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best maison margiela replica fragrance (I’ve tried all of them)

There’s just something about finding the perfect fragrance to suit your mood. It’s like a little hint of luxury that everyone can afford. Just like fashion, it sets a tone, evokes memories, and inspires moments.

I’m quite fairly obsessed with the Maison Margiela Replica fragrances. Having my first taste for the brand back in 2019, I’ve since shared reviews of some of my favorite fragrances, stories of my pup Naizak rolling in her favorite scents, as well as recommended Maison Margiela replica fragrances in multiple luxury gift guides.

Beyond that, the cult following has spread to my closest circle of friends, who have often commented and converted to Replica scents as their own favorites.

What is the best maison margiela fragrance

But what is the best Replica scent? 

After several messages of inquiry I’ve received both personally and through the blog, I’ve decided to share this replica perfume review to briefly cover some of the finer notes of each of my personal favorites, and what you can expect to experience if you opt for a Replica perfume of your own.

Maison Margiela’s Replica Eau de Toilette collection currently consists of around sixteen fragrances. Of those, I have experienced nearly all, aside from 2-3.

And not just the mini discovery size. I mean the full-bottle, full experience of each including the latest Autumn Vibes, Matcha Meditation, By the Fireplace, Jazz Club, Under the Lemon Tree, Beach Walk, Bubble Bath, Music Festival, Springtime in a Park, Whispers in the Library and Sailing Day. 

maison margiela replica bubble bath perfume

Each have their own charm, but I’m often asked, which is the absolute best Replica scent I’ve had so far.

Well I’m about to spill all, following a brief disclaimer statement – as the fundamental olfactive notes consistently emerge, perfumes will manifest uniquely as they bond with your own body’s chemistry. So what may smell one way to me, might smell a bit different on you. However, I’ve done my best to share some of the finer notes that seem to resonate on myself as well as others I have shared the fragrances with in the past. Without further adieu, let’s dive in.

maison margiela replica autumn vibes
image cred: maison margiela

Best Replica scent for fall: Autumn Vibes

The best Maison Margiela fragrance for fall – let’s hear it for their latest release, Autumn Vibes. A “pure moment of escape and gathering” (Maison Margiela), Autumn Vibes couldn’t be more appropriately named. When you think of leaves crunching softly under your feet and that scent of fresh, earthy air – this is what you’ll be dreaming of.

Just last week we went on a day hike through Cole Mountain on the Appalachian Trail, just as the leaves here have started to turn and fall. My husband literally stopped in his tracks to remark, “it smells just like your new perfume out here.” His reference of course, was an ode to the latest delivery of Replica Autumn Vibes that had arrived just days before.

maison margiela replica autumn vibes review

If I could describe the scent, it has a deep woodsy, cedar undertone with a fresh, almost sweet and peppery top note, which I’m assuming comes from the pink peppercorn, cardamon and coriander essence. It has a sort of sister scent to By the Fireplace, which has a similar woodsy vibe, but more of a smokey olfactory note. (Which by the way, is another cult favorite of mine, more on that later). Both are excellent unisex fragrances, so you can share with your partner.

maison margiela replica sailing day
image cred: maison margiela

Best Maison Margiela fragrance for everyday: Sailing Day

Why do I say for everyday? Well considering it was my first bottle to run quite low, it’s clear it’s what I gravitate towards most regularly. Sailing Day is light and fresh, and has a hint of ocean air with salty ambergris undertones.

Unlike many fresh scents, it doesn’t have an overly perfumy or floral scent, making it a great selection for those with a more sensitive sense of smell (like myself). It makes me feel clean and energized, and is my go to for office and daytime activities. 

maison margiela replica by the fireplace review
image cred: maison margiela

Best Replica scent for an evening out: By the Fireplace

Ok you got me, I’m a little partial to the woodsy smells. Similar to Autumn vibes, By the Fireplace has a sort of outdoorsy, woodsy smell. But with a more smokey undertone. Why I like it for an evening out? In all honesty, I’d have to admit it’s because it may be because it’s one of my absolute favorite fragrances of all time. But aside from my personal bias, it has a warm, welcoming scent reminiscent of campfire nights that gives off a sort of homey, alluring fragrance. It’s perfect for an evening spent on a rooftop bar gathered by a stone fireplace – glass of wine in hand of course.

maison margiela other fragrances

Most energizing Replica fragrances to charge the night: Under the Lemon Tree or Matcha Tea

Prefer a more energizing scent for your late night adventures? Opt for something fresh and citrusy to really charge the night like Under the Lemon Trees or Matcha Meditation. Both zesty, invigorating fragrances exude an exhilarating freshness. Perfect for luring your late night prey.

