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what happiness is made of

Hello, and happy Saturday. Had the most wonderful past weekend with an impromptu trip to NYC to visit a good friend. All 48 hours held every bit of bliss one could ask for – from city sights to tasty bites, complete with a luxury stay in Union Square’s W Hotel. Spending these better moments in life always brings to mind a thought: what exactly is happiness made of. Is it a formula of positive experiences combined in the right moments, soaking in the luxuries life has to offer? Is it something that can be created and re-created if the solution is found?

I believe happiness is many things. But above all, it is a choice – the eyes through which you see the world, and spending it with those you love. Thank you friends, for just such a weekend.

Will fill you all in on more details from the trip in later posts. In the mean time, all my wishes to each of you that your weekend and days to follow are spent in happiness. Apparently feeling all warm and fuzzy, so before it all goes too sweet and rots your teeth, let’s move on to other lovely things.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:NIKON D90 | tshirt dress c/o:CYEOMS | cuff c/o:MADELEINE ISSING | rings c/o:KINDLING & COMPANY | geo necklace c/o:KINDLING & COMPANY | custom macbook skin c/o:CASEAPP | timepiece c/o:RUMBA | hotel:W HOTEL


Soaking in silver details. Madeleine Issing‘s delicate bracelet is being added to my frequent-rotation collection. It matched up perfectly with new stackable rings and geo necklace from Kindling & Company. These essential types are always worth the investment for me. Ideal accessories for an understated, feminine allure. They feel like luxury melting into my skin.


Enjoyed musing over a hot cup of coffee at a few other baubles from the recent weeks. New timepiece is from Rumba and added a nice bit of shine to my cozy white palette.  You’ve seen this white marble iphone case from GMYLE before, and they have just given me a code for 20% off, so if you’ve been wanting one, here you go! code: REF-0000-KRI

Also quite excited to show off my new macbook skin! Saw these on Instagram, and of course I didn’t stand a chance. Caseapp has a beautiful selection of products, or you can create a custom iphone case or laptop skin of your choosing. They have some white marble designs, but of course I had to be different and create my own. What’s better than that, I’m giving one away! Check out my Instagram for a chance to win your choice from Caseapp here. If you don’t win, well here’s 20% off for them as well: DAYDREAM20


Speaking of coffee, I’m quite sure it’s time for another dose. Be happy, keep smiling, and here’s to the ones we love.



  1. sanssouci says

    This post was such an optimistic touch for my Saturday! Love how you took advantage of your beautiful hotel room and added warm colour to break the white! Your posts and photography are always a pleasure to go through, hope you had an amazing time and can’t wait for more!

    And of course, happiness is the perfect timing!

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  2. Loving these beautifully black and white pictures :) such a artist pieces on earth. It’s like a dream:). I’m glad you had the remarkable moment with your bestie in NYC :). How wonderful to have a free time doesn’t it? Sorry for being away too long :). Well, full time work and moms job s never going to ended :). Happy November missy. :).


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  3. WOW I love this post!! First of all I totally agree with your definition of happiness, it’s a choice indeed. The pictures are stunning and the jewelry is to die for!! I’m glad you had a great time in NYC :)

    Aurelie | Surface 85

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  4. aureliepieris says

    Wow I love this post! I totally agree with your definition of Happiness, it’s a choice indeed. The pictures are stunning and the jewelry is to die for! Love it!


    Aurelie |


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