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3 easy steps for a capsule wardrobe this spring

luxury fashion capsule wardrobe

Fashion moves fast, and you’ve probably already been eyeing some of your favorite spring fashion trends from editorials, magazines and your social inspirations. You’re trembling over the “order now” buttons, but wait. Let’s do it right this time. If you ever want to get closer to having a capsule wardrobe with a few better luxury fashion essentials, that means not impulse buying ever spring trend you love.

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As a fashion blogger, I receive so many items gifted from brands or for sponsored content. While it’s a thrill to enjoy the best of the best each season, it can get wasteful. In an industry that’s notorious for excess, let’s strive to do better, and take a more sustainable approach to long-lasting style.

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There’s a project brewing I’ll be sharing soon… it is one more way I hope to contribute to a circular economy and sharing fashion. In the mean time, here are a few practical steps you can take to enjoy the new trends coming in for spring, while still taking a less-is-more approach to shaping a capsule wardrobe. And what better time than when we’re all trying to find ways to be happy and productive at home!

capsule wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is one defined by fewer items. It may sound difficult to narrow your selection down significantly, but if you do it the right way, you won’t be missing a thing.

A capsule wardrobe is about defining what exactly you wear the most often, investing in great quality, luxury pieces on items you’ll wear again and again, and avoiding fast fashion fads.

capsule wardrobe of blazers

Of course you’re going to want a refresh each season, but by keeping a proper inventory you can avoid re-buying pieces you’ve already got covered. You’ll also be able to focus new purchases on your next, updated essentials… ones you’ll hopefully wear for seasons to come.

Buy it nice or buy it twice. Learn what to invest in, and what not to. A capsule wardrobe can be a challenge, but you’ll find it rewarding to be able to enjoy luxury tier fashion with a few select pieces, instead of cheaply made fast-fashion trends from chain retailers. It’s fine to treat yourself to those impulse buys sometimes, but if you keep your focus on the essentials, you’ll be building a more luxurious and sustainable closet.

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And you’ll never be standing in front of your wardrobe feeling like you don’t have anything to wear ever again. Ready to get started? Here are a few small changes you make to get started in the right direction.

Clean out your closet, and purge before you purchase

Please, clean out your closet before you start purchasing for the new season. There are likely pieces you have forgotten about that are still great for the new season. It happens, we over stuff, and then we miss stuff. One more reason to resort to a more minimal capsule wardrobe this year.

large full organized closet

Clean out the clutter. You can also avoid re-buying things that you already have in your wardrobe, but might have forgotten about. Think sustainably, and purge before you purchase.

Repurpose last year’s essentials

After you clean out your closet you’ll be able to see how you can re-purpose your unused items. If there was something you didn’t wear all winter, now would be the time to say goodbye. Donate them, send them in for recycling, or get creative and turn them in to something new.

repurpose clothes sustainablyrepurposed denim

They’ll either have a new life with someone else, or with you! Cut jeans into shorts, long t-shirts into short ones, try it on backwards, button it different – consider this grown up dress up time. You’ll be surprised at how pieces you disregarded that can come back to life.

There is a slew of returning trends this year, and you’ll likely have some dreamy pieces in your wardrobe that you might have forgotten about. Bring them all front and center, and you’ll have an excellent starting base to know where you want to shop for missing items.

Fashion comes back around. There are probably a few pieces you still have from the 90’s… guess what. They’re back. Pull out the archives and start re-loving some past favorites.

shopping list

Make a list before you shop

Once you’ve Take inventory of any missing wardrobe essentials, and items you have plenty of, you’ll know where you need to fill in the gaps – and where you don’t.

For capsule wardrobe essentials, don’t re-buy staple items like black jeans, white t-shirts or leggings if you already have 5 pairs. Unless that is, you’ve finally worn them to death (because you’ve worn them 100 times) and it’s time to replace with a new one.

black jeans

Avoid purchasing items you’re only going to be wearing once or twice. If it’s not something you’d think to add to your list now, you probably don’t need it. Try to examine each item on your list… will this become a new essential? Or is it just a “fling” you’ll be over in a few short months.

bogger's shoe closetluxury blog closet

Do write out your list, you’ll be able to cross-check for access. You should be focusing on your next key items. That means fashion that not only fits perfectly into spring fashion trends for 2020, but pieces you’ll also be able to wear later, or pieces you know you’ll wear over and over again.

Follow that rule of thumb, and you’ll save money and get more wear out of the pieces you own now and years to come. Checklist done? It’s time to shop! Stay tuned for some top spring trends for spring and summer coming soon.

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