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7 luxury fashion blogs you’re going to want to follow now

It’s time to indulge ourselves and pay homage to the the best luxury fashion blogs the visionaries that bring them to life. From effortless chic ensembles to lust worthy accessories, these are the leaders that inspire fashion for generations.

These powerful women have built empires through their keen eye for aesthetics and understanding of the fashion empire. They inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. They let us drool over their Balenciaga bags and Gucci shoes. They show us how to make everyday a luxurious experience. They remind us that luxury is an experience that we can all be a part of, and that true style is an expression of ourselves.

If you loved my top inspirational minimalist lifestyle blog list, this post is for you. You’ll recognize some of my all time favorite fashion bloggers, as well as a few new faces you’re going to want to follow.

luxury fashion blog @pepamack

IMAGE CRED: @pepamack

Minimalist luxury style without interruption with @pepamack

Petra of @pepamack has nearly a million followers on her luxury fashion Instagram account, and it’s no surprise. She’s created a niche, luxury fashion experience for those who love minimalist style. 

Timeless and sophisticated, her look is luxury style without interruption. You won’t see dramatic city backdrops, gorgeous sunset views or elaborate dining halls. Instead, her approach is direct featuring the best in suiting, tailored pieces and wardrobe essentials.

Her signature look blends basic oversized t-shirts with dress slacks or blazers. With a petite frame and legs for days, the oversized, gender neutral approach is every bit as sexy as smart.

Her frequent brands include a mix of everyday essentials and top designers. For her basics you’ll find attainable brands like Zara, Bassike, Acne and Uniqlo. In the luxury departments, she’s been spotted in Louis Vuitton, IRO Paris, Versace, Alexander Wang and Celine.

luxury fashion blog @mvb


Lux athleisure and upscale grunge with @mvb

Marie von Behrens of @MVB reminds us luxury can rebel. Her unique style mixes hardcore grunge and sporty athleisure style in an upscale way that will have you wondering just how she pulls it off.

Saint Laurent probably worships her. You’ll also spot her in Prada and Chanel like they’re Levis. She’s not afraid to mix a $2 ribbed tank with a limited edition Chanel La Pausa bag, and neither should you.

She’s on my new list of obsessions, and I’m quite sure she’ll be on on yours. Fearless and a natural beauty, she’ll have you re-thinking the definition of luxury fashion.

luxury fashion blog @alyssa.lenore

IMAGE CRED: @alyssa.lenore

Luxury is beige with @alyssa.lenore

Alyssa Lenore of @Alyssa.lenore believes that luxury is beige. Her mostly monochrome feed features casual luxury fashion in black, white and neutrals in classic NYC girl style.

You’ll spot her with city backdrops, in coffee shops and luxury interiors in clothes you can imaging wearing everyday. Key pieces of the season include fuzzy knit sweaters, blazers, blouses and jeans. Her go to shoes are always white sneakers, though her closet is loaded with styles to envy.

Luxury handbags are her thing. You’ll spot her sporting luxury brands most iconic accessories like the Botegga Pouch bag, Fendi, classic Channel, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton.

luxury fashion blog @happilygrey

IMAGE CRED: @happilygrey

Glamour and luxury with @happilygrey

Who could be more charming than Nashville’s very own Mary Lawless Lee of @happilygrey. Mary lives her entire life in a luxury mindset with sophisticated glamor at the center of her style.

Recently introducing her first baby girl, Navy James just a couple of months back, there’s now even more to love. You’ll find her traipsing around Nashville in couture gowns and feminine blouses. Her look is always pulled together, and she’s made herself an icon of luxury couture style.

She’s been spotted in cool girl brands like Golden Goose and works frequently with luxury retailer Netaporter. You’ll also be able to discover some obscure luxury brands as well as the icons including Chanel, Dior, and Ralph Lauren.

luxury fashion blog lornaluxe

IMAGE CRED: @lornaluxe

Luxury NYC fashion trends @lornaluxe

Lorna from @lornaluxe even puts luxury in her name. Her motto, “breath it all in. Lux it all out.” From London to Paris, her style is upstate proper and stays inside the classics.

You’ll find her in trench coats, knit dresses and layered basics paired with a few suiting pieces. Her hair is always on point, and she’s the “it” girl you imagine never leaves the house without being completely ready.

