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luxury chunky sneaker style by jeffrey campbell from shopbop

that extra chunky sneaker style tho

Like it thick? The biggest statement of 2018 fashion trends (pun intended) is an exaggerated, extra chunky sneaker. Luxury fashion leader Balenciaga paved the streets extra wide with the launch of their now infamous Triple S Trainers for women. Now sold out in stores and across nearly every site across the web, if you were lucky enough to get your hands on a pair, hold on with a double grip. Missed out? Fret not. Fashion is an evolution, and Balenciaga took a leap on this one that started a wave of changes throughout the fashion universe.

Prada, Maison Margiela and Gucci were quick on the draw with their own iconic chunky sneakers, and fast fashion brands like Jeffrey Campbell and Acne were close behind with an array of “dad shoes” styles in every color and height to suit your desires.

chunky sneaker style with casual basic jeans

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:iPHONE X | jeans c/o:PARKER SMITH | sneakers c/o:SHOPBOP


Looking for something minimal and white to offset the fast fashion trend with something more sustainable for seasons to come, I wasted no time in picking up this Jeffrey Campbell pair from Shopbop to feature in probably most of my upcoming luxury fashion blog posts. Much like the Balenciaga Triple S Trainers, the Jeffrey Campbell chunky sneaker features layers of architectural detail. The all-white leather upper and chunky sole is a classic selection set apart from the multi-colored fast-fashion sneaker trends, giving it a longer wearable season.

Shopbop is one of my go-to resources for luxury fashion pieces, and their site was the first place I spotted this magnificent beauty. You can shop the same pair while they’re in stock in the links below, or browse some of my other favorites! I’ve got a couple more on my wishlist, and may have to invest in a couple other pairs before the season is up.

jeffrey campbell extra chunky sneakers from shopbop

(Shop Dad Sneakers) (Shop Jeffrey Campbell Sneakers)

Aside from the overlapping foot pads and monochrome patchwork, the most notable feature is the extended sole heel cap. Balenciaga’s sneaker features a similar silhouette, creating an extended base and giving the style a futuristic look.

The sole is heavy, but the body is lightweight and heavily padded for a comfortable fit. Possibly the most eye-catching of all 2018 fashion trends, this heavy sport look has a distinctly athleisure feel, but can be worn unexpectedly with casual attire, women’s suiting, athletic wear and more.  The double pull-tabs on the heel and tongue make this pair especially easy to slip on and off without unlacing – a convenience feature that’s appreciated in my hyper-active lifestyle.

casual outfit styled with parker smith skinny jeans and chunky jeffrey campbell shoes

For this look, I’m wearing my chunky sneakers with a better-than-ordinary pair of black denim jeans from Parker Smith. Parker Smith is the most prominent denim brand in my wardrobe, and this pair is new in their fall and winter collection. They’re classic black, with a sporty velvet racing stripe down the side, accentuating the sporty look of these Jeffrey Campbell chunky sneakers.

I typically opt for basic white t-shirts for my day-to-day casual attire, but decided to mix it up with this modern line print graphic t. Graphic t-shirts are a great way to mix up a minimal wardrobe, and you can get them for a steal at most stores, or invest in luxury t-shirts that you can wear for years to come.

flatlay style with leather duffle bag and chunky sneakers

Looking for something a bit more exciting? White chunky sneakers are the number-one combination for leopard print skirts (another 2018 fashion trend sweeping the web). They’re also a great accessory to help freshen up your business casual wardrobe, making a fresh statement when paired unexpectedly with women’s suiting pieces. You can check out some leopard print outfit ideas on this recap of the spotted trend.

fashion blogger and her dog white husky featuring face t-shirt, chunky sneakers and skinny jeans

Looking for a pair of your own? I’ve included my Shopbop links above along with a few other variations for you to mix up your wardrobe! If you don’t already have an account there, I have great news…

Shopbop just opened an Amazon store! Yes, the retailing giant has officially taken over the world, even in the luxury fashion department. Shopbop’s Amazon store The Shop by Shopbop is loaded with trendy high-end pieces that can be hard to find elsewhere, and it’s even easier to shop with your existing Amazon account. If you’re like me, Amazon has pretty much become the new Google search when it comes to shopping online for home goods, misc. tools and beauty items and more.

