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it’s only natural

Wisconsin bound, making the most of my 45 min interval of free internet at the gate, compliments of American Airlines. A genuine thank you for the access… but seriously… with as many times as I’ve been canceled and delayed for hours (literally every time I fly with you), 45 minutes is all you got for me? #whereisthelove

Cranky you say?? I had to be up at 3:30am to catch this flight, and my morning tea bag sunk into the bottom of my cup so all I’m drinking is hot water. So screw you world!… and your heavy tea bag!!!

On a brighter note, I’ve actually been quite chipper lately upon finding some inner peace, and taking another step of growing past surrounding conflicts and being able to just. let. go. Practice that smile enough, and it’s only natural. We were created for a beautiful purpose, let’s reflect that light.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:iPHONE6 | white ensemble:TJMAXX | leather clutch c/o:THE LEATHER COLLECTIVE | shoes:MADELINE | rings:FOREVER21 | timepiece:OMEGA | smokey nail laquer c/o:INTENSAE


Speaking of light, can’t decide which I like more, all black or all white. Sporting the lighter of the two, enjoying a bit of late-season sunshine. Anyone else have problems matching whites? And I can never tell until I’m outside and it’s too late to change! It’s like a bad bronzer but worse because you can’t just wipe it off #firstworldproblems


Oh you noticed my beautiful clutch did you? I told you The Leather Collective had it going on. The clutch is a nice statement piece for those days you don’t want to haul around life’s burdens in a 20lb bag. Accompanying me for a Sunday funday brunch with my best girls, this proved to be the perfect accessory for the task. She even embossed it “day in my dreams”… how cool is that?


Cause I’m so happpyyyy!!!! And hope you are too. Make the most of your week. xoxo -K


  1. Sad to hear about your horrible travel experiences haha it happens to all of us..
    I also have an all white look just up on my blog and I too can’t decide if I like all white or all black best hmm…
    I loved the bag, gave it that ‘pop of color’ I guess, I mean, it’s nude… how much color can that add haha

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