Some of her most luxury pieces include her classic Chanel bag, the new Christian Dior saddle bag, knits from Balenciaga and Celine everything.

luxury fashion blog vanessahong

IMAGE CRED: @vanessahong

Luxury like modern art @vanessahong

Once The Haute Pursuit, Vanessa has newly updated her blog voice to her name, @vanessahong. She lives a luxury life like it’s art, and has recently expanded to philanthropic work. You can learn more about that on @vanessawantstoknow where she features episode of women inspiring women.

Her style is an eclectic mix of pieces. If you spot her in the streets of NYC, you might just think she is a work of art herself. Expect to see her in the most outrageous luxury trends. Neon zebra, oversized vinyl, unique layering, and decorating her face. Nothing is off limits.

She also frequently features pieces from Netaporter, Burberry, Chanel and other luxury brands, but her taste is more about the art, less about the logo.

Luxury fashion blog fashionedshicstyling

IMAGE CRED: @fashionedchicstyling

Queen of luxury streetstyle @fashionedchicstyling

Last but not least, with over a million followers, Erica Hoida of @fashionedchicstyling shows us how to master street style in luxury. Based in San Diego, this woman is head to toe perfection and is always pulled together. Her looks are sexy, glamours and contour. It’s no wonder her luxury fashion blog is one of the best in the world.

She’s less about fast fashion, and more into timeless feminine style. You’ll spot her in leather moto jackets, silk lace camis, jeans, and an endless assortment of stilettos. Brands she loves to rock include Gucci and Prada. She’s going to be the first to have a bag from every new season.

These women are truly inspirations to me, and I hope you enjoy their content as much as I do. What are your favorite luxury fashion blogs? Share in the comments below. Stay inspired.

fashion blogger wears black biker shorts outfit

styling cute outfits with black biker shorts

Even with the arrival of fall, black biker shorts have become a staple in my wardrobe. They are comfortable, versatile, easy to find, so chic and great for travel. As a fashion blogger always on the go, they are one of my biggest must-have items this season.

biker shorts

A returning trend of the 80’s fashion scene, they can be intimidating to style. Biker shorts women are now styling as high fashion are more of an athleisure item. You can certainly style biker shorts outfits with your sportswear. But if that’s all you’ve ventured to, you’re missing out. I mean common, how often are fall fashion trends THIS comfortable.

luxury hikeleisure fashion in biker shorts

If you’re looking for some inspiration, I’ve got some tips and tricks on how to plan cute outfits with biker shorts. For this post, I’ve styled 3 outfits with black biker shorts, since they’re my #1 color choice for a few reasons. More on that later. Here are the looks.

biker shorts outfit paired with a coordinating sports bra or crop

Let’s start simple. Biker shorts are lean, and contour to your body precisely. This is why black tends to be my first grab, as it’s the most forgiving color. Pair your biker shorts with a coordinating crop top or sports bra. Layover over it with a long sleeve blouse or a blazer if you’re feeling especially formal.

biker shorts outfit with a sports bra

Keep it casual and lite with chunky white sneakers, or dress it up with pumps. Since it’s more of an athleisure combination, I tend to grab heels to offset the look. This is my favorite way to style outfits with biker shorts.

It is laid back, yet sophisticated. Its comfortable, but exudes style. It’s a weekend favorite in my home. If you stop by, you’ll often see me working in my studio in this look, shedding the outer layer as the sun warms my house midday.

After work, no need to change. I grab my pumps to run errands, pick up groceries for dinner, meet friends for a quick coffee and have even stopped bar side for a casual cocktail.

Because this outfit is the epitome of comfort and effortless style, this is also my go-to outfit for traveling. It’s great for road trips or journeys when even your favorite jeans start to pull too much after a long duration.

hiking in black biker shorts

I also pair this exact outfit with sneakers and wear it to the airport for international trips. The blouse works as a nice extra layer in case the plane is chilly. Or if it’s hot (as it often is) running between gates, I can shed the outer layer and arrive without breaking a sweat.

I’ve even hiked in this outfit! (Minus the pumps of course, that was just for the photo op). Just be sure to use insect repellent with that midriff exposed.

leather biker shorts with a basic t-shirt

Another casual way to style outfits with biker shorts is with a basic, oversized t-shirt. Leather biker shorts are a more bold statement and add a nice dull shine to your look. Oversized t-shirts balance a fitted lower half.

wearing david lerner leather biker shorts in london

I wore this David Lerner combo in London this past summer. Never knowing whether to expect rain or shine, I brought a blazer to layer over in case of a chill.

running errands in london

The oversized t-shirt is the most casual way to wear the trend. It’s my get-down and get-busy look (in this case, shooting a half dozen looks in London for David Lerner). Feeling a bit more saucy?