maison margiela replica whispers in the library review
image cred: maison margiela

Best Replica fragrance for a romantic night in: Whispers in the Library

Don’t let the name deceive you, Whispers in the Library is a little more sensual than it sounds. The smell is soft and sweet, with just the right amount of musk. And is that a touch of vanilla I smell? It’s the kind of scent that makes you want to graze the skin of the person wearing it just to inhale the fragrance more deeply, and I’ve found it have the same effect on men and women alike. Watch out house partners, or anyone who dare come close. I don’t hold myself responsible for what may happen next…

Best Replica fragrance for a romantic night in: Whispers in the Library

For all those that have asked or just stumbled upon it, I hope you find this Replica perfume review helpful in your selection of your next luxury fragrance.

They are truly masters of evoking emotions and memories through their unique collection of iconic scents. If you so happen to be intrigued, you can browse the whole collection on Maison Margiela’s fragrance site. If you’re looking for more ways to unwind through Replica’s romantic mix of aromas, they also have a range of candles featuring some of their best selling scents.

Maison Margiela Replica candels

all we need is time

The sunset was reflecting a spectrum if iridescent hues in the traffic paint. A softened depiction of the vibrant sky above. That’s when I knew I was dreaming again. And what a feeling. Like a cool spray of sea quenching a desert soul. 

I have learned a lot during this past year of accosted endeavors and ceaseless pursuits. The most life changing of which – work can be the most devastating sabotage of progress if it consumes time beyond its purpose. 

We should all pursue growth. Attack life with ferocity that overcomes challenges, and discipline ourselves enough to accomplish even the most arduous tasks. But, we must never let that consume us. Or else, you risk losing everything – even the outcome you so earnestly pursued from the start. 

We are all human. As such, we’ve been created with an innate desire to learn and grow. But, when we channel our vision, we loose sight of the inspiration around us. We forget to breath. We don’t pause to listen, to learn. 

There’s a point where pursuit becomes the antithesis of progress.

While I cannot begin to assume where that line is for everyone, I urge you to discover your own. You can accomplish everything, but it takes time. Time is one of the most valued possessions on earth, and it is one we do not own. Don’t take it for granted. And wield what you have in wisdom. 

Decide what is the most important to you. Spend time on that, while it is still yours.

For me, I give a nod to the year past – and to a society that breathes for self-fulfillment in endless pursuit. For me, I will keep dreaming. I will bask in the ever inspiring beauty of God’s creation. I will pursue what is right, above worth. And I will be spending my time reveling in the most of these – love.

“I just need
A little time to show you I’m worth it
I know that I can be a difficult person
I’m a stress case drive you up the wall when I’m workin’
Actually I’m prolly worse when I’m not you don’t deserve it
Make you nervous ’cause you know I’ma break soon
Every time I do I say something that hurts you
Actin’ like I’m gone, but we both in the same room
I don’t like to be wrong which I know you relate to
And I know I make you feel like you’re at the end of your road
That’s when I look at you and tell you I’d be better alone
That’s just the pride talkin’ isn’t it cause both of us know
I’m the definition of wreck if you look into my soul
Comes out the most
When I feel I’m in a vulnerable place
Made a lot of mistakes
I wish I knew how to erase
When I’m afraid
Might get distant, and I push you away
But no matter the case
I’ma do whatever it takes
Even if
Even if we both break down tonight
And you say you hate me
And we go to bed angry
I know everything will be alright
I’ll be here waiting
I promise I’m changing
I just need time”

– NF, Time

typology paris review | personalized skincare with all natural, simple ingredients

As some of you may know, I’m quite particular as to what I put on my skin. Skincare is so critical, and ensuring well moisturized, pampered skin can keep you young for years. I’ve recently found a skincare routine that I’m quite fond of, but I’m also on ever on the lookout for new and interesting brands and products, while trying to manage a minimal “inventory” of my favorite products to support a more minimalist lifestyle. When Typology reached out offering a

personalized skincare regiment, with products that contained as little as 5 ingredients,

I couldn’t refuse. A few months later, after I’ve had the chance to consistently use the products for several weeks, and wanted to share this Typology Paris review.

my personalized skincare routine | typology paris skincare review

Before we begin, let’s talk about how and why the future of skincare and beauty is all about personalization.