the shop by shopbop luxury fashion retailer

I have yet to dive into Amazon for shopping fashion, Shopbop’s new announcement just might have me giving it a second look. The Shop by Shopbop is a “destination for style discovery” that let’s you shop by special collections, clothing types, shoes, bags, accessories and occasion. I was pleasantly surprised with a beautiful experience featuring fun lifestyle images and a layout that looks so similar to their actual site. It has a lot more of a boutique feel than anywhere else I’ve shopped on Amazon. Plus, many of their products are on Prime! So you get free shipping and order tracking directly through your Amazon account. That made me excited.

If you’re an Amazon shopper, definitely be sure to check them out, and have a Prime time ;)

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Shopbop. occasionally receives Shopbop sponsorships for mentioning their products and services. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

view of china from my hotel room

hello again, day in my dreams

There was nothing magical about the night like in the movies. No pedestal balcony looking over a night sky full of stars and a city full of lights. No marble floors and mid-century modern furniture. No crystal wear or decanters of aged scotch. In fact, everything was quite ordinary in the 4-star hotel corporate suite.

A faint smell of room service sat in the air, I had taken a shot of the city when I first arrived of the bedroom view. It was beautiful, but not breathtaking.

leather allsaints jacket

photography:ME | camera:iPHONE X


The room had a familiar feel to it, as if you had been there before. But perhaps it was just the standard beige wallpapered bathroom and bleach white sheets you find in most hotel accommodations. Yet, something about it felt new, inspiring even. Maybe it was just the jet lag and 30-hour trip with minimal stimulation.

golden goose sneakers vintage hotel

Whatever it was, the shift from dreamworld to reality was inevitable. I felt excited. As if I had just found something that had been lost for so long. My inner soul was stirred in a way it hadn’t felt in so many months past.

It’s funny how moments in life become prominent for no apparent reason at no overtly apparent times.

bathroom hotel selfie

I had found my muse once again. But it wasn’t a person or a thing. It was the feeling of being in touch with my deepest realities that I had driven back for so long. It was as if I had returned from an outer body experience that had lasted ages, nearly losing myself in the journey.

I felt a deep desire to exist. To be myself rather than to succeed. To be authentic instead of perfect. To discover purpose in myself rather than through the eyes of others.

The tea kettle was boiling. I added a sugar and creamer hoping to eventually calm myself back to sleep. It was 3:47am, Dongguan City, China. I had been up nearly 2 hours at this point. Jet lag’s a bitch. I had escaped a snow day back home, but the room still felt cold and quiet. My chest was heavy from a lingering cold. I would need to be up to head to the studio in a few hours to begin a week of shoe design and detailing for the fall 2018 line. But there was no usually onset of stress or frustration from the lack of sleep.

vintage hotel bed

I was excited. As if the world was full of possibilities and I re-embraced living for happiness once again. My head was spinning with next steps and idealism. I would write. As I’m doing now. But not about fashion and shopping and trends. About what was inspiring me, in this moment. Even if it made no sense to the outside world. This is a space for release, an escape from reality and embracing that space where dreams and life collide together in the same space and time. I had found myself again.

Why hello again, day in my dreams.

bathrobe vintage

anne fontaine holiday style guide

guide to effortless luxury holiday style with Anne Fontaine

Sparkling strings of Christmas lights, a pure white snow blanketing the earth and falling from the sky, reflections of city traffic and street lights on the wet streets – it’s the holiday season. Jazz and vintage albums replace the commercial sounds in the stores, and a sense of rush and overwhelming romanticism is palpable within every moment. It’s no wonder we look forward to the holiday season, even with the flood of tasks and mile-long to-do’s. It’s a time of parties and play and general Christmas cheer. And what could be more delightful than parading around in gorgeous holiday garb with your best friends and loved ones all within reach?

