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how to get a good nights sleep

how to get the best night’s sleep, even with a lawless, overloaded lifestyle

Daylight Savings is just around the corner, and who’s worried about not getting a good night’s sleep? This week has been another firecracker with a busy work schedule and St. Patty’s day festivities off to an early start. My office calendar is exploding with color-coded tabs, and while I should be getting some extra zzzz’s to stay on top of my A-game, sometimes the after-party is too good to resist. I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Or at least, maximize my time when I am awake. They key to functioning at the speed of my digestive system after devouring corned beef, cabbage and a few pints of beer?… a great night’s sleep. Contrary to popular belief, it really is possible to squeeze in a great night of re-charging between even the most overlapping plans. How to manage? Here are some of my tricks to get a great night’s sleep, even with a schedule as lawless as mine. 1. Pencil it in. A fashion blogger’s best friend: a planner, with lots of space on each day, and …

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st. thomas virgin islands, suits on drinks up

Pop, and cheers all around. The first bottle of champaign spills bubbles onto the white deck. Laughter and chatter can be heard over the hum of the charter’s engine. The sea captain smiles as the group of merry toast to the day. Who knew ocean spray and champagne paired together so nicely. The sea had never looked so blue, and rocky islands and sandy shores specked the otherwise perfectly still waters in the distance. It was charter day. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR + KRISTINA PETRICK + SOME STOLEN FROM FRIENDS | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | swimwear c/o:NüN BANGKOK | activewear c/o:NüN BANGKOK | travel bag c/o:LO & SONS | cashmere travel blanket and eyemask c/o:MASON | laceup sandals c/o:OTBT Welcome to the travel blog recap of the Virgin Islands. A trip made during the peak traveling time (and by that I mean 1 week exactly prior to “in-season”). The early start to vacationing gave us the tropical world to explore on our own, with little traffic from other tourists in the area. We spend the week just …

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a minimalist lifestyle from a blogger’s perspective

minimalism: noun min·i·mal·ism \ˈmi-nə-mə-ˌli-zəm\ 1: a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity – Merriam Webster Dictionary Minimalism is the most simple and pure form of any thing. The essence of something – without anything additional. It is the absence of excess. But how does that interpret into lifestyle? Some interpret minimal fashion as a constricted wardrobe of monochrome ensembles. Black, white, beige, simple. Hangers should be 2” apart with plenty of empty space since “minimalism” seems often translated as having less. Each piece should have minimal adornments and detailing, and must be of the most straightforward nature. T-shirts, tanks, jeans. The aura should be stark, neat, empty. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | top c/o:LIE | shorts c/o:SALIENT LABEL I have a much different perspective. Indeed, those descriptive characteristics above are part of a minimalist lifestyle – but it goes much deeper than that. It’s less about the rules, and more about the experience and aesthetic of each piece, item, and choices. …