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what happiness is made of

Hello, and happy Saturday. Had the most wonderful past weekend with an impromptu trip to NYC to visit a good friend. All 48 hours held every bit of bliss one could ask for – from city sights to tasty bites, complete with a luxury stay in Union Square’s W Hotel. Spending these better moments in life always brings to mind a thought: what exactly is happiness made of. Is it a formula of positive experiences combined in the right moments, soaking in the luxuries life has to offer? Is it something that can be created and re-created if the solution is found? I believe happiness is many things. But above all, it is a choice – the eyes through which you see the world, and spending it with those you love. Thank you friends, for just such a weekend. Will fill you all in on more details from the trip in later posts. In the mean time, all my wishes to each of you that your weekend and days to follow are spent in happiness. Apparently feeling all warm and …

have a scentsational week

Good morning friends. 6:39am EST, and I’ve been lurking about my house for the past couple of hours. A new habit of mine that presents itself during nights at random… Insomnia. And I’ve got to admit… I love it. Before you assume I’ve gone completely mad (which is probably the case)… It happened first when I was under a particular amount of pressure from my big girl job. So much to do, so little time. My body was so angst, it fought sleep until I conceded around 3:30am. Instead of allowing those bitchy jittery feelings pulse through my horizontal being, I got up (brilliant) and began trudging around the house, catching up on laundry, freelance projects, pending to-do’s, and yes – even the blog. Those few extra hours were surprisingly mad productive (apparently the zombie version of myself has exceeding work ethics) – and by my “usual” morning time, I felt so accomplished; the strain of the day had vanished. And a day began with a positive outlook and a clear mind, made tackling that extra load at the office a breeze. Plus… with nothing left needed to …

lights, camera, action

Currently enjoying one of the laziest weekends I’ve had in a looooong time. Including sleeping til noon, breakfast in bed, and a cucumber-apple juice straight from the new Breville machine. Life is good, and I thought I’d take the moment to share a piece of it, starting on the day we first began shooting with the Cannon 5D. Hope you enjoy the camera play and a peek into one of those quite moments in life. Cheers! PS My mom made this scarf, she rocks.     

bad siding

I know, I know – the location for these photos is terrible. But that’s just where I happened to be, and had to post because I’m in love with this new sweater. It continues to be a rainy and dark week (daylight savings, usually I despise you – but I’m ready for you to show up any day now). Weather may be most universally wardrobe defining influences – sweaters and baggy jeans here we all come. And do pardon my lazy hair day. photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | sweater:SIONI | jeans:LEVI’S | boots:BACIO61

shear camo

What to do over a drizzly weekend other than shop and blog. Darker days call for chunky sweaters and combat boots, don’t you agree? Found several new baubles I couldn’t live without, but my prize find was a new lambskin rug – which my darling pup quickly claimed as her own. I think she felt at home snuggled in the winter white that she so well blended in. Needless to say, the following hours of our afternoon were totally lost in zzzz’s. photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III |  sweater:KENSIE | shorts:GUESS | boots:OTBT