As consumers increasingly seek out beauty solutions suited to their specific needs, there has never been a greater need for personalization. Everyone has unique skin, so why create products that only tailor to one specific kind of skin or problem? The concept of personalization in any field is becoming more popular due to the influx of information online and the ability to receive feedback or consumer data. Social media has also played a major role by informing people about what their beauty needs should be.

in my beauty bag  | typology paris skincare review

We know more about our skin than ever before. Skincare has never been a one-size-fits-all product, and now, more than ever, we are waking up to this idea. 

Typology Paris is a radical new skincare brand that focuses on eradicating impossible expectations and suspect chemicals. They wanted to take an autonomous approach by working from the ground up. Typology Paris built an online-only, direct to customer model,

which meant they could sell premium products with the highest quality ingredients at a great price.

natural incredients | typology paris skincare review

Their philosophy is not to add anything to their products, but instead to make them stand out. Typology distills each formula down to the most essential, natural, and active ingredients. When going to try out typology, you must complete a fairly extensive “skin test” that evaluates which products best address your skin.

Typology dedicates itself to finding the best ingredients.

“Whether in France, around Europe or further afield in search of exotic extracts, they must be sourced from sustainable farms using gentle extraction techniques.” – Typology

simple natural ingredient formulas | typology paris skincare review

The formulas are simple and effective. Typology’s formulas aren’t the only thing that’s clean and refreshing. Their packaging perfectly reflects the mission of the brand by not leaving a trace of products or their brand in the environment. “At every step of the production process, we use recyclable materials and sustainable transport.” The packaging has a beautiful, minimalist aesthetic. The same goes for their materials. They use glass for smaller packaging and recycled plastic for larger ones. 

sustainable packaging | typology paris skincare review

Typology Paris Purifying Toner

The first step in my custom skincare regiment (after a gentle wash) was the Purifying Toner with 1% Salicylic Acid. This antibacterial toner is meant to tackle dark spots and blemishes. This toner has a pH similar to that of our own skin, so works to rebalance the skin’s pH after every cleanse. In my previous morning and evening routine, I use pure rose water as my toner (also because I love the fresh scent). This one has slightly more “texture” with a gentle, clean smell.

Typology Paris Purifying Toner review
Typology Paris Purifying Toner

Typology 9 Ingredient Face Moisturizer

The typology face moisturizer is a minimalist fragrance-free moisturizer with a lightweight, non-greasy texture. This lightweight hydrating cream is comprised of just nine ingredients including organic coconut oil, sugar cane pentylene glycol, and a few other natural ingredients. I love this moisturizer because it is really light, and doesn’t “set heavily” on your skin. It also comes in a tube, which is great for easy packing or throwing in a bag for midday moister.

Typology 9 Ingredient Face Moisturizer review

Typology Hydrating Cleansing Bar

The Hydrating Cleansing Bar with palmarosa is a face and body soap that nourishes the skin with a high concentration of oils and moisturizing glycerin. Weirdly enough to say about a bar soap – I’m a huge fan. It gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin without damaging trying it out, thanks to its 8% fatty acid content. Those oils and fatty acids – they really work. Unlike other bar soap, it really didn’t dry out my skin, and I skew towards more dry skin naturally. It has a pleasant, homemade sort of soap smell and texture, and honestly could be my favorite product from Typology. I used it on my face and body (with sensitive skin) and haven’t found a bar soap I like so much since.

Typology Hydrating Cleansing Bar review

Typology Radiance Night Serum

The Radiance Night Serum in Botanical blend with white rose is an overnight oil that boosts radiance and regenerates the skin while you sleep. Overnight, this serum starts cell renewal and repairs your skin. Its rapid penetration leaves a silky finish without any oily residue. The texture is a bit tacky, so if you don’t like getting your fingers sticky, you may want to opt for an alternate blend. However, the texture on my face was smooth after application.

Typology Radiance Night Serum review
Typology Radiance Night Serum review

Typology Antioxidant Serum

Next, the Antioxidant serum with 3% Ferulic Acid and 3% Resveratrol. This serum aims to improve radiance, firm skin and fight against premature aging. Use it the same way as the Vitamin C serum, and as frequently as possible for the best results. Similar to the night serum, the texture is a bit thick, but after application it settles nicely into your skin. I would say it’s difficult for me to share results since this is more of a long-term result, but the scent was pleasant and again, love that it uses fewer ingredients than traditional skincare options.

Typology Antioxidant Serum review

Typology Vitamin C Serum

The Radiance Serum with 11% Vitamin C is an active-rich serum that restores radiance to dull and tired skin. I’ve had amazing results with products that contain vitamin C thanks to the long line of skin benefits Vitamin C provides – this one was no exception. Though I had an accidental spill that left me just enough use for a couple of weeks, I did notice a lightening of my dark spots and a natural glow that I often credit to vitamin C-rich products.