wearing david lerner biker shorts and oversized t-shirtcasual style in london

You can also wear biker shorts with an oversized t-shirt untucked. This completely changes the look. The concept here is to go XXL with a shirt that could double as a dress. The biker shorts are a nice safety measure in case things go south.

oversized tshirt outfit

My personal pick – an oversized graphic Givenchy Rottweiler t-shirt with black biker shorts and kitten heels. Our designer says “why are you so sexy today?!” Didn’t do a shoot, but how about this selfie? (Though honestly it’s hard to see with the blazer over it… but yeah. You get the idea. That leads us to the next look…

black biker shorts with an oversized blazer

If you’re lucky enough to work in a business casual atmosphere, you might even be able to wear this look to work. Oversized blazers are a big trend for fall fashion. They make a great layer to go over biker shorts.

oversized blazer and biker shorts

Blazers have the power to transform everyday clothes to sophisticated work wear. They even work on biker shorts. I picked up this one second hand from the men’s department. After a thorough dry-cleaning it was as good as new.

Rabbit trail on blazers – I’ve tried buying these oversized styles as a steal from fashion fashion shops, but always found the quality to be disappointing. Big brand luxury retailers and name brands can get expensive for a trend that may be out in a year. I found second hand is the perfect solution for luxury quality at an affordable price. I have picked up a few similar styles from The Real Real for less than $50 and name brands including Helmut Lang, Saint Laurent and more.

prada cahier bag

Which is your favorite outfit with black biker shorts? If you’re looking for more ideas, I have created a Pinterest board with hundreds of cute outfits with biker shorts styled by celebs like Kylie Jenner. It’s a great source for ideas on how to make biker shorts fit into your style story.

biker shorts outfits on pinterest

Want to shop? Shopbop has tons of biker short options here, or you can find them at most any fashion retailer. You can also shop my leather biker shorts from David Lerner here.

rubin clip in hair extensions review

Rubin clip in hair extensions review

Curious about trying clip in hair extensions? It has been a year of transformation. This summer, I went from dark brown, 22 inch hair locks to a short grey bob. Thankfully, my virgin hair took only one bleaching session to lift the color.

blurry clip in hair extensions

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | clip in hair extensions c/o:RUBIN EXTENSIONS


The short, quirky style is a better fit for my soul’s energy. But on an occasion, I do miss the long locks. Having tried brown hair extensions in the past, I was altogether too excited when Rubin Extensions reached out offering a collaboration to provide my thoughts in a remy hair extensions review.

In this clip in hair review, I’ll be providing my feedback on color match, quality, use and styling these new platinum blonde hair extensions.

about rubin deluxe line hair extensions package

About Rubin hair extensions

Rubin hair extensions is the prominent expert on real hair extensions in Switzerland. Newer to the US market, it was the first I had heard of them. Their market now extends to Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, France and Australia.

rubin hair extensions sections

I did some digging into the brand. Rubin offers products ranging from clip in hair extensions to long ponytail extensions, flip on extensions, clip in bangs and more. All are made with the highest quality of real, human hair.

They have a cult Instagram following with nearly 60K followers and a highly engaged audience watching videos and tagging their own experiences.

clip in back of hair extensions

Deluxe Line clip in hair extensions

For this review, I selected the Deluxe Line clip in extensions in Pearl Blond. 20 inch hair extensions are an industry average. This set is 60cm long (23.6”) giving them a bit more length to play with. The weight is 170gr. For those who aren’t familiar with weight of extensions, that’s a fairly full head that came with a total of 8 separate pieces.

deluxe line rubin hair extensions clips

The Deluxe Line is made with Slavic human hair in Remy quality, even better than the coveted Indian hair extensions. Between the 8 separate pieces, there are a total of 19 clips separated into the following pieces:

  • 1 piece with 4 clips – 21 cm wide
  • 3 pieces with 3 clips – 14 cm wide
  • 4 pieces with 2 clips – 7 cm wide

Rubin hair extensions quality

Rubin uses Remy hair quality to make their extensions. Not all hair extensions are created equal, especially in the realm of straight hair clip ins. That’s because the quality of the hair really makes a huge difference in how well it will blend with your own, as well as how long they’ll last.

deluxe line hair extensions quality

If you’ve checked out a few Remy hair extensions reviews, you may already know the difference between different levels of quality of human hair. Remy extensions are made with higher quality human hair in which the hair’s cuticles are kept in tact. Because all hair strands follow the same direction, there will be almost no tagging in Remy extensions when cared for properly. With Remy hair, you can expect your extensions to last a year or more. I’ve found mine last much longer with light to moderate wear.

rubin hair extensions volumerubin hair extensions

To the touch, the hair feels silky and soft (certainly better than my processed hair). The volume it created is so sexy. I would expect these to last a long time.

