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6 minimalist summer fashion trends

minimalist spring fashion trends

My backyard has had blooms for months. It seems the cold lost the war for winter before the first battle even began. Buds of green speckle the landscape. The air is already fresh with the scent of new. Spring is here.

In my home, spring cleaning is well underway, and I am doing my best to follow my own advise… whittling down to a more capsule wardrobe each season. Trust me, with the pieces that come in for having the blog Day in my dreams, that’s a real challenge. Once you’ve prepped yourself on capsule wardrobe tips and you’re ready to refresh your wardrobe,

it’s time to have a look at the newest, most exciting trends for the new season, and our favorite season of all… shopping season.

minimalist spring fashion trends mini suiting with jacquiealexander

IMAGE CRED: @jacquiealexander

Here are the top minimalist fashion trends for spring that you’re going to want to be a part of, as well as some tips for buying or repurposing to style them.

Think mini – mini skirts, mini shorts, mini tops… mini everything

Perhaps it’s the return of the 90’s, or just a re-birth after being covered through the winter months. This spring, it’s time to bare it all. Mini everything is in. Mini bags, mini skirts, mini shorts, and even mini bralettes in place of tops.

minimalist fashion trends bra top with day in my dreams

There’s a reason we touched on spring fashion tips for a smaller waist… this spring is forecasted to be quite revealing. If you kept your cut offs from college, good for you. It’s time to wear them again.

Harper’s Bazaar has made a huge call out to the mini trend, and some of their photo coverage is quite inspiring for new looks.

minimalist fashion trends bra top with day in my dreams

All of those midi skirts you bought last spring? Don’t let them go to waist. Consider working with a tailor and have them shortened, or try doing it on your own. It’s easy to take up a hem, and you’ll be re-purposing your old wardrobe items with a new life.

Skirts are a big part of the mini trend. The silhouettes are straight, form fitted minis… the styles are endless. Look for silk and satin minis as a big part of a minimalist wardrobe.

For the lady prep, plaids and tweed are a great way to transition from winter to spring. Just wear them with tights… at least until we know the warm is here to stay.

minimalist sping fashion trends color with lissyroddyy

IMAGE CRED: @lissyroddyy

Dig out your colors, the brighter the better

While minimalism is still in, the color palette has expanded. Get ready for simple silhouettes, but in bright colors like lime green, lavender and neon hues. They can be worn full-face like head to toe suiting, or as color splashes in small ways like a mani or shoes.

lime green minimalist fashion on blogger day in my dreams

minimalist spring fashion trends color with jacquiealexander

IMAGE CRED: @jacquiealexander

spring fashion trends color and sneakers with teresa_vu

IMAGE CRED: @teresa_vu

Keep your suiting out, blazers are still in

Though warmer weather and the mini trend have us looking for the tiniest things in our wardrobes, keep your suiting. Blazers are a big trend for the spring season, and a great way to transition from the colder weeks.

Layer them in new fresh ways by pairing them over untraditional pieces like bralette tops and basic tees.

minimalist fashion trends blazer with blvckd0pe

IMAGE CRED: @blvckd0pe

minimalist fashion trend cropped blazer style on day in my dreams

minimalist spring fashion trends topless blazer with ninninguyen

IMAGE CRED: @ninninguyen

It’s time to go topless

Speaking of bralettes, though we covered it in the mini trend, these little guys deserve a category of their own. While it used to be quite socially unacceptable to show your skivvies, this season – it’s in. From more full-coverage sports bras and crop top hybrids to delicate lacy pieces, it’s time to go topless.

minimalist crop top on day in my dreams

minimalist spring fashion trends topless with matildadjerf

IMAGE CRED: @matildadjerf

If you’re not quite ready to bare that much skin, pair with big outer layers like oversized blazers or front button cardigans (yes, they’re back too).

Or, slip on something semi sheer over your bralette for a more subtle take on the trend. Still not sure? One more option, wear your bralette over a tee. You’ll be able to sport the trend in a more modest style.

minimalist fashion trends silk dress with jacquiealexander

IMAGE CRED: @jacquiealexander

Sultry slip dresses

Speaking of going topless, lingerie is also in… for going out. From silk and satin slip dresses to downright nighttime looks, WhoWhatWear gives us a pretty clear picture in their spring fashion trend report. Pretty little underthings are meant to show.

minimalist fashion trends silk slip dress with vanessahong

IMAGE CRED: @vanessahong

Lingerie inspired looks are feminine and sultry, but don’t necessarily have to be over bearing. Look for midi length slip dresses with some delicate lace, and focus on materials like silk and satin. Again, start slow and layer up with a lightweight trench as spring approaches.

ceme slip dress day in my dreams travel and luxury fashion blogger in slip dress

minimalist spring fashion trends silk slip dress with laurencrowe88

IMAGE CRED: @laurencrowe88

You might have some slips that you find are actually quite modest enough when layered correctly. Just double check your lighting to make sure something isn’t more transparent than you realize… unless that’s what you’re going for…

thin strappy sandals on day in my dreams

Simple sandals, heels and sneakers

It’s time for the shoe trends of spring. While athleisure is still round letting us kick around comfortably in sneakers, there’s a more feminine twist this season.

minimalist fashion trends sandals with nikita_gavri 1

IMAGE CRED: @nikita_gavri

minimalist fashion trends sandals with nikita_gavri 2

IMAGE CRED: @nikita_gavri

Break out sandals and simple heels with delicate straps. If you haven’t walked in stilettos in a while, its time to give your stems a refresh.

What minimalist spring fashion trends are you most excited about? I’ll be on the 90’s train myself. And, having been made fun of for long legs in high school, it’s going to be time to let those puppies shine. Minis, here we come.

minimalist fashion trend sneakers with laurencrowe88

IMAGE CRED: @laurencrowe88

minimalist fashion trends sneakers with sofiamcoelho

IMAGE CRED: @sofiamcoelho


  1. These are all soooo good. The nineties revival is soooooo cute; I’m loving all things mini, neon, and blazers right now that’s for sure!


  2. As a 90s baby, I’m all for 90s fashion making a comeback. Just came across your blog, and love the sleek, clean look of your layout! Followed <3.



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