Typology Vitamin C Serum review
Typology Vitamin C Serum review

The review and results after several weeks using exclusively Typology skincare products?

Typology not only creates amazing products, but also presents an option for luxury skincare at unmatched attainable prices. Typology set out to be available to everyone so they can experience personalized skincare. The future of skincare is personalization, and I loved that Typology was able to create a custom routine for me based off of my exact skincare needs.

typology paris skincare review

After several weeks of use, I noticed healthy, clear skin with a smooth even texture. A little less oily than my normal routine. I want to buy the bar soap in cases, and might shed a tear after my moisturizer runs dry. If you have sensitive or specific skin concerns and don’t want to slab on a truck load of ingredients, take the skin quiz and give your customized routine a try!

typology paris skincare review

today’s outfit inspo: the sweater vest

No filters, no effects, today’s actual outfit. After putting some thought into what I want to see @dayinmydreams represent this fall as a minimalist and luxury fashion blog,

I want to share more real life moments and fashion that isn’t just styled for a feed, but styled for life.

Today is one of my last work from home days, before I return to the office full time as marketing director of CSC. while most of this year has been a blur, I’ll tell you my 8-5 work from home style has been essentially loungewear with a blazer thrown over top.

That’s about to change as we return to the office, and I have to admit, I’m a bit excited for the shift in gears.

Lots coming for fall. Just published this fall’s trend report on key styles we’re seeing from around the globe.

Get ready for a continuation of preppy sophisticates, as well as an emergence of nature-inspired trends – largely rooted in sustainability. You can check out the full fall trend report here.

With October right around the corner, it’s already time to break out some essential pieces like this grey sweater vest. Sweater vests are making a big comeback this fall, and if you’re looking for one staple item to bolster your winter wardrobe – this is it. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this key item on the blog.

Wear a sweater vest alone (like today’s work from home outfit), or style them over blouses, under blazers, with skirts, trousers, and basically any other combination you can think of.

It’s an extremely versatile piece that can be styled preppy sophisticate, or cozy cottage depending on your pairing choices.

Today’s look is a transitional sophisticate style, paired with dress shorts from Delphine the label, and a statement Hermes belt. This is an easy home, weekend or errand combo when you want to be tailored and professional, but still comfy casual. No accessories needed, but a luxury statement belt doesn’t hurt.

(If you haven’t invested in a statement belt, it’s worth it. This one is reversible, with a removable buckle that can be swapped to combine with other Hermes items. Thank you for being functional and fashionable Hermes.)

Swap the shorts for trousers and you have a comfy, minimalist combo. As the weather gets cooler, continue to layer with a simple button down.

Come November? Throw a blazer of the top. Still chilly, get that tie sweater over your shoulders 90’s prep style, and you’ll have a look you can rotate in all season.

Want more ideas? Check out this article on POPSUGAR with more sweater vest outfit ideas.

fw21 fashion trend report

Not really sure where summer went, but after a brief hiatus for our summer wedding, fall has nearly arrived – and it’s time for a fall trend fashion report. Working in the fashion industry now for 10 years, it’s always a seasonal highlight to review just what’s new and what’s being reinvented.

image cred: @LOOKWIS

2021 proved to be another chaotic year socially and politically, which always leads to an interesting mix of fashion trends emerging across the scene globally.

A medium where people seek to express themselves through a mix of patterns, silhouettes and statement pieces, fashion is the personal expression of our society’s “climate”. As such, it’s no surprise to see a more natural mix of fall trends emerging as people seek to identify with a more simple time

Sustainability plays a dominant role across all fall fashion trends, as brands and consumers alike begin to think more about the repercussions fo their actions and purchases.

Nature has inspired many of our fall trends, from a mix of unprecedented natural materials like grasses, plastics and even mushroom leathers – to inspiring our prints with subtle florals and more natural color palettes. 

We could spend days discussing the social climate and effects on fashion, but for the sake of this FW21 fashion trend article, let’s stick strictly with the fashion, for those seeking inspiration for their fall / winter new fashion buys and styling tips.

image cred: VOGUE

Functional utilitarian style

When chaos ensues, there are those of us who seek to be prepared. In fashion, that means a flux of functional utilitarian pieces that are inspired by our very survival. What does that mean? Think utility pockets, water resistant materials, high traction lug sole rain boots and khaki trenches. 


The utilitarian fall trend utilizes many pieces that may be already in your wardrobe, and poses a fun layering challenge to combine not-overly-matched ensembles of comfortable pieces in oversized fits and neutral color palettes. The idea is to consider the purpose of our fashion, not only the aesthetic. Footwear is largely functional for this fall trend, with the double-gore rain boot as the core item for everyday footwear. For those more daring, opt for a knee-high rubber rain boot paired with your utility trend pieces.


