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pucker up and bite me | dramatically improved lip care routine

bite beauty lip therapy products

Day 130,342,088 of quarantine (oh so it feels). But in reality it hasn’t been half bad. In fact, I’ve found so many positive takeaways since working from home during the Covid crisis. One of which – more time for personal care. I actually can’t wait to share with you some of the incredible changes I’ve seen with my skin since following a more regulated routine. One of the most notable, the pucker factor. If you aren’t already, yes… there is a routine you should be following for your lips.

beautiful plump lips with bite beauty reviewlips

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | all lip treatment products c/o:BITE


Your lips are skin too, and often overlooked. Sure you put on balm like it’s nobody’s businesses. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a tube in your car, in your purse, in your cosmetic bag, in the kitchen, in the key dish by the front door… you get the idea. But what else are you doing for your lips?

bite lip scrub and mask

Since quarantine, I’ve changed my daily lip care routine. My lips are fuller, more moisturized, and the amount of dryness I’ve experienced has dramatically declined.

I have super dry lips… hence my stashes of balm. But this routine has been a game changer. My friends have asked me if I got new fillers, but the truth is, BITE is my only secret. If you have notoriously dry lips, or you just want to enjoy fuller lips, here’s the routine that changed my pout.

lip transformation with bite beauty

Ok so here’s the spill. There are 6 products I’ve used the past several weeks. I’ll cover each one, how I use them, and what they’re for. They’re all by BITE. I’ve tried quite a few lip care brands, but always end up going back to their products. They’re organic, and infused with healthy, all-natural ingredients that you feel good about soaking into your skin.

bite lip gloss

I’ve shared some reviews on the BITE beauty french press lipgloss, as well as the BITE beauty amuse lipstick and lip pencils. The lipgloss and pencil are both a part of my daily routine as well. Before we get into those, let’s start with my morning lip routine with BITE beauty.

BITE Agave + Weekly lip scrub reviewBITE Agave + Weekly lip scrub closeup

First up, in the morning after I wash my face, I run just a swipe of the BITE Agave + Weekly lip scrub over the rough areas of my lips. I don’t do this everyday (I guess “weekly” is a part of the name for a reason), but I do it any morning that I feel a bit of roughness over my lips. It is so sweet you could almost eat it!

BITE Agave + Weekly lip scrub applicator

The Agave scrub is made with agave nectar, organic sugar, and papaya enzymes that help break down dead skin leaving you with a soft, moisturized surface. Rub it on until you can feel the scales dissolve and pull away. Then rinse and pat dry.

Agave+ nighttime lip therapy mask reviewAgave+ nighttime lip therapy mask closeup

Next up, deep moisture. Introducing the Agave+ nighttime lip therapy mask. This is what I would consider to be one of the most transforming products I have from BITE.

The instructions say to use this product at night to melt in and moisturize all night long. Buuuut… I don’t always listen well to instructions. So I do use this at night as a mask. But, it’s also the first moisturizer I put on in the morning.

Agave+ nighttime lip therapy mask container

I feel like it gives me a head start to staying moisturized throughout the day. It’s smooth, creamy and has a mildly sweet scent. Made with agave nectar, pomegranate extract, and a variety of natural oils (sunflower, safflower and jojoba seed), this lip mask is incredibly moisturizing! I honestly credit a lot of my “lip filler” comments to this product. When your lips are hyper moisturized, they’ll look their best.

You know those mornings you wake up and you’re just like wow, I’m having a great lip day. The BITE nighttime lip therapy is going to get you that everyday.

Agave+ daytime lip balmAgave+ daytime lip balm roller reviewAgave+ daytime lip balm

Up next, day time! Throughout the day, I use the Agave+ daytime lip balm and the Agave+ intensive lip mask interchangeably. They’re both very moisturizing. I find the balm is a bit difficult to use (it’s almost too soft to be in a roller), so I swipe it with my finger to apply. The intensive lip mask has a slightly more “sticky” texture to the touch, but melts away into a smooth, non-sticky finish the second it hits your lips. I keep one in my bag, the other in my car. So really, they’re both great moisturizing products, pending if your preference is a tube or a roller.

Agave+ intensive lip mask tubeAgave+ intensive lip mask review

Night time, you already know! That BITE Agave+ nighttime lip therapy mask… then bed.

Wait, that was only 4 products you say?? Oh I’m not (quite) done. So that is my everyday lip routine that has honestly given me the most plump, moisturized lips I’ve had in ages. But sometimes, you just want a little bit more.

bite beauty routine for pouty lips

The last 2 products are the French press lipgloss and lip pencil. On days I want my lips to really pop, these two products make an insane amount of difference. Ok, let’s rewind to my morning routine. Everything goes the same, except I go super light on the moisturizer. Then, I follow up with the BITE lip pencil.

bite beauty lip pencil reviewbite beauty lip pencil 016 review

If you haven’t heard it enough already, the trick is to always over-line, but not too far.

I line the corners of my lips right on the line, then the top and bottom “pout” line, I veer off just over the lips, so the bottom of the line is still touching the lip line. On my cupids bow, I run a straight line over instead of emphasizing the arch. It gives you a fuller look.

bite beauty french press coffee lip gloss bite beauty french press coffee lip gloss  dirty chai review

You can dab and rub the pencil inwards so that it blends naturally with your lips. For this look, I matched the pencil up just a shade darker than my natural color.

The finishing touch, a swipe of the French press lip gloss and voila! A SERIOUSLY enhanced pout, from nutrition to beauty!

blogger review of bite beauty agave bite beauty review

Here’s the final look! This is after the full daily routine I’ve shared above, and freshly after the beauty routine with the BITE pencil and gloss. Hello lips! They seriously look more plump and healthy than right after I got fillers over a year back. Want to give it a try?

Snag that nighttime lip mask stat, and don’t forget to exfoliate. Keep some natural moisturizer with you during the day for quick refreshers, and you’ll have a pout that will make ‘em wanna bite.

Now pout those lips out, let ‘em part just a hair, and you’re ready for your closeup. Until next time… xoxo K


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