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luxury and lattes

Because what else could a girl ask for in life? Enjoy the little jewels of happiness in life, it’s mid week and the weekend isn’t far. Here’s wishing you a beautiful one. Sit back, relax. May your days be full of light, your nights full of adventure, and your latte full of caffeine. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:iPHONE 6 | minimalist blouse c/o:PREMONITION | boots c/o:WINDSOR SMITH | crossbody bag c/o:STATUS ANXIETY | sunnies c/o:EYE BUY DIRECT | marble notebook c/o:MELO & CO

coffee break into new year

Christmas past, my gaze is now set to my favorite day of the year – New Years Day. A feeling of old burdens shedding off like dust blowing into the wind, it’s time for another re-birth, and the change has already begun. Beginning the first week of January, I will be transitioning into my new role in creative content for a marketing agency in NYC. I wait on the days with baited breath, and these moments between hardly feel like reality. Embracing the best of both worlds, I’ll be spending half of my time in the city, and have the privilege of working from the comfort of home alternate weeks. Choosing to take some time off between positions, I’ll be spending the week setting up a home office and streamlining my travel essentials. NYC, here I come! photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | shirtdress:TJMAXX | jacket:FRONTROWSHOP | thigh high boots c/o:PUBLIC DESIRE | perforated bag c/o:MELLOW WORLD (get 10% off your bag purchase with code: DAYINMYDREAMS ) | rosegold latch bangle c/o:THE PEACH BOX | rosegold …

what happiness is made of

Hello, and happy Saturday. Had the most wonderful past weekend with an impromptu trip to NYC to visit a good friend. All 48 hours held every bit of bliss one could ask for – from city sights to tasty bites, complete with a luxury stay in Union Square’s W Hotel. Spending these better moments in life always brings to mind a thought: what exactly is happiness made of. Is it a formula of positive experiences combined in the right moments, soaking in the luxuries life has to offer? Is it something that can be created and re-created if the solution is found? I believe happiness is many things. But above all, it is a choice – the eyes through which you see the world, and spending it with those you love. Thank you friends, for just such a weekend. Will fill you all in on more details from the trip in later posts. In the mean time, all my wishes to each of you that your weekend and days to follow are spent in happiness. Apparently feeling all warm and …

hold me

Up next, WWDMagic (Vegas brace yourself… here I come) Though the show has not yet begun, I’ve allowed myself a slight sigh of relief, as our heavy lifting for August show prep is now coming to an end. The past several weeks have been a total rush, and despite the dwindling post-it note collection on my desk, it’s always a challenge to let go of the anxiety of projects and deadlines, and allowing the seeping need for rest to take it’s place. September?… yeah, I’ll be in bed. Though travel is my passion, the epitome of comfort is being home – in my wrinkled sheets, with nothing better to do than sip coffee, idly flipping through pages in a book or binge watching Netflix for hours. There was once a place surrounding my childhood home – so quite – you could walk for hours and never see a car or another living soul. That peace, the stillness, no sound aside from your own beating heart and the wind flicking through the trees – that is home. Welcome to a glimpse of what that looks like today. Something about a …

iced coffee

Summer!!!…. ok you’re right it’s still spring. But it’s on it’s way dammit. And one of the most anticipated treats of the warmer season -iced coffee. Sure I like the hot stuff, but something about that roasted nutty flavor on the rocks… noms. Keepin it fresh and clean for the new season. Realizing I need to trade these dollar store shades in for some wayfarers, but in the mean time – enjoy the $1 fashion. Which, by the way, is a needed reminder that money doesn’t buy style, and brand names don’t make an item hot. Wear what you like, and stay true to your style. Because you look amazing if you feel amazing. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | funnel neck:NASTYGAL | pant:EXPRESS | slides:NICOLE