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baby it’s cold outside, but at least we look good doin’ it

Confession of a fashionista, I hate winter. Not dislike, nor do I find it disagreeable. I loath it entirely. The cold, the snow, defrosting my car in the mornings, shoveling the sidewalk, winter fashion, wearing so many layers I feel like an over-stuffed burrito – no thank you. Though I was able to escape the first of the year on a tropical adventure to Bali, I still came home to a fair amount of the season’s harshest.

Attempting a mental escape, I decided to have some fun with fashion, regardless of the relentless snow fall. My lifesaving piece, this xllullan winter coat. Think modern art splashed onto your childhood comforter – sewn into a luxury winter coat. It’s perfect. Just what I needed to save me from the worst of the season. The best part, it’s actually so warm, I was able to getaway with some more-than daring trends of the season.

luxury brand xllullan winter coatxllullan winter coat

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | winter coat c/o:XLLULLAN | over the knee boots c/o:EGO OFFICIAL | criss cross bralette c/o:ADORE ME


How to look cute in the cold? Layers. And in this look, I’ve paired together some of my absolute favorite trends for 2018 fashion. Thick, opaque black tights and over-the-knee boots allowed me to get away with wearing a vinyl miniskirt even in the 40 degrees and melting snow. Vinyl fashion has made a huge debut in the fashion world this past year, and I couldn’t resist pulling it out to heat up the look. I have probably a half-dozen pair of OTK boots, and these are one of my favs – a steal from EGO official. The sock boot style makes them hug your legs while still being able to stretch over skinny jeans for more casual style.

Sheer everything is also a statement style of the season, but can be hard to pair with winter fashion. This black sheer crop with criss-cross bralette shown underneath was actually toasty warm under my blanket of a coat. Plus, when it came to cocktail hour in the evening, I was fully prepared. You can shop the brnalette style at Adore Me, and be sure to stay tuned for my Instagram story series featuring my Valentine’s day picks!

adore me bralette and sheer top

The trend no minimalist fashion blogger can miss out on this season – the newsboy cap. I picked up this one online from TopShop, but you can also find similar styles anywhere from Forever21 to top luxury fashion brands. It not only added a vintage European flair to the look, it also kept the icicles from forming in my hair during my bout outdoors.

How do you find balance between warmth, comfort and winter fashion? Here’s to staying toasty no matter the method to your madness, and may Spring arrive soon!

mcq black leather corset

the black leather corset, MCQ by Alexander McQueen

Playing the bad-girl with the dark side of fashion alongside slick vinyl pants and asymmetrical braids, the black leather corset is back, and more fierce than ever. The reemergence of grunge is hitting mainstream with a force. From daring fashion trends to pop culture like Taylor Swift’s rebirth in Reputation – as always – the strong bond between lifestyle and fashion is evident. Are you ready for it?

It’s time to live fearlessly, embracing your boldest self, never backing down.

Dominating the streets from traditional bone-lined corsets to corset belts, shirts, dresses and accessories, it’s clear mainstream is about to be overcast by an apocalyptic rush of dark, lace-up bad girl style surging through with a vengeance. And what’s worse, we’re going to like it.

top corset picks


fashion blogger wearing a black leather corset

photography:BECCA ESHLEMAN | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | black leather corset c/o:IFCHIC

Designer labels absolutely killing the corset trend

Some of the labels doing it right? Alexander McQueen has always been a luxury fashion leader in underground trends, along with labels like All Saints, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang and more. Not only do these represent some of my favorite brands of all time, now is their time to shine. In a world where the dark light is bright as the daylight, the rebels take the stage.

Unable to resist the lure of the dark side, I found this MCQ black leather corset by Alexander McQueen on ifchic – the perfect piece to dabble in the water with the bad girls without going overboard.

black leather corset

Where to get a black leather corset

Ifchic has been a go-to source for many of my essential luxury fashion pieces, and currently offer a few different corset belt styles. While it’s easy to stock up on trendy fashion pieces from outlet stores or mid-tear brands, pieces that are going to get a lot of wear time are worth the investment, and I plan to give this black leather corset plenty of wear before its time is done. They take a curated approach to luxury fashion, so it’s always easy for me to find exactly the pieces that fit my style.

