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don’t blink

Because some days really are too good to be true.

Three years ago, I had never been to NYC. Now, both work and pleasure have since brought me back dozens of times, and the city’s soul has now become a more familiar place to me.  (Though I must admit, I have yet to master the subway system) #helpme

The city is truly full of endless adventures and possibilities. This morning’s mission was one of the most urgent nature, and hardly accomplished in time to avoid a complete catastrophe… but just when I had almost given up hope (frantic, two blocks away from where my search began)… there it was, tucked in the corner of a busy intersection, and almost in arms reach…  the one answer to every problem. Coffee. Yeah, it’s like that.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:NIKON D90 | knit:FOREVER21 | ombre joggers c/o:PARKER SMITH | loafers:NICOLE | stack rings c/o:K D’Angelo Designs | location:W HOTEL UNION SQUARE


Dress in NYC is almost a formula. With such a variety of places one might wind up, it’s best to be prepared for anything – versatile and precise wardrobe execution is a must. Understated pieces are ideal for comfort, and the great deal of walking that will be involved with trekking around the city. By choosing casual items selectively which have been exceptionally crafted, and layering on subtle luxury details, the look will morph from something plain, to simple sophistication. Always appropriate for any stops along the way. (read: looks nice, feels like pajamas)

The luxury item of choice for this journey, handmade stack rings just in from K D’Angelo. Extremely versatile, I’ve now worn them as a set, and separated them for a more laid-back feel. Worn this way reminds me of a constellation, too beautiful for words. In the stack: a mixture of filled gold, sterling silver, Topaz, and clear and champagne brilliant cut diamonds. I’m never taking them off. #girlsbestfriend #myluckystars If you’re ready to splurge on something beyond nice, this is your ticket ladies. You can shop this set on her site here.


Feeling so grateful for all the wonderful experiences in life that I could never deserve, or give enough thanks for. Here is to continuing the chain, and pass it on as life allows. Goodness never ends if the link isn’t broken. #passiton



  1. Love this!! And not because is a post in my city or my neighborhood but because everything just works. The color scheme of your outfit worked harmoniously with the moody ambiance of the day and those arches at the fuerza Bruta theater are always there waiting to greet me when I walking home from the subway station. This just made me miss my apartment and I’m only at work, not in another country haha


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  2. I would’ve never guess you weren’t a NYC resident: you’ve got the look down to a science! After 5 years there, my entire wardrobe consisted of black, more black, a little touch of black, and a heavy dose of cotton, cashmere, and anything comfortable. You look incredible, and the ring set is to die for!

    Janna |

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  3. I love NYC and all its different neighbourhoods! Although I’m struggling with the subway system too :P Your photos are awesome and catching the cool NYC style perfectly!

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  4. I can’t think of any comment more appropriate than that *raise arms* emoji. Your writing just draws the reader in and makes me realize two things: I NEED to go to NYC and I *need* those rings.

    Have a fantastic weekend dear!
    Tristan | Gold Lion Style

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  5. It’s always a pleasure to look at your photos and read your posts. You look fantastic in this simple and chic outfit. I want your silver loafers! The photos are perfect, as always! The photographer and model know what they are doing! Have a great weekend!


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    • aren’t they cute? and can’t believe it but it’s one of our own styles that never got made =( I’m wearing a sample only. *sigh. happy monday!


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    • she makes beautiful designs! I don’t actually live there, just travel there often for work! but the city truly is beautiful. hope you had a great weekend!


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