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getting back to the basics

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A quiet hum of the dryer beats softly in the background. You can hear the birds above the white noise. A bright light shines through the ample windows. Spring has arrived, and with it a moment of stillness. After weeks on the road traveling between Nashville, Vegas, Atlanta, Costa Rica, Switzerland and Milan – this time at home feels like a haven of its own. No rowdy traffic, no drunken alleyways, no meetings or spewing stress of colleagues – it’s just me, the birds and the creaking ghost of the house (whom I’ve lovingly named Ralph).

minimalist fashion blogger in basic tshirt and vinyl leggings

photography:NICK PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | vinyl leggings c/0:COMMANDO


It’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of perfection both at work, at home, and managing life as a fashion blogger. These moments are ones that I cherish the most. The moments that allow us a clear vision and stable mind help us to reset and focus on our current existence. The next few weeks will pass here in this place, deep in the heart of Virginia. Though the rush of the fashion world will continue, evenings will be spent in gratitude, finding a place of rejuvenation for the next rush of travels in May.

There are a few ways I kickstart getting back to the basics in times like these. Pursuing a more active lifestyle is one, and the gym has seen my face a few times this week for the first time in months. Physical activity can help relieve stress, and generates a rush of endorphins that keep your body on a high.

minimalist white tshirt style with vinyl leggings

Living a more minimalist lifestyle can also remind us of what things are important. This is the time to rid yourself of the unnecessary. As a part of this tradition, I will be cutting back to a more capsule wardrobe, saving only the essentials I would imagine myself re-buying were they not in my closet already. Basic t-shirts, classic denim, and versatile items like these vinyl leggings will make the cut, while occasion dresses and fast-fashion pieces will be relocated to new homes.

fashion girl relaxing in basic white tshirt and vinyl leggings

I often imagine this purge as a weight lifted. Ridding yourself of unneeded positions, emotions, and struggles that you’ve held on to is the most relieving feeling one could imagine. Learning to let go can be a challenge, but more than worth it in the end. I hope this spring finds you lighter, brighter, and more beautiful than before. Remember to enjoy simplicity amidst life’s rush. It’s time to get back to the basics.

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