on the ‘gram. Laugh if you will, but this summer fashion trend isn’t going anywhere.

Being in the fashion industry, I find myself browsing some of the best fashion blogs and magazines for inspiration on the daily. This phenomenon of fruit in fashion struck me as odd when I first spotted it budding as early as last fall. Since then, the trend has totally taken over Instagram feeds and fashion editorials alike.

What’s defining the summer fashion trend

So what is all of this sweet ruckus about? In a push for sustainable fashion, the net back (resembling cotton fishnet) has officially made it’s debut on the fashion scene. Found mostly in off-white as well as black and a few neutral colors, it is a small-footprint solution to toting around daily essentials (and apparently fruits). Pro tip, don’t try to tote around small or projecting items. My YSL logo bag constantly gets stuck in the strings, and I think I’ve lost more than a few chapsticks along the way.

instagram blog oranges in net bags

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | leather wallet c/o:STATUS ANXIETY | beachy body oil c/o:MAISON MARGIELA 


However, they’re not totally impractical. Aside from fruits, I’ve used mine to tote along pool essentials (sun screen, towel, sunglasses) and girl’s brunch essentials (champaign and more champaign). They’re actually quite sturdy, and because they are constructed with so little material, they’re easy to shove into a small bag once you empty the contents. Perfect for travel.

Plus, who doesn’t want a more sustainable solution for fashion? They’re typically cotton without any synthetic materials, and that makes the earth smile. The new fashion consumer is also globally conscious, and understanding the waste that’s also involved with many fashion choices, the fishnet bag is a refreshing option.

Who’s wearing net bags stuffed with citrus

How the best fashion blogs are sporting the trend in their wardrobes… carrying around their oranges. Honestly, I’m not sure who started the trend. Either there’s some kind of orange cleanse going around that I don’t know about, or maybe just the rich orange color pop makes the combo intriguing. Whatever it is, the best way to wear this summer fashion trend is with citrus in hand.

best fashion bloggers wear net bags with oranges


No one on Instagram is missing out on this playful fashion and style. From major fashion influencers like the Haute Pursuit and Jasmine Dowling to the fashionistas spread across the world, the year of the citrus fruits has officially arrived.

A flaunt-able favorite, these mega babes are rocking the loaded net bag over brunch, poolside, and a run through the city. It’s a great companion to the market to pick up some fresh produce on your way home from work – just don’t forget to snap a pick and share it with your besties!

How to wear the trend

With citrus fruits (obviously). But for real, style them with citrus fruits. Or… if you’re looking to mix it up, throw in a magazine or two and a coin purse to keep things fresh. There are tons of ways to style your net bag. Your outfit combo can be anything from a business suit to a swimming suit. They key here is the emphasis on all natural, sustainable fashion. Wear this summer fashion trend with a smile, because it’s good for you and for the ground you walk on.

Some of the most popular fashion blogs use the fruits as a pop of yellow or orange to play off the fruit’s appealing shade. Gingham print is one of the hottest current fashion trends, and can definitely be paired with your bag of fruits for a fun, punchy combo. Retro sunnies – also a must.

retro sunglassesneutral fashion

Prefer to keep it neutral? Many others are following the sustainable color palette of Mother Nature. You’ll often find the bag paired with earth browns, nudes and petite floral prints.

Ready to rock the trend? When you’re done stomping around the city lookin’ like a snack (or at least carrying one) be sure to bring napkins to keep that all-white look free of citrus splash.

minimal luxury fashion blogger

I know we’re not supposed to

There are some things which are hard to let go of. Grasping onto whatever strands may be in reach, whether for love or hate, out of desperation or hope – there is something in our nature that resists parting with something that we were once in position of. Material things, people, a grudge, a lifestyle, a memory, a dream. As they pull farther away, our reach lengthens and our grip tightens to fight the loss.

In some spaces, this action can be a beautiful thing. Fighting for people we love, hanging on to hope for a better day, believing in a dream – it’s a strength. A willingness to not let go, a pull towards something better or something we hope to achieve, the grip is persistence, and it builds character and personal development.

It can also be a crutch. Hanging on to toxic memories, resentment, useless things, scar tissue, the past – it can be a fetter binding us to things which are better to let go of. The grip becomes sweaty, anxious and desperate.

all white fashion blogger

The line is grey, and sometimes living in the grey can be admittedly satisfying, but in the end it’s also where one can most easily become lost. Fight only for what you believe in, and decide what you believe in wisely. You have two hands, but you can only move in one direction. May whatever you choose to hold on to be worth it in the end. May it draw you closer to your future not your past, may it fill your heart and not your eyes, and may it lift you up and never pull you down.

“I know we’re not supposed to talk, but I’m getting ahead of myself

I get scared when we’re not, ’cause I’m scared you’re with somebody else

So I guess that it is gone, and I just keep lying to myself

I can’t believe it

I, I miss you, yeah I miss you, I miss you, yeah I miss you, oh I do

I miss you, yeah I miss you, though I’m tryin’ not to right now

So I saved all the texts, all of the best over the years

Just to remind myself, of how good it is

Yeah, I saved all the texts off of my ex, minus the tears

Just to remind myself of how good it is

Or was…”

“I Miss you” – Clean Bandit

plaid wrap skirt current fashion trends

hold on to your hats

Life is a sort of rollercoaster – ups, downs and plenty of twists between. You can never see the end until you get there, and that’s part of the thrill. Hold on to your hats ladies and gents, you’re in for a ride. Here’s a little peak into what’s been going down this week.