MCQ leather corset review

This MCQ leather corset is sleek and seductive, with a unique stretch-leather side panel feature that also makes it a much more comfortable selection for your dark urges compared to boned corsets (trust me, I’ve tried). It has a back zipper for fastening so you won’t be needing to cinch up your corset with every wear. A black corset is a timeless piece, and in actuality I’ve been wearing the trend for several years with a traditional corset in the past – so this was an easy choice as an investment piece vs. a trendy spend. It’s shorter than a traditional corset, making it fit neatly around the midsection; while being wider than a corset belt, making it the ideal piece for that jaw-dropping edge you’ve been craving. The leather is butter soft and enticing, and the lace-up cords are sturdy with a low-gloss finish.

stretchy leather corset

How to wear a corset belt

Want to play but not sure how to style a corset? You don’t have to go all s&m in fishnet, messy hair and smudged makeup to wear a corset (or you can ;). But in the spirit of fashion, corsets are actually quite acceptable as an outer layer if you’re bold enough. Wear them over a tailored blouse or jacket if you’re not sure if you’re quite comfortable. The combination looks surprisingly sophisticated, with just a touch of defiance. I’ve worn this MQC leather corset over a white silk dress for a look that’s slightly more suggestive, while maintaining a minimal chic vibe. Even more bold? Wear it over a plunging low-neck blouse or a rocker T with cutoff shorts to fully embrace grunge fashion.

minimalist fashion blogger corset

The key to rocking a corset (as with any bold fashion choices) is to wear it with confidence, and rock your bad-girl vibe proudly no matter how you choose to style it.

Ready to invest in a corset belt to layer over your minimal fashion pieces? Embrace your reputation, and check out ifchic for some luxury fashion pieces making the trend that much more irresistible.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with IFCHIC. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

mobs footwear review

luxury footwear for the modern nomad

Sleek lines, tonal hues, architectural silhouettes – a sharp, directional line runs boldly from heel to toe, seemingly thrusting the style in a forward direction. There’s no looking back. Cool. Casual. Ultra luxe. Meet MOBS and their line of luxury footwear, redefining world-class sneakers for everyday style.

mobs moc review

photography:JOEY PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | shoes c/o:MOBS


There are certain brands, through a combination of minimal aesthetics and modern lines, that resonate deeply with the core of your being that drives your fashion and lifestyle choices. MOBS is one of those brands. Somehow blurring the line between contemporary art and timeless style, their capsule collection of visually-unisex sneakers are an unmatched level of understated greatness.

In this MOBS footwear review, I will cover MOBS unique mission statement, the features that make the shoes more than ordinary, and three ways to style their most popular styles.

About MOBS footwear

Mobility, Optimism, Beauty and Soul [MOBS] define the brand’s unique mission, creating an experience and movement specific to them. They understand we live in a culture driven by global understanding, and drive with the force of that movement. Their designs go beyond style, possessing a profound functionality achieved through technology and smarter materials. They see the world full of opportunities, and pursue beauty in all forms while inspiring others to discover their true modern self.

mobs blogger reviewmobs tread boot review

Empowered by their undertaking, I’m eager and delighted share my partnership with MOBS footwear, sharing their mission and our story of innovative, experiential fashion.

MOBS women’s collection

From their capsule collection, I have styled three looks in three of their iconic styles – tread high in white, tread moc in black, and tread boot in black. Their current collection of MOBS women’s shoes also consists of a low sneaker for those who prefer an update on a classic silhouette.

mobs tread high review

MOBS features

With athleisure taking over the fashion landscape, it’s difficult to discover brands providing something fresh and new to the market. I’m so excited to have discovered MOBS filling the white space with modern, unique silhouettes, tonal hues and architectural lines. Their sneakers are more than ordinary. From sole to toe, you’ll find layers of subtle detailing that makes the collection stand out as a luxury leader in women’s sport-casual sneakers.

MOBS unique features include:

  • Premium leathers and materials
  • Contrasting sole
  • Flexible traction outsole
  • Footbed cushioning
  • Imprinted architectural lines
  • Perforation details
  • Hidden and artisanal stitching
  • Tonal laces
  • Embossed MOBS star logo

The tire tread detail on the sole is by far one of my favorite features, a subtle contrasting accent that actualizes MOBS forward thinking and innovative design. The use of premium luxury materials is evident, and the tonal cotton laces give the shoes a strong, modern edge.