But no time to think, no time to plan, and we all want to look fab! Fret not my loves. Here’s a guide to effortless luxury holiday style in collaboration with the esteemed Anne Fontaine, to rescue your wardrobe and let you spend that extra time on another bottle of bubbly with your bests.

anne fontaine holiday outfit style guide

photography:MEGAN CURRANT | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | outfits c/o:ANNE FONTAINE

1: Choice high quality pieces

The holidays are a time to splurge, and what would Christmas be without a few gifts to yourself? If you want to look as fabulous as you feel, stick with high quality luxury essentials that you won’t regret after the holidays have past. Holiday parties are the perfect venue to debut the newest additions to your capsule wardrobe. Plan to stun with first-time-wear key pieces that you’ll be able to integrate into your wardrobe again later in the season.

A statement luxury style blouse with some feminine details like lace or ruffles is just the right amount of festive for Christmas parties with some bold, glittering accessories or ornamental footwear. After the holidays, you can easily dress it down with a blazer and a basic jean for day-to-night wear.

anne fontaine blouse with statement sleeves and checkered pantsanne fontaine casual elegance blouse and pants outfit

This piece from Anne Fontaine has statement sleeves (an iconic trend of the year) that make it festive for holiday parties and events. I’ve paired them with an exaggerated pearl loafer with a heel, for just the right amount of opulent essence. Anne Fontaine’s holiday collection has several such statement blouses that will not only get you through the holiday season, they’ll also turn into capsule essentials that you’ll be able to wear year round. I have a fitted basic blouse from Anne Fontaine from the last year that continues to be my go-to grab for tailored wear. Paired with jeweled cuff-links it’s also an essential that stands well on its own.

2: Stick with the classics

The last thing you want is a family photo lasting decades on the mantel with your biggest fashion faux pas. Stick with the classics. Iconic classic style is best executed by fashion majors. Now is the time to rely on your luxury brand go-to’s for something you can count on to get you through the holidays in effortless style. An iconic blouse with special details like the one above is a no-fail solution to classic style.

classic anne fontaine holiday outfit with pearl shoes, checkered pants and a classic anne fontaine blouse

If red is out of your comfort zone, don’t reach for it just because it’s the holidays. Stay true to yourself, and remember that the sparkle in your eyes is all you need for capturing the essence of the season and emanating your light with every glance. Throw in the deep glow that comes from being surrounded by love and happiness and it’s the only accessory you’ll need.

3: A gown is always a good idea

What is more classic than a little black dress? Or better yet, a big one. The holidays are one time of the year it’s absolutely acceptable to choose elegance above all. If you’ve been dying to dress a bit more divine than your weekday style, take advantage and spoil yourself in layers of decadence. A classic gown is a great grab for formal Christmas parties and evening cocktail occasions. The Ritz doesn’t stand a chance against you in all of your glamour.

anne fontaine holiday gown with athleisure luxury sport sneakersshear anne fontaine holiday gown with luxury sport sneakers

This evening gown by Anne Fontaine is a masterpiece of art. Designed as a two-piece slip and sheath, the outmost layer is deliciously translucent, giving it an ethereal element that’s as magical as the holidays. The fabric is light and has a faintly striped texture embellished with small white flowers in a scattered pattern. Walking through the capitol in Nashville, TN, I felt like an absolute queen.

4: Choose comfortable footwear

No matter how you decide flaunt your luxury holiday style, don’t forget to plan ahead and choose comfortable, elegant footwear. Cocktail parties and jaunts around the city mean a lot of time on your feet. Opt for a high-fashion sneaker like this pair, or choose a sophisticated heel that will get you through from brunch to late-night rendezvous. Save the stilettos for your 1-3 hour adventures.

anne fontaine sport floral luxury athleisure sneakers

Looking for more holiday outfit ideas? I’ve partnered with Anne Fontaine to share my personal gift guide where you’ll find exclusive luxury fashion items that are perfect for checking off your shopping list, or for satisfying your own wish list. The collection feature a luxurious blend of darkly romantic pieces and classic essentials that are designed as the ideal selections for a capsule luxury wardrobe. You can also check out my favorites accessories from the reveal of Anne Fontaine’s holiday accessory guide. Check back soon for the deets.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Anne Fontaine. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

tips for shopping cyber weekend sales

5 tips for scoring Luxury fashion cyber weekend steals

If your a sucker for a luxury steal, get excited about the year’s biggest online shopping event where you’ll be able to score your luxury wishlist at fraction of the cost! As a supporter of a minimalist lifestyle, Black Friday and Cyber weekend sale events are not about loading up on a bulk of whatever low-price items I can get my hands on. It’s about collecting a few new key luxury fashion pieces that have been on the wishlist for a capsule collection that I’ll be able to incorporate into countless outfits in my existing wardrobe.