Currently ‘en route home from NYC after spending the week working the showroom at FFaNY, I’ve managed to snag a few moments of shut-eye and catch up on a couple lingering projects. Now, time to catch up in my social circle and the fashion blog; excited to share a little bit of recent happenings with you guys.

NYC held its old charm, starting with afternoons spent rooftop with cocktails in hand, and ending with some exciting business progressions working on our Spring 2019 line of women’s shoes. Can you guess what was the best part? ;)

luxury fashion blogger

After last month’s trip into Milan and Switzerland with the design team, it was exciting to see some of the conversation pieces come to life in form of the shoe samples we had collaborated on together. Going for a more feminine direction into 2019, keep your eyes out for some global inspired jewels, resort wear jute wraps and plenty of fun athleisure and sporty elements.

In other news, my dog ate my bedroom door (if you keep up with my Instagram blog you may have seen the stories!). She’s a complete angel, until I’m away for 10 minutes and she gets bored. But for real, if anyone has some husky cures for separation anxiety, please hit a girl up! She’s my non-stop cuddle buddy, and has a hard time accepting that some of us have to spend at least a little time at the office during the week.

fashion blog behind the scenes

On the fashion scene, it’s officially feeling like summer in most of the US and that means breaking out shorter skirts and fruitier bevis. This wrap skirt was a H&M steal, and I paired it with a luxury fashion, long-sleeve top from Too Damn Expensive to balance the level of exposure on my bottom half. These boots from Senso have been a transitional favorite, since the sock-ankle style doesn’t look too bulky with a bare leg. The checkered print isn’t gingham, but it plays off of the tailored, monochrome pattern trend.

plaid wrap skirt hm style

Always pair your bargain pieces with luxury fashion to keep the look classy and fresh. Did you see the c-clips on this top? How ingenious. Luxury pieces really stand out in the details, and this statement sleeve is not only an eye-catcher, they could come in handy too.

luxury fashion trendsluxury fashion senso boots

Want to shop the look? I’ve linked my favorite (or similar) pieces below! Until next time, cheers beauties.

Shop: top, skirt (similar), hat (similar), shoes, bag

9 favorite luxury fashion steals from the Farfetch sale

This sale is literally insanity! So excited to share one of my favorite blog partners, Farfetch, has made some big name markdowns, and I’ve put together some of my favorite designer picks for the season. My wardrobe has definitely expanded since starting a luxury fashion blog, and I’ve learned that when it comes to designer pieces, a sale can be a great place to start to find some steals you may not be able to so easily afford otherwise. Warning, this sale is HUGE. So if you’re prone to temptation, you may as well get your credit cards out now.

The pieces I’ve selected are not only a steal, they’re really versatile, and great investment pieces for frequent wear. Black jeans that can be worn with a simple white T or dressed up with a silk cami and pumps; a sporty handbag that can hold your gym clothes or your evening wear essentials. Trouble deciding what you like? Here’s the breakdown of my absolute favorite luxury fashion finds.

Sporty is the new sexy

Probably my favorite trend of the season, athleisure has taken a turn for the sexy, with sporty pieces that can be dressed up or down for a confident, playful look. The key items you won’t want to miss – handbags (or belts) with nylon logo-print, sporty sandals with exaggerated footbeds, and the side-stripe pants. With these three pieces, you can pretty much re-invent your entire wardrobe into a luxury athletic look that’s sexy without trying. Don’t worry about what you’re pairing them with. This year’s fashion statement is breaking the rules. You can mix the pieces with dressy silks and lace dresses, or keep it casual in sweats and a baseball cap.

luxury sport bagsport stripe pantsluxury sport sandals

Shop the look: Givenchy Bag, Givenchy Trousers, Prada Sandals

Go for the glam

Planning an evening gala or cocktails for happy hour? The best kind of dress are those which are comfortable, but still give you that wow factor when you step out on the scene. This lace-bottom skirt could be killer in a blouse and stilettos, but you could also pair it with sneakers and a sweatshirt for that look that says “luxury rebel without a cause.” Think mom jeans are all the rage? Yeah, you’ll spot me in them from time to time, but nothing says full-on assault like a low-rise leather pant. This pair from Dsquared2 need no introduction, and neither will you. Looking to finish off your look? This iconic crossbody bag in its studded glory can make jeans and a T reek of luxury fashion.

luxury fashion skirtluxury leather pantsluxury studded bag

Shop the look: Givenchy SkirtDsquared2 Leather PantsBalmain Crossbody Bag,

Call it casual

Looking for more everyday basics in your luxury fashion selection? Here are a few pieces that you can wear in the office or on your daily errands. For casual pieces, look for timeless silhouettes that will coordinate with everything you already have in your wardrobe. That way, you’ll be sure to maximize on your wear time. If you’re just starting to build your luxury fashion wardrobe, a solid pair of denim is a great place to start, since it’s likely something you already wear on a regular basis. Handbags are also great first-time buy luxury pieces, since you’ll be carrying it around with you everyday.

casual givenchy bagdesigner jeansluxury handbag

Shop the look: Givenchy Clutch, Citizens of Humanity Jeans, Alexander Wang Bag

Ready to find some steals of your own? There are literally thousands of items to shop – making Farfetch a great one-stop-shop for luxury fashion pieces. Take a tip from the pro and use the filters in the shop section to narrow down your search. You can select your favorite brands, colors and discount range to find exactly what you’re looking for with a few clicks.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Farfetch. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!