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how to be a fashion blogger without an instagram husband

We’ve all been there. The perfect outfit lined up hanging neatly on a rack, a beautiful (warm) slightly-overcast day that’s screaming “take photos” all leading up to… no photographer. The dread. And as many of you know, keeping up with a blog isn’t as easy as it looks… Hours can be spent poured over one post – and throw in a wrench like that – the blogging game can be seriously thrown out of whack. (If only we could clone ourselves…)

With the viral video “Instagram Husband” I was forced a slight chuckle imagining so many similar scenarios in which I and my photographer had similarly sacrificed normal life for the sake of just the right shot. What would I do without him… sigh.

Until that one day… he decides to go on vacation – and I am without him. The blog must go on, and though it was a bit of a challenge – I was able to put together some nice content during his 10 day getaway. The secret: check it out. Here is how to be a fashion blogger… without an Instagram husband.


photography:YOURS TRULY (ME) | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III & iPHONE6 | photography equipment (aka selfie stick): MPOW | all white button down c/o:SALIENT | all white lounge shorts c/o:SALIENT | luxe leather bag c/o:WANDERER WANDERER | laceup booties c/o:PUBLIC DESIRE | “T” cuff c/o:GRAMERCI | pearl stack rings c/o:FAWNXFERN


First up, have the right equipment. As much as my friends (and yes… even myself) cringe at the thought of the selfie stick… it’s time to get rid of the pride. Without this – you can throw away fashion blogging without an Instagram husband right now. Seriously. This MPOW was just purchased by myself a few weeks back, and it was a lifesaver for getting some shots for this week’s content. What to look for – be sure it has bluetooth to avoid wires, and make sure the head is adjustable so you can work the right angles.


Get Creative with your shots (though I must admit that I do not recommend getting this above, back-side shot of my beautiful Salient pieces… still having back spasms). Not all of these shots even required said selfie stick. Focus on the pieces you want to share… and figure out creative angles to best capture them. I’m in love with these lace-up shooties and leather bag… so I focused on some closeups which I was able to take easily once decided.

Also, don’t hesitate using your phone. I love my Cannon, but sometimes that beast is just too heavy, and my carpal tunnel syndrome just says “no” to holding that baby above my head for more than a couple of seconds. To make sure you get the best quality from your phone, shoot in natural light which will minimize pixelation and offer better clarity. Also consider shooting in HDR if your lighting contrast is high.


Don’t forget about the flatlay. Whoever coined that term should be famous, and I could spend a whole blog just talking about flatlay tips… perhaps in another post. What’s important to mention on this topic – is to simply include them. If you are not the subject of the photo, the possibilities are endless. And lining up the elements of a look in such a way can really tell as much of a story as it could while wearing them. Above you can get a general idea that the story is all white bliss with a casual twist. Really everything you need to know about these staple pieces.

You can actually do an entire blog post using this method… here are a couple examples which I have done with this Coffee Post, and another for an Earbud Review.


Last but not least, have fun! And this shoot was definitely that… my poor neighbors are probably still wondering what all the ruckus was outside their doors. No matter your purpose or motivation for fashion blogging – have fun with it. It’s fashion… not mathematics. Fashion is passion, and if you’re not having fun, it will show! Anyone else struggle for a fashion photographer in the blogging journey? What are your blogging tips and fashion tricks?


  1. sanssouci says

    Beautiful post dear! Even without your instagram-blog husband, haha! I can totally understand what you’re saying, imagine moving to another country with a full time job and no photographer or a steady internet connection. That’s a risk! Keep up the great work babe you are gorgeous!

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  2. Doreen's Style Diary says

    You did an amazing job taking these shots on your own. I bought a selfie stick a couple of weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to play with it. I can see how handy it’ll be when hubby can’t take my photos.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So good!! Loved these pictures and I laughed a little on the insta-hubby Cuz we watched that video not to long ago. My blogging has taken a nose dive lately because of this reason. My full time job and little family have taken up all my time & the hubby is to tired to take my pics. Side-eye, lol. But when I do them myself I rely on the trusty tripod. I must go buy a selfie stick now! Great job!!

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  4. You found some great, creative ways of selfie shooting! Love em! I also think a remote controlled camera (via Wifi or NFC) is extremely helpful…

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  5. Great tips! I can totally feel you as my boyfriend is also away for a few months and sometimes is really difficult to snap photos of myself. I use a DSLR camera, a tripod and a remote to snap some photos of me for my social media accounts. It works well but you have to keep going back and forth to make sure you`re in the frame and focus. I love your use of shadows in these photos. It looks great!

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  7. quirksandskirts says

    Love the post and great tips! It is actually really hard running a blog-much harder than it looks!


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