cyber weekend sales at luxury fashion outlet shopbop

Working as a luxury fashion blogger, people often remark that while they would love to share a similar style, it’s difficult to acquire so many luxury pieces. However, if you’re deliberate about your purchases, consider your cost-per-wear and leverage important tips for buying luxury fashion, you can build your collection at a steal, and develop your wardrobe over time.

Having said that, I’ve been eyeing some of my favorite pieces from my go-to luxury retailers, and already shared a couple of wishlists. Now, the Shopbop cyber weekend sale is official on! Headed to their site to purchase a few items from my favorites at a total bargain, I decided to pull some tips together for you to help you score the best deals in luxury fashion this cyber weekend.

1: Plan ahead and shortlist your favorite luxury fashion resources

Overwhelmed by the hundreds of cyber weekend promo emails in your inbox? Make a shortlist of your favorite luxury fashion retailers so you’ll be able to cut straight to the chase during your weekend shopping. More than likely, they’re going to be running a promotion, and this way you won’t miss out on your favorites. Shopbop is one of my go-to resources for luxury fashion, so they were at the top of my home-page bookmarks for the sale.  No FOMO here, it’s always better to plan ahead and make your own success.

2: Create a favorites list that you’re hoping will be included in Black Friday and cyber weekend sales

If you are planning to snag high-demand pieces during the Black Friday and cyber weekend sales, take the time to shop through your favorite luxury retailers in advance and leverage the “favorites” tools or “save for later” so you can jump straight to those key capsule wardrobe pieces you’ve had your eyes on. If they don’t end up being included in the sale, no harm no foul. But if they do, you’ll be amongst the first to snag them. Key on-trend items go fast during the biggest sale of the year, and if you snooze, you may miss out on getting your favorite color or size!

chunky sole dr. martin shoes on sale during shopbop's cyber weekend promo code sale!

I had a pair of platform Dr. Martin’s on my wishlist for 3 weeks, and finally pulled the trigger! You can snag a pair yourself included in the Shopbop cyber weekend sale. They’ve already become an essential in my wardrobe, and way over compensated on their cost-per-wear.

3: Scour the earth for cyber Monday coupon codes

Of course, it wouldn’t be cyber weekend without those cyber weekend coupon codes. Get the most out of your investment by scouring the earth for cyber monday coupon codes before you checkout. It’s possible you may have missed one, and you’ll want to be sure to get that extra markdown on your purchases. To save you some time, I’ve included Shopbop’s cyber weekend promo code and sale info below! The great thing about shopping luxury boutique retailers – you’ll be able to get some of your favorite brands that may almost never offer incentives otherwise.

To take advantage, use code: MORE18 for some incredible luxury fashion steals on Shopbop now through Sunday 11/25/18, 11:59pm Pacific Time!


  • 15% off orders of $200+
  • 20% off orders of $500+
  • 25% off orders of $800+

The code will work on sale items not listed in exclusions. You can check out the brand exclusions below, and more details on the sale here.

shopbop cyber weekend promotion details with coupon code, save up to 75% off!


Birkenstocks, Canada Goose, Ray-Ban, Tumi, Arc’Teryx Veilance, ARC’TERYX, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Oakley, Persol, Prada, Prada Linea Rossa, Versace, Alison Lou, Lana Jewelry, Acne Studios, Commando, Gucci, Hanky Panky, Isabel Marant Etoile, Isabel Marant, Kate Spade New York ,Krewe ,MICHAEL Michael Kors, Monse, Natori, Senreve, SHINOLA, Skarlett Blue, Spanx, Sydney Evan, Tibi, Tory Sport, Zimmermann

4: Consider the cost-per-wear

Considering the cost-per-wear is an important step in all capsule wardrobe purchases, and cyber weekend is no exception. When you finally find that perfect pair of luxury shoes or that handbag you’ve had your eyes on, consider your cost-per-wear to make your final selection. I had hundreds of items in my Shopbop wishlist. Understanding how often you’ll wear those pieces will help you make an educated decision on buying something that you’ll use over and over again, making an excellent return on your fashion investment.