3 ways to wear MOBS shoes

Inspired by MOBS clean, architectural lines, I’ve opted for three looks which combine a mix of feminine and masculine pieces for a final outcome that is surprising, deliberate and free.

mobs tread boot in blackminimalist fashion blogger reviews mobs

This first look blends all white in contrast with a luxury leather biker jacket and the tread boot in black for an outcome that’s both feminine and hard in unison. The tread boot is a sort of hybrid between a high-top sneaker and combat boot, giving it a distinctly edgy vibe. For those who can’t be bothered with laces, there is an inner zipper closure that makes the wear surprisingly effortless. In black, the black tread design contrasts sharply with the sport white sole, giving it a sort of viper appearance. Skirts and combat boots are a forever-rebel combo, and had me feeling empowered to dominate the day.

mobs moc in black reviewmobs fashion blogger on the runmonochrome fashion

Mixing it up, this second MOBS sneaker look plays off of the luxury tread moc’s tailored leather upper. The fanned fringe is inspired by the modern nomad, and the velcro ankle strap makes it an especially effortless style. Following the trend of no trends, I’ve paired the sport-tailored moc with sporty athletic joggers, a basic essential tee, and the same leather jacket for an unexpected layer. These mocs worked perfectly into my everyday, casual style for running errands and catching afternoon meetings in a confident, athleisure style.

mobs high top in whiteminimalist fashion blogger

For the feminine minimalist, this last look is MOBS tread high in white contrasting an otherwise completely monochrome look in stone grey. The casual cotton and knit materials create a soft backdrop allowing the luxurious all white leather to shine. The style is great for weekend casual and cozy musings. The tread high is a laceup sneaker with perforated details and a sort of origami ankle silhouette that give it an especially global-sporty look.

mobs blog reviewmobs on the move

MOBS review

The MOBS collection moves me from the inside out, and I hope it moves you the same way. Their innovative approach to technical, functional footwear in modern, luxurious designs had me thinking of athleisure in a totally new and fresh way. Let me know your favorite pair, and how you like to mixup your collection of sporty wear with your minimal, luxury wardrobe. Check out their site to view their entire collection of MOBS shoes for men and women, and adventure forever, in modern footwear designed for the global nomad.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with MOBS. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

ravella silk review

Ravella silk review in winter whites

Soft, subtle, and velvety-smooth to the touch – silk remains a go-to selection for luxury fashion pieces for women around the world. With meticulous craftsmanship in manufacturing at a high thread count for maximum luster and beauty, it’s also remained a challenge to attain quality silk pieces at an affordable price range for everyday wear. Fret no more. I’ve partnered with Ravella to introduce you to a new line of silk wear that’s as carefully crafted as highly-sought luxury brands, at a price range you can afford to stock your wardrobe with.

In this Ravella silk review, I will be sharing my experience with the brand, my thoughts on the quality of material and designs, and a few key features that make Ravella silk innovative in the fashion market.

ravella silk blouse review

wearing ravella silk blouse

photography:JOEY PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | silk blouse c/o:RAVELLA

First, here’s a bit about the brand

Ravella is a modern luxury brand specializing in 100% silk products, offering a capsule collection of blouses and silk tops. Named after a coastal town in Italy, Ravella is inspired from a name meaning “to rebel” in Italian. Their vision and mission is to provide fashion the re-defines rules, providing quality clothing at an assessable price-range, made by women, for women.

closeup of ravella silk blouse

Ravella provides luxury-grade silk at attainable prices

Without layers, Ravella works directly with the world’s best silk mills and factories to bring you luxurious silk directly, cutting out the middle man and the markup that’s involved. Their marketing and corporate lingo is fresh and cheeky, making them an experiential brand with a relaxed personality.

“Creating the perfect wardrobe starts with the right ingredients. Effortlessly chic essentials that last? Check. Versatility and comfort? Check. Check. Respectful of your time and style? You bet. Let’s be real. We know you’ve got things to do, places to be, and dreams to achieve. That’s why we’re here to help. We provide the clothes that light a match underneath your passions, allowing you to blaze your own trails.” – Ravella

The story of the silk

Of course, what makes the brand stand out even more is the quality of their 100% ultra-premium silk. Silk is a bit like sheets – the higher the thread count (or in this case the higher the density), the more luxurious experience you can expect. Ravella uses  21mm of silk, a density that is only matched by some of fashion’s most luxury brands. They manufacture charmeuse silk, which is designed to flow and drape over your body with a particular luster you don’t find in low-grade silks.

ravella silk lustercloseup of ravella silk

You can expect a buttery feel to the touch, in a material dense enough to avoid easily snagging when your handling the silk for wear. The finish has a sort of glow, that reminds you of youth’s healthy skin, or the finish of a high-quality sea-pearl. It’s breezy, light and comfortable, and allows the right amount of breathing during wear.

