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positive lifestyle changes since Covid-19


In light of the word’s upheaval during the Covid-19 pandemic, I wanted to share some positivity during a time of struggles. In no way am I making light of the tragic series of events during this crisis. However, I find that the flood in my inbox and news channels of live updates and notifications are the best resource for appropriate guidelines and safety measures.

Here on Day in my dreams, I hope to share something with you that’s inspiring to make a positive moment out of a dire situation. My heart goes out to all who are suffering. For those looking for a silver lining, here are 10 positive lifestyle changes I’ve experienced since the Covid-19 crisis. My hope is to inspire you to make positive changes in your life as well, and learn to grow and adapt in a time of crisis.

Sweats on sweats

1: I’m working remote

Working in pajamas, better snack options, no interruptions during chaotic deadlines… How many of you have wished for and begged to work remotely? For many of us, that is now a reality with the government banning nonessential organizations from more than 10 on-site staff members. Directing marketing and creative direction during a time of global crisis isn’t an easy job. Working from home without added stress makes it a bit easier. For my first positive lifestyle change, I’m thankful for a quiet place to focus and the opportunity to continue work from home (in sweats).

wfh skincare

2: My skin is glowing

Thanks to more time in the mornings and before bed, now is the perfect time for a more thorough skincare routine. Instead of trying on outfits and applying makeup in the mornings before jetting off to the office, I’m taking the time for a more thorough face wash and a deep moisturizing mask to start the day. I’m even using the piles of eye creams and serums I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ll be sharing some more details with you soon with some of my new favorite products I’ve been able to see results from. Some of my favorites include the Vitabrid C12 regime, Dermalogica eye serum, and of course my cult favorite ELEMIS face mask.

wfh yoga

3: I’m exercising from home

There’s no reason you have to say goodbye to fitness while gyms are closed. Now is the time to try out all of the home workout routines you’ve saved on Pinterest. I already had some small free-weights from workouts past, along with yoga mats and plenty of leggings and athleisure wear. I also invested in some resistance bands. Now, everyday I pick a new workout to target my focus areas, and work up a sweat from home. The excess time in the evenings has helped me stay motivated by providing something to do that gets endorphins going and helps me sleep at night.

wfh walking the dog

4: My steps a day have tripled

Working a desk job, it’s not hard to imagine the lack of movement on a typical day. Working from home, I’ve spent a portion of my lunch break and after work hours walking at least 2X a day around the neighborhood. The fresh air is invigorating and keeps me from feeling too cooped up at home. I’ve also found it’s a great time to think through problems and find resolutions and new ideas you may not have considered before.


5: I’m eating better

Yes, it’s a bit tough to stock up on food that will last longer to avoid frequent grocery trips. However, I’ve found myself getting more creative finding easy, healthy options with long shelf-life ingredients. Many recipes include tuna, beans and lentils, fresh garlic and ginger, and veggies like cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, peppers, radishes and leeks. Let me know if you’re interested in recipes and I’m happy to share!

wfh houseparty

6: My friends and family have been (in some ways) closer than ever

Expected social life to take one of the biggest hits? It doesn’t have to. Yes, we need to be social distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch. I’ve had more FaceTime, Houseparty, video and group texts than ever before. I’ve also had more one-on-one conversations with people sharing real, emotional thoughts and concerns. It’s become an era of honesty and openness as we all learn to lean on each other for support.

7: My house has never been cleaner

With evenings and weekends at home, there’s no excuse to leave dishes in the sink or dust on the shelves. Every evening, I pick something in the house to tackle. If there isn’t any major project left to do (that actually never happens), I’ll do a walk around cleaning any tiny forgotten spots or tidying up.

8: My wardrobe is finally getting organized

It’s hard to find the time to sort through your closet. But with one weekend at home, you can have an entire wardrobe makeover. Pull out everything (I mean everything). Try them on. Check them out. Decide if you really believe you’ll wear them again or not. It’s the perfect opportunity to clean out old items and start fresh with a more capsule wardrobe.

9: My yard is greener

It’s spring, and as such there is plenty of yard work to be done. If you’ve had projects on the back burner, now is the time to get started. This past weekend, I hand-arrogated and seeded my entire lawn, weeded the landscaping, pruned bushes and shrubs, and kept everything watered. It’s an ongoing project, but I’m excited to have an outdoor haven by summertime.

10: I’m letting go of stress, and welcoming zen (or at least trying to)

It is a stressful time for everyone, no doubt. However, this can be a time of personal reflection and meditation if you allow yourself to focus on that direction. With no outside distractions, you can focus on personal growth, adequate sleep, and time to process things in a healthy way. Use this time to develop your mind. Read a book. Get into yoga. Draw yourself a bath… every night.

No matter the age or era of life, there will always be tragedies, struggles and reasons to give up or let go. Don’t let this be one of them. Instead, take what is given. Use it to better yourself and others. Grow. Mature. Support others when you can. Sometimes you don’t need to travel to expand your horizons. Stay home. Let your mind and your backyard be your new place of discovery.


  1. Salonie Malhotra says

    Thanks for the post.

    It’s hard to focus on your work at these times but not impossible. In fact, there’s so much time at our hand to do stuff that was on my ‘to-do-list’ for such a long time. Now, as I get the time to do it, I feel relieved and less stressed than before.

    Learning to take things one step at a time is something this crisis is teaching us all


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