luxury wardrobe essentials, shop for a capsule wardrobe during shopbop's cyber weekend luxury fashion sale

5: Buy according to your capsule wardrobe wishlist

Last but not least, look for gaps in your capsule wardrobe and fill them with luxury essentials while you can get them at a steal! If you’ve been waiting on finally getting the perfect pair of denim jeans or a pair of chunky sneakers that you’ll be wearing on high rotation, now is the time to buy! You’ll be doing your wallet and your wardrobe a favor, and feel good knowing you’ve made an investment that will return itself 10-fold.

western boots on sale during shopbop's cyber weekend promo sale

I’ve been eyeing the new western evolution trend, so a pair of new western boots will be a must going into fall and winter season of 2019. I’ve included a few of my favorites above, which one do you think I should get?

You’ll also find several other fun promos this weekend with items for your home, office and more. Have you had your eye on cyber weekend steals that you haven’t checked out yet? Be sure to check out Shopbop if you want to take advantage of some of the best luxury fashion steals during cyber weekend! Have some more favorites? Share your cyber weekend codes below and help a girl out scoring her capsule wardrobe during the biggest sale of the year!

shop black friday and cyber monday steals at luxury fashion retailer shopbop to save up to 70% off!

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Shopbop. occasionally receives Shopbop sponsorships for mentioning their products and services. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

t&n ballet flats review

everyday luxury | T&N ballet flats review

Simplicity is a rare treasure in life. Webster describes it as the “the quality of being easy to understand or use.” It’s a natural component of what one would consider an everyday luxury of the minimalist. Straightforward, understated, and a support of one’s lifestyle. T&N is one brand that captures the essence of just that. In this T&N ballet flats review, we will cover just what simplicity in footwear means for you, including a detailed personal review of my experience with the comfort, quality and components of their classic ballet flat.

luxury fashion blogger reviews t&n ballet flats

About T&N

It’s always a paramount preface for me to start all product reviews with an introduction to the story behind the brand. There is a lot you can understand about a product line or collection if you first understand the concepts and principals they were built from. I encourage you before making any purchasing decisions to first research into the brand’s history, get in the head of their designer, and then dive deeper into what brands align with your lifestyle priorities.

T&N was born from designers Tintisha and Natasha on a quest to create a “labor of love that combines high fashion with luxurious comfort” – T&N Officially launched in the summer of 2014 in New York, and have since been covered Lucky Magazine, Vanity Fair, and a slew of notable luxury fashion blogs introducing their unique approach to luxury design at an affordable price.

about t&n ballet flats

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR & KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | ballet flats c/0:T&N


“In a world where ‘luxury goods’ are often equated with ‘selfish spending’, T&N brings to you a product which allows you to pamper yourself with the latest trends sans the feeling of guilt…making luxurious fashion a less guilty affair.” – T&N

They currently focus on a niche market of luxury ballet flats, offering a single, mastered silhouette available in various colors and materials. The designs are all made of pure leather, and consist of two collections – the classic and trés chic collections.

The difference between the classic and trés chic ballet flat collections

Though split into two collections, there is really only one notable difference between the classic and trés chic collections.  While the classic collection features a custom engraved charm on the back heel, the trés chic is designed to appeal to the minimalist sans-charm. Both styles are crafted with genuine leather, with the same elasticized band across the opening for a snug fit.

t&n flats feature unique golden personalized charms on their quality leather designs

The classic collection T&N charm is affixed to the center-back of each heel. A dainty crystal bow gracefully drops down to a rounded charm, which you’re able to customize with an engraving of your choice, making these a fun gift as well. You can choose to engrave your initials or greek letters of 3 characters. For my pair of classic ballet flats in eggshell, I went with my initials KBP for the personalization.

The personalized charm sits just above the metal lated T&N logo, which adds one more small area of sparkle to give the flats that special touch and attention to detail.