For attire, stick with a military-inspired color palette: dark green, khaki, black, and pops of workwear orange and yellow. Key pieces include oversize leather jackets with squared boxy pockets (mid-calf grazing trench styles), utility vests, cargo pants, utility short and shirt sets, and touches of activewear.  You’ll not a distinctly European countryside flair in this season’s iteration of utility – and as such, you’ll be seeing more on Day in my dreams. 

Sophisticated prep

Thankfully, after 2020 prep is still here to stay. While we’ve evolved a bit away from Blair Waldorf (sadly) the trend is still a strong statement of American heritage with strong English European roots. I have one must-have piece for you: sweater vests. If you didn’t adopt the trend last year, you haven’t missed your chance. 

image cred: REFINERY29

Sweater vests dominate the preppy fall trends for 2021-2022 with an assortment of silhouettes from oversized to fitted crops and 70’s stripes. Pair them with wide leg trousers, baggy-fit denim, and preppy pleated skirts or suiting. The feel of the season: back to school.

image cred: @uniqdetail

Knitwear also plays a big role in this trend, with the return of knitted skirts and chunky knitted sweaters. Want more? Come back – this trend is a reoccurring favorite in the fashion sector of Day in my dreams. 

image cred: @thecarolinelin

90’s baby, Gen Z style

Gen Z leads this return of the late 90’s and early 2000’s with the fastest return of generational fashion of all time. And we’re not just talking crops and midi skirts like spring.

image cred @sofiamcoelho

We’re talking full-out, low-rise jeans, furry collars and printed pants (with slits). There’s the pieces that don’t just imply a generational throw back, they scream hey, if I was born in the 90’s… I’d be trying to make a statement. The logo trend of FW21 also plays a big part in these ensembles. Look out Millenials, Gen Z is coming for ya… and determined they can do it better.

image cred: @josefinehj

The sustainable naturalist

Sustainability might sound more like a social movement than a trend, but the truth is, the sustainable fashion scene does have a pretty defined aesthetic in and of itself. Perhaps drawn from the use of so many re-used, re-invented and up cycled pieces. Or possibly because the most sustainable consumers really do want to cut back to the basics.

image cred: HARPER’S BAZAAR

Whatever the reason, the look is easy to spot. Look for high waisted mom jeans, boxy button-down tops, denim and sporting jackets. Key items recycled into most looks include basic oversized tees, light wash or even acid wash mom jeans, and what the fashion biz calls prairie dresses. There’s a general “deliberately imperfect” rule for combinations that somehow just “work”. Colors are bright but earthy: denim blues, plant greens, navy, lily orange, and strong hints of 70’s, 80’s 90’s pop culture. 

image cred: @modeblogg

Where to shop: Goodwill, or even better… your locally owned second hand shop.

Fashion maximalist

On the contrary, after being shut-in for nearly 2 years, some of our post-coved culture has skewed in the opposite direction. Meet the fashion maximalist – so excited to return to society, they’re pulling out all the stops with their most opulent styles. Heavy all-over lace, sequins, and jewels dominate the trend with opposing colors and bold fashion accessories.

image cred: MARIE CLAIRE

These are the looks that scream, “hey, I’m into fashion”. The victorian era gets a new life with frilly puff-sleeve blouses, tulle midi skirts, body chains and some serious 20’s vibes cocktail attire. Think Dolce and Gabbana and Valentino.


Not sure if you’re ready to adopt a full fashion maximalist aesthetic? Here’s your Inso for holiday and occasion dressing.

Tonal tailoring 

Though I wouldn’t say I am a die hard minimalist, there is a certain aspect of the timeless nature of this trend.

image cred @veneti.a

Rooted in suiting and essential basics, it’s a fashion trend that really never goes out of style. We’ve seen suiting and tailoring continue in a big way in 2021, and blazers have even begun to replace some of our more standard lightweight outerwear. 

image cred: @__modus

For fall 2021 fashion trends, wear your suiting oversized, and make sure to alternate skirt and pant sets. Double row button blazers are a key essential for the die hard minimalist, along with wide-leg trousers paired with unconventional tops like crops, lingerie inspired bodices, bra tops… or no top at all.

image cred: @silvia_hare

Feeling inspired to get into your favorite FW21 fashion trends? Check back for your essential fall and winter shopping guide for key pieces that you’ll be able to cycle throughout your FW21 wardrobe.