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vinyl, velvet and volte-faced

black vinyl pants with chunky white sneakers and a bodysuit

If you can’t see your face in my pants, they’re probably not tight enough (and I doubt that’s the case). Feeling sleek with a fierce display of reflective fashion. If I had a spirit animal, it would be a panther, and my wild side certainly materializes with the kind of style that effects your mood. Though, underneath it all, I’m a kitten I suppose, with a soft velvet bodysuit and underlying disposition to match. Split personality you say? Just living life fun I say.

luxury fashion blogger wears commando vinyl leggings and bodysuit with chunky sneakers

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Everyone has multifaceted aspects to their core. Some more distinct than others, and some more subtle. Society tells us to be ourselves, as if it’s a singular state of being we need to force ourselves to conform to. I say, be as many versions of yourself as you think you can handle. Consistency and a strong identity have their perks. Diversity and self contradiction is more fun. A Sagittarius to the core, shifting to and from dynamics is practically second nature. Life is fluid, so why not move with it, or against it if you’re in the mood for a challenge.

reflective vinyl leather leggings

There is a misconception regarding life shifters. Some feel they have a lack of identity, control or are to quick to conform to their surroundings. Those people can kiss their reflection. I like to call it adaptability, nonconformity, and an awareness that the world is your playground. Volt-faced and ready to change my views on a dime, there are no strings holding me to preconceived ideas. There is no law saying I can’t change my mind, and there is no reason for me to keep my personality in a box.

luxury fashion blogger wears a luxury bag, velvet bodysuit and vinyl leather leggings with chunky sneakers

Also outside of the box, flipping from sporty athleisure looks, feminine boho style and this avant garde look from Commando. If you hang out with me in my Instagram stories, you’ve seen these super stretchy bodysuits before. Their primary line is a hyper-flexible material that can stretch out of place and snap back just as much as my personality. New to the line, these luxe featured pieces including velvet and vinyl leggings.

velvet bodysuit body goals

Vinyl, velvet and volte-faced. Sorry I couldn’t resist the triple VVV. All that to say, be fierce and embrace your inner animal. This is my ode to keeping yourself you, no matter how many versions of yourself that might be. It’s your world and it’s time to play.

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  1. Alyssa Brianna says

    what a lovely outfit you wear, it’s amazing and inspiring
    Alyssa |


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