The designed T&N luxury footprint sole

One of the most unique and outstanding features of T&N flats are their luxury footprint soles. And yes, it means exactly what you have imagined. Rather than a single, flat rubber sole unit, the T&N flats feature a multi-sectioned rubber sole in the shape of a footprint. Not only a cute, recognizable design feature of the brand, these little footprint pads are textured with a rough finish, giving them excellent traction on all surfaces.

t&n features luxury footprint soles on their ballet flats

I’ve tried many a pair of ballet flats featuring leather a smooth TPR unit sole or even a luxurious leather sole – the problem with this is apparent when walking on smooth surfaces. With the combination of their lightweight construction and a smooth bottom, traditional flats can give you quite the slide around on wood or laminate flooring. I made sure to put T&N’s luxury designed footprint soles to the test on all surfaces, and was pleased to find the grip more than satisfactory in all conditions.

The leather and craftsmanship of T&N flats

When determining whether or not a product could be considered luxurious, the devil is in the details, and materials and craftsmanship play a big role in this defining factor. Selecting the eggshell classic flat, I was pleased to find not only the outside of the shoe, but also the lining, sock, and sole under the rubber footprint was all crafted from the same, high-quality genuine leather.

Working in women’s footwear for nearly a decade, leather lining represents a significantly higher cost for the brand, but it also creates a more luxurious experience for the consumer. Because of the cost, many brands opt to forgo the leather lining and try to match up a synthetic material similar to the outside leather. With genuine leather gracing the entire T&N flats, you’re able to enjoy a softer, more comfortable experience that is especially notable after long periods of wear. The simplicity of the tonal material swatching also creates a minimal aesthetic that’s ideal for today’s minimalist.

quality leather makes t&n flats a comfortable luxury choice

Another feature you may not notice outside of the footwear industry (but that you’ll certainly feel) is the absence of raw edges or seams inside of the shoes. When the inner sock of a shoe and the lining are also stitched together in a self-containing design much like a glove, this is called a sacchetto construction, which is a common feature only in luxury Italian footwear. While the T&N is not a true sacchetto since the sock lining is folded under the sock, it certainly creates the same flexibility and softness that one would enjoy from a traditional sacchetto style. Just like tags and seams can be uncomfortable or itchy in clothes, seams in footwear can be even worse – causing blisters or discomfort. T&N’s nearly seamless design prevents uncomfortable rubbing for simplicity that provides comfort enough for all-day wear.

T&N ballet flats fitting

Self pronounced on their site, T&N flats do run a big snug. However, they do provide a sizing chart online with their products. Be sure to follow it. I typically wear a size 6.0-6.5 US (I know, I have small feet). According to their chart, that makes me a size 7.0 US, which is what I selected as my trial size of T&N flats. The adjusted size felt right about where a standard 6.0 would fit me, so their sizing chart was an accurate match. If you have a range that you often select shoes for, I would recommend matching up with your larger size conversion for the best fit.

The shoes feature an elasticized band at the mouth (or opening) of the shoe, giving them a comfortably snug fit on a variety of foot shapes, as the not-too tight elastic creates a customized fit.

T&N packaging

What luxury blog review would be complete without discussing packaging. I am an admitted sucker for a bit of marketing taking shape in the packaging of products, and with footwear that’s no exception. Upon arrival, I was delighted with T&N’s thick, square pink box including a cloth dust bag folded neatly just inside. The shoes were curved comfortably inside the box with tissue paper neatly packed on all 4 sides. The box lid has a gold embossed T&N logo capping off the design for a 5-star package rating. If you’re planning to purchase a pair of T&N flats as a gift, all you’ll need is a golden ribbon sans-wrapping for the most lovely presentation you could desire.

t&n ballet flats come packaged in a pretty pink box

T&N ballet flats review recap

If you’re in search for simplicity in the form of luxury ballet flats, T&N is a great choice for travel or everyday wear. With their fully genuine leather designs, luxurious craftsmanship and unique high-traction footprint soles, they are simplicity at it’s best, and luxury at an affordable price. I hope this T&N ballet flats review was helpful to you, and provided some on-hand (or rather on-foot) experience that helps you to get an inside look at the beautiful simplicity of T&N.

t&n ballet flats review - they're comfortable and great for travel

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with T&N. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!