Color matching clip in extensions

Color matching clip in extensions can prove to be quite a challenge, especially when ordering online. Rubin has 10 natural shades of Deluxe Line hair extensions to choose from. I found the extensions to be true to color on what was depicted on the site.

checking color of clip in hair extensions

Having said that, I tone my otherwise platinum locks to get more of the edgy grey hues. For this review, I skipped my toning purple shampoo for a couple of weeks, and the Pearl Bond hue was a perfect match for my hair. I plan to try toning the extensions before my next review – send me a message if you’re curious to see how it goes.

hair without clip in extensions

Styling and blending clip in hair extensions

I have the most difficult cut to blend extensions – a blunt cut bob. That put these extensions to the ultimate test. For the best blend, I use the longest piece at the base of my neck with just about an inch of hair under it.

rubin hair extensions platinum bond blondeblending hair extensions

Then, section your hair upwards, allowing .5-1” of hair between rows of clipping. They’re easy to do, and with these 8 clips I layered 4 different layers in the back of my head. To make it look natural, always keep a couple of small 1-2 clip sections to clip in more near the front of your hair.

To better blend a tough cut like mine, curl your natural hair clip ins integrated with your own hair. Curls can hide a lot of uneven lines. For this look, I did a loose wave, which perfectly masked the extra long layers of the extensions.

Pro tips for cutting hair extensions to help them blend

Another blending tip, don’t be afraid to cut your extensions. They come long for a reason. Tailor them to your style. To blend my blunt bob, I cut a couple of the 2-clip pieces about 4 inches shorter than the rest.

layered look from cutting clip in hair extensions

Clip the shorter hair extensions closer to the front of your face, and it will blend the blunt line of your hair into what looks like a long, beautifully layered style.

Rubin clip in hair extensions review

Have you ever tried clip in real human hair extensions? What are some of the top rated hair extensions you would recommend? Since shooting for this review, I’ve worn my extensions out a couple of times and am very happy with the quality and volume Rubin hair extensions provides.

rubin hair extensions in review

The best clip in hair extensions are always an investment, but one well worth making. These gorgeous, human hair locks are luxury quality. That’s what’s going to make them look like an extension of your own natural hair.

It will be exciting to see this top rated European brand continue to take over the world as they offer their luxury quality extensions in more and more countries. Very happy to have had the opportunity to welcome them the the US market.

You can shop their clip in hair extensions selection online, and if you try them out – please do share your experiences!

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Rubin Extensions. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

rosemary beach summer home

the most perfect day at Rosemary Beach, Florida

Just be. Sit. Inhale. Exhale with your entire body so that it can refill on nothing but the sea-filled air. This is the moment you’ve been holding your breath for. A single wisp of cloud moves ever so slowly with the late summer breeze. The sound of waves crashing is all that breaks the silence.

rosemary beach access


Welcome to Panama City Beach, Florida. Not quite the tourist trap as Miami, not the cultural experience of Bali or Costa Rica. Only simple, uncomplicated beauty lies on the horizon. This place is one to relax. It is the time to enjoy a moment of complete stillness.

vacation rental properties at rosemary beach florida


A small entourage of comrades join together to enjoy this extended weekend getaway. We’re all here for the same reason. Where the beach is, happiness ensues. At that bliss is all that fills our hearts.

We dreamt up this moment for what feels like an eternity. The 5-day sanctuary from our daily lives has begun. The escape to the beach was a success, and we’re so, so ready.

beach front properties at rosemary beach florida vacation home



What’s different this year? No lists, no sites to see, no activities to arrange – this trip is about letting go. There are plenty of memories to be made traveling the world. Today, this endless beach is not one of them.

The warm sand feels to comforting. The sea feels so encompassing. Just a few short miles away from the “best” beaches in the area, we’re able to enjoy a luxury experience on the private access point of Rosemary Beach.

Crabby Steve’s Highpointe is the only point of access on the quite beach for seafood bites and cold drinks. The atmosphere, casual and relaxed. The lobster rolls were piled with meaty pieces. The chilled shrimp were only outdone by the rum-topped Piña coladas. All were just the refreshing treat and break from the afternoon sun we needed.

rosemary beach

IMAGE CRED: Somers & Co.

