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real 14K gold rings and fine jewelry brands for your next essentials

shop day in my dreams 24K gold jewelry

The smooth glowing finish, the warm radiant hue, the most iconic symbol of luxury and wealth. Gold. There is just something about it that we become so easily fasciated with. Jewelry trends for 2020 have prodded our lust even more, as gold completely takes over all other metals this season.

au-rate gold ring closeup


Gold rings are a timeless, versatile statement of true luxurious style. As such, they are an investment worth making as you continue to wear them year after year, and even pass them down for generations to come.

aurate gold ring jewelry review

Jewelry is a lifetime investment. However, I’ve found many people don’t know where to buy gold outside of high end jewelry stores and luxury retail chains. If you’re in the market for your next gold essentials that you’ll wear everyday, here is a shortlist of 5 brands of gold rings and fine jewelry I’ve had first-hand experience with, and would highly recommend for your investment buys.

These brands use either a high quality vermeil gold plating, or offer an assortment of solid 14K and 18K gold pieces. No tarnishing, to rubbing off after a few wears. Just pure, golden, luxury.

au-rate luxury fan gold ring


AU-Rate 14K gold, 18K gold and 14K gold plated vermeil

AU-Rate is creates “fine jewelry designed to be worthy of women who wear it.” Their hand crafted pieces are each polished and perfected in NYC by seventh generation craftsman of the trade.

aurate gold ring jewelry review

They are a great destination for fine jewelry and gold pieces that are classic, with a Parisian twist. In addition to staple items like simple gold bands and everyday diamonds, you’ll also find artistic shell and fan motifs, and a variety of twisted and beveled designs.

au-rate stacked gold rings


One unique benefit of the brand, their gold rings come at varied levels of purity, with 14K and 18K solid gold editions, as well as affordable 14K gold plated vermeil. As such, you can decide the level of investment you want to make based on how often you plan to wear each piece. These highly stackable gold rings are the perfect place to start on a capsule collection of fine gold jewelry that will last for years to come.

Some of my personal favorite designs include the Diamond Stacker Ring, Infinity Band, and the golden Modern Cigar Band. This is a great place to find your basics.

aurate gold ring jewelry review aurate gold ring jewelry review

Shop Day in my Dreams

Officially launched July 2, 2020, you can now browse an immersive shopping experience for the modern woman, highlighting new and emerging luxury fashion brand discoveries, 18-14K gold plated jewelry, handbags, footwear and more on 

shop dayinmydreams real 24k gold jewelry lifestyleshop luxury fashion day in my dreams 24K gold plated jewelry

The collection of real 24K gold plated jewelry is extensive, and offers trendy and timeless styles from gold coin necklaces, anklets, and gold plated rings. Each piece has been carefully selected for its unique style, quality, authentic golden glow, and value. Just two days after the launch of the site, jewelry is the most popular category, nearly selling on on a few of the top styles!

This has been my baby! So please do check it out!

Ana Luisa golden luxuries that don’t come at earth’s expense

Ana Luisa specializes in sustainable, ethical gold jewelry. They use 100% recycled solid gold and sterling silver. Featured in Refiinery29, ELLE, Vogue and InStyle, it’s safe to say their modern approach to sustainable resources is getting a lot of attention.

ana luisa gold ring


ana luis gold statement rings

You’ve probably seen them on my Instagram blog posts, with my newest additions the Bianca and Noa statement gold rings. Their collection features on-trend styles in high quality 14K gold plating. This is a great place to find something unique and special while protecting our natural resources through their focus on sustainability.

ana luis gold statement rings

They also carry an assortment of chain and link bracelets and necklaces that perfectly capture minimalist luxury design.

Mejuri fine jewelry for everyday

Merjuri is a brand of fine jewelry I’ve worked with for years, and as such, I have several of their pieces that are re-worn week after week. They believe fine jewelry should be every woman’s right for everyday, offering affordable prices on 14K solid gold and gold plated essentials.

mejuri fine gold jewelry reviewmejury jewelry

Their selection of gold rings is expansive. You’ll find everyday essentials like gold bands and diamonds along with twist and beveled bands, ceramic accents, and trendy statement designs.

The Croissant Dome Ring is currently on my wishlist. Pieces already in my jewelry box include the Tarot Moon Necklace in gold vermeil and a couple of pieces from their basic chains collection. Mejuri is a great one-stop shop for basic essential and occasion wear real gold jewelry. You can check out one of my earlier Mejuri jewelry reviews on the blog here.

mejuri gold necklace review

Makko high fashion gold jewelry

Makko is a brand I discovered through the blog in 2016, and have continued to obsess over ’til date. I shot a majority of their collection, and as such am a proud owner of several of their luxury pieces. Their line of 14K gold and diamond jewelry has a unique, glamorous flair. The designs are elegant and chic, celebrating the beauty and power of today’s modern women.

makko jewelry review of gold ringsmakko jewelry review of gold ringsmakko jewelry review of gold rings

Often spotted on celebrities and high fashion editorials, they are a great resource for stunning gold rings that are truly something special, making a statement in a powerful way.

Edge of Ember affordable luxury jewelry

Edge of Ember offers a wide assortment of fine gold jewelry (and silver pieces) that’s primarily sterling silver with 18K gold plated vermeil. Their designs feature all of today’s major jewelry trends, while remaining timeless and essential. This is a great destination for charm and theme gold jewelry like lucky numbers, birthstones and zodiac jewelry.

edge of ember silver jewelry

edge of ember chain necklaces

IMAGE CRED: Edge of Ember

As a part of their re/make recycle program, they also offer store credit for returning old pieces for re-use, supporting a sustainable circular economy.

Gold rings are a truly effortless extension of luxury style. They polish every look, and add a soft glow against your skin. Choose pieces worthy of your own beauty. In doing so, you’ll be able to expand your collection of luxuries slowly, by investing in the right pieces that you’ll wear for years to come.

ana luis gold statement rings

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post is sponsored by Nakturnal. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


  1. Dera says

    I’ve been looking for some cute, good quality gold pieces to style with my simple outfits. The ones you have pictured here are soooo perfect! Thanks!

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  2. Ben says

    Gold jewelry is something that will always be in style in some way or another, and this post did an excellent job in highlighting how the every-day consumer can get that timeless, luxury look. I will surely be sending this to all of my girl friends since they’re obsessed with gold rings.

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