My favorite feature – Ravella silk is machine washable

What? I know. You just spilled your coffee all over your keyboard and blouse. Too bad you weren’t wearing Ravella. The most innovative feature of the brand’s signature silks, is that you’ll finally be able to enjoy the luxury material, without having to make frequent pitstops at the dry cleaners. Save the time, worry and (as Ravella says)… “save the cash for a martini. You’re welcome.”

ravella silk street stylemachine washable silk

About the look

For the purpose of this Ravella review, they provided me with their Milano silk blouse in blanc white. It’s a sort of a vanilla ice-cream-white, with a pearly opaque luster. It has a classic blouse fit, great for office or relaxed wear around town. Since it’s machine washable, I won’t just be saving this luxury silk blouse for special occasions. The buttons are gold and rounded, giving it a sort of minimal, dressy appearance. For this look, I’ve paired it with white jeans for a winter-white combination that’s airy and modern.

Ravella silk collection

With their site newly launched, you’ll be able to shop 4 unique looks in Ravella’s silk collection – including 2 blouses, 1 tank, and one t-shirt length shirt. They come in a variety of classic shades including skyway blue, midnight navy, caviar black and more. The assortment is just enough to cover all of your luxury silk essentials, and is a great one-stop shop for grabbing a few pieces to fill your wardrobe gaps in luxurious silk staples.

ravella silk review recap

Ravella silk review

Overall, I have been impressed with Ravella’s innovative leaps in luxury fashion, and their modern, comfortable approach to providing wardrobe staples for every woman. Their silk can only be compared to the most luxurious pieces in my wardrobe, and their brand motto is one I’m proud to support.

If you’re in the market to update your silk essentials, shop their limited release on with exclusive first-access now to take advantage of the special pre-order prices. Ravella also makes a great gift if you’re looking for something special for the women on your holiday shipping list!

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Ravella. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

luxury fashion gift guide

luxury holiday gift guide for her

Trying to get a head start on Christmas shopping? If you’re like me, it’s not going to happen. But there are a few perks of being a fashion blogger, and one of them is discovering some really incredible new brands with unique, luxury products that are make gifting during the holiday season a total breeze. Who new there were so many companies doing such amazing things!

I remember before I started blogging, scrounging for last minute ideas on dozens of “holiday gift guides”, “gifts for her”, “luxury gift ideas” and more – only to be recommended some cheap office do-dads, some kind of zen sandbox-thing, and other equally bazaar gifts that any normal human being would never consider owning in real life.

Now, I have the opportunity to try so many incredible products throughout the year, that by the time Christmas rolls around, I can hardly wait to grab doubles of my favorites for friends and family. Here is my “for her” luxury holiday gift guide 2017, with a few of my top picks for affordable luxe gifts that are perfect for getting or gifting.

Best quarterly subscription package gift

For the girl that has it all, and you’re not really sure what to get her

happy rebel box

Simple. Edgy. Modern. Luxe. That’s their statement and no one here is arguing. I don’t know why more people don’t take advantage of subscription services for gifts. It’s something that’s not only fun to receive on Christmas Day, it keeps on giving throughout the year. I’ve gifted wine subscriptions, European design magazines, cigar and whisky packets – you name it. Because they’re customized to fit a certain audience and are often semi-consumable, they’re also great for those people on your list that just seem to have it all. This past year, I discovered Happy Rebel Box, a luxury subscription box that has had me drooling over every package they’ve sent. From fun home goods like unique servings bowls and knitted blankets to those huge roundie towels that are ever popular right now, Happy Rebel Box curates hand-selected lifestyle pieces directly to your door. What I love about them – they find some really unique pieces that you never would have thought of, but then when you get them you’re like… “oh, yeah that’s cool.” They sent me some jumbo, black-tipped matches with a skull on the box which somehow made me feel so good just lighting a candle. I have also received a plexi and rose gold desk set with stapler, tape dispenser and gold scissors that still adorn my desk to this day. If you want to try a subscription gift idea, I highly recommend.

Silk essentials

For the minimalist who believes in less is more, and has an eye for quality pieces

ravella silk

You can never go wrong with silk. Less is more, and Ravella does an excellent job providing minimal essentials to the market. Ravella is a luxury fashion company specializing in fabulous silk essentials at an attainable price. Their pieces have a velvety, buttery smooth feel to the touch that you’d expect in high-price luxury, but you’ll be surprised at their more reasonable price range.