A mixed crowd of summer home dwellers and bachelorette parties lined the bar stools. We sat, ate, drank and enjoyed what the beautiful day had to offer.

Never underestimate the power of time to truly get away. For me, this trip was life changing – an escape long overdue. A reminder to all in this era, don’t forget to unplug.

how to wear clear perspex heels

3 ways to wear clear perspex heels

Clear perspex heels are in for fall 2020 fashion. You may remember the craze for clear lucite heels back in 2018. This year the artificial transparency has moved from block heels to feminine sandals with perspex design elements.

how to wear black perspex heelsblack perspex heels mules

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | all clear perspex heels c/o:EGO OFFICIAL

What is perspex

Perspex is a form of acrylic that can be formed into sheets that are flexible enough to use as a fashion material. It has a high gloss, transparent surface much like it’s plastic cousin. You may have heard of it more in its most dense form, plexiglass.

clear perspex mules

While it’s hard to imagine plexiglass being used for shoe material, perspex is actually comfortable enough. It has the texture of a heavy-duty vinyl or synthetic leather.

Being in the acrylic family, perspex does not breath. When the trend came in last fall for perspex boots, there were some challenges from the fashion industry with the air flow of style causing “fogging” on the inside of the shoes.

The good news is, when perspex shoes are open toe, these sandals dodge the breathability issue, making them much more wearer-friendly.

instagram feature of perspex shoes

Examples of clear perspex heels

For this example of clear perspex heels, the lovely ladies of Ego Shoes were kind enough to gift me a few pairs to illustrate the trend. I selected styles that feature varying amounts of perspex on each style. As you scroll down, you’ll find black perspex heels as mules with a completely transparent upper. Other styles include a thong lace-up sandal with a perspex band and open toe sandals with just a small perspex detail.

examples of clear perspex shoes

For fast fashion trends, Ego Official shoes are always one of the first on the trend, with a few selections in the biggest fall fashion trends to choose from. I’ve worn their shoes a few times in the past if you’d like to check out more of this Australian brand’s styles.

Without further adieu, here are a few ways to wear them.

Wear mule black perspex heels casual

For the first look, I’ve styled a pair of black perspex mules with a casual, denim-on-denim look. The fun part of this style, the upper is totally transparent, so it gives your feet a look of balancing on a thin black heel.

clear perspex shoes casual denimbarely there perspex shoes

It’s a sort of sexy take on the trend, reminiscent of black-line thigh highs and barely there style. Since the shoes are already so bare, they’re great to wear with more covered-up looks as well.

If you don’t feel like any shoe is right for your outfit, go for a 100% clear pair of perspex shoes. It’s like cinderella, only better.

Wear perspex heels dressed up

Perspex heels pair well with formal looks as well. For this second look, I’ve paired these perspex heels with a sheer, nude dress. The wide perspex band keeps the thong straps in place, making it more secure to walk in without being noticeable.

nude dress with perspex thongsego official review of clear perspex heels

This is a great wear to wear barely-there thongs without the discomfort of narrow bands digging into your feet. This pair is lace-up, so you can wind them up your ankles for a little extra sex appeal. Lace them tight! As they slide down during the day, you might find yourself in a misfit accident.

luxury fashion blogger sleeping with white dogdior saddle back and perspex heels

The Dior saddle bag is an even bigger trend for fall 2020 (more on that coming soon). This outfit needed only a touch of luxury, so the saddle bag in white did the trick.

Where perspex as a subtle design element

In this last look the perspex is barely noticeable. These block-heeled Ego Official shoes have just a narrow strip of perspex at the toe band.

white perspex heels

When you look closely, it’s a nice added touch of shine to your look. What I love about this pair is the comfort they add to the otherwise very narrow toe straps that could bite into your toes otherwise.

thin band of perspex heels

For this look, I have paired these square to perspex shoes with a white shirtdress. Appropriate for office or evening wear, this style is versatile and chic. Wear your hair back for in the office, and let it down for cocktails after.

fashion blogger with dog

Bonus tip: When wearing affordable fast fashion, pair it with luxury accessories to elevate the look. Also, try going tonal for a forgiving style that allows the eyes to see the overall picture rather than scrutinizing the details.

all white fashion trend fall 2020

Want to try the trend? You can shop Ego Official for an array of new clear perspex heels on their site. Naizak approves. For more styling inspo, you can check out how celebrities like Kylie Jenner are wearing perspex heels on People Mag.

all white outfit with perspex heels


In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, all shoes were gifted from Ego Official, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!