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missing pieces

Made it through another semi-annual closet purging! #isurvived holy. crap. I have way too much stuff. Thank you to my girlfriends who helped migrate a few things into their own closets. As for the rest… Goodwill here I come. It’s always a good reminder to spend more on good basics, and ditch buying the froo-froo stuff. Better things last forever. (darn you TJMaxx and your seasonal sales… yeah I know, I’ll be back next weekend. sorry. love you.)

Always finding the most incredible closet inspirations online, and can only dream of one day having nice enough (and few enough) pieces to organize it in such a way that I’d just as soon have a cocktail party in there as store my clothes. Guess I’ll just keep dreaming.

In the spirit of basics, got down to the most simple (and never failing) combination. Black jeans. White T. You know those days you spend up to your last 30 seconds before you’re late for work trying on every single thing in your wardrobe with “nothing to wear”… Those last 30 seconds are a grab for these Denimocracy babies, and out the door in the nick of time. And thankfully since it’s been cleaned out, they were easy to find =)


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANON 5D MARK III | tshirt:REBEL YELL | jeggings c/o:DENIMOCRACY | sandals:NICOLE | cuffs:THPSHOP



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