“Our clothes are 100% pure, ultra-premium silk, made with only the fancy, top-grade stuff. They are handcrafted by the same folks as the top luxury brands (think PFW) that usually charge $500 – $1,000 at Bergdorf and Saks. Ours go for only $135 – $225.” – Ravella

They pay a great attention to detail, which is key in minimal designs. This piece (the Milano blouse) is 100% pure silk and features dainty, rounded gold buttons and a cut that gracefully drapes over your body. Their new site has just launched, and for a limited time they’re offering access to the pre-sale price of $160 ($35 off) for orders placed by Dec 17, just in time to gift or get for Christmas.

Occasion and cocktail bags

For the feminine girl who’s looking for something unique

farrah and sloane bag

Looking for a luxury gift idea that’s totally out of the box? Consider a bag. FARRAH + SLOANE is an Australian label making waves in the fashion community by “Steering away from commercial bag design options” and pursuing a gap in the market of very unique cocktail bags with an edge (FARRAH + SLOANE). Their iconic styles feature feet of silky tassels swaying romantically with every move. They’re lightweight, and designed to fit comfortably on an arm while balancing a Cosmo. The signature ring-band make them almost a sort of jewelry hybrid. I have a couple pieces from their collection, my favorite being a black, studded clutch with flowing black tassels. Today I welcome a new member to the family – great for an upcoming tropical vacation on my holiday calendar. This is a great luxury present for her any time of the year.

luxury bag

Statement jewelry

For the edgy-chic girl who loves travel, fashion, festivals, and always accessorizes

statement necklaces

Sticks and Stones has some incredible, luxe bohemian jewelry that are not only Insta-fabulous, but also make great gifts. Unlike many costume jewelry finds you may order online, their pieces are handmade in India, with a heavy-metal  feel in hand. They are bold, beautiful, and intricate – and can be worn casual or formal depending on how you style them. I brought one of their pieces on my last trip to Cancun and it adopted a really sort of tropical aura. This new piece is going to be another new favorite of mine from their latest collection. Their pieces have sort of a dreamy, wanderlust vibe with an almost romantic edge. They also have expanded their collection to some equally badass bags, so if your girl is constantly on the go, they could make a great holiday grab.

sticks and stones style

Australian clothing label

For the global girl who’s bored of American fashion labels


If you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge fan of Australian labels. Why? Their fashion is unique, luxurious and feminine – while still being perfectly understandable in the US. One of my absolute favorite destination for Australian fashion pieces is Prem the Label. I don’t think I’ve owned a piece from them I didn’t love. Their speciality is in the unique cuts, luxurious materials, carefully executed embellishments and excellent craftsmanship at an affordable price tag. If the girl on your gift list seems bored with her current options in the US, this is going to be her new obsession. If you’re not comfortable picking out clothes, they’ve also just launched an accessories collection that’s to die for.

Casual everyday fashion

For the girl next door who adores the classics and requires comfort

parker smith jeans

Sometimes being surrounded in a world of high-fashion can be exhausting. For the girl that wants to kick back and relax in style, Parker Smith designs and produces some of the most comfortable denim on the planet, made in Los Angeles, CA. LA totally knows whats up with jeans, and Parker Smith is no exception. We all know your favorite pair of is all about the fabric and the fit. Parker Smith features soft, super stretchy denim that hugs your voluptuous or straight curves just right way. Their new designs feature some fun details like fray hems and patchwork designs, and they’ve quickly become a celebrity favorite being spotted frequently on Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Aniston and more. Refinery29 did an exclusive article titled “Gigi Hadid Has Been Wearing This New Denim Brand Constantly” and called Parker Smith “The Best Denim Brand You Probably Don’t Know About.” When people with limitless options are gravitating towards one denim brand, that’s when you know they’re good.

Beauty grabs gift ideas

For the beauty lovers who take time to care for their bodies inside and out


Though they are self-stately “not pretty, beautiful, pampering, or luxury – I couldn’t create a holiday gift guide for her without including Dermologica, since I recently gifted my mom some of their products and she’s been absolutely raving about them. Crowned the number 1 choice of skin care from professionals worldwide, Dermologica focuses on the science of beauty creating products with specifically sourced ingredients to bring your skin results. To me, luxury means many things, but when it comes to skin, luxurious skin starts with the right care, not with high-price tag products. So in my book, Dermologica is just the right kind of luxury skin care that makes it great for getting or gifting. My mom has noticed a significant reduction in pores since she started using their facial scrub just a couple months back, and I have noticed a more even skin tone from their moisturizers. If you’re looking for a beauty grab that’s going to do some good, grab Dermologica. They also make great stocking stuffers!

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post by some of the featured brands. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!