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bored in the house or bringing back basics

inspiration for living with the basics

Just finished my 2nd face mask treatment this week. There some advantages to quarantine lifestyle. There’s a new level of organization in just about every drawer and cabinet. Lowes continues to swarm with a fresh batch of DIY enthusiasts. My house has been painted, rearranged, and mopped more in the last 2 months than it has all last year. Naizak is exhausted. She used to get excited for long walks… now she stares up with eyes like, “really… again??”

day in my dreams wears basic tank by skims cotton

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | basic tank and thong c/o:SKIMS | gold jewelry c/o:ANA LUISA | marble case c/o:RICHMOND & FINCH


Life feels like it’s on a bit of a hold. And while you may be tempted to use the “B” word (my mother never let us say “bored”) it’s really not all that bad. Sure, if you’ve just doubled your screen time by spending 8 hours on TikTok every week, you might be bored. Maybe that’s why those songs are so popular there. But if you decide to live like a human being, there are other options.

lounging in basics lounging in basics

I’ve already shared some positivity during Covid, but felt this was a relevant post to stand on its own. The question at hand… are you bored in the house and in the house bored? Or have you evolved, learned the value of time, the waste of so many material items, and learned to enjoy getting down to the basics?

casual sweats and skim tank

In today’s world it’s hard not to be over distracted and overwhelmed. I’ve written before on the importances of getting back to the basics. Now, we have that opportunity. And it’s beautiful. Learn to simplify. Clean out your closet, figure out what you actually need in life, and focus on what makes you the most happy.

skims basic tank top reviewluxury fashion loungewear basics

We have so. much. Not everyone is as fortunate. No, I am not in the house bored. I’m in the house, extremely grateful for the access we have at our fingertips. And learning how to live with less, back to the basics. Back to what we need. Back to what’s important. Learn to be creative. Learn what really makes you happy at your core. Be productive! If there was ever a time to be a minimalist, it’s now. Let go of the rest.

xoxo -K

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