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missing pieces

Made it through another semi-annual closet purging! #isurvived holy. crap. I have way too much stuff. Thank you to my girlfriends who helped migrate a few things into their own closets. As for the rest… Goodwill here I come. It’s always a good reminder to spend more on good basics, and ditch buying the froo-froo stuff. Better things last forever. (darn you TJMaxx and your seasonal sales… yeah I know, I’ll be back next weekend. sorry. love you.) Always finding the most incredible closet inspirations online, and can only dream of one day having nice enough (and few enough) pieces to organize it in such a way that I’d just as soon have a cocktail party in there as store my clothes. Guess I’ll just keep dreaming. In the spirit of basics, got down to the most simple (and never failing) combination. Black jeans. White T. You know those days you spend up to your last 30 seconds before you’re late for work trying on every single thing in your wardrobe with “nothing to wear”… Those last …

say you’ll remember me

Walked into the grocery store this weekend to the welcoming aroma of freshly brewed, pumpkin spice latte, only to discover on my way out that it was actually perfumed pinecones… who came up with this madness?! While usually apprehensive of the changing of the seasons (hey fall fans… did you forget that WINTER comes next??)… this year I actually find myself quite ready for the cool morning air. Feels like a fresh start every day. Plus, I have been eying my growing stack of knit sweaters that I’m dying to get into. So much so, that I would actually feel a bit deceitful if I did not also share with you, that I am currently wearing said sweater – even though outdoors should reach the mid-eighties today. Hey – it’s cool in the air conditioning. #dontjudge White after Labor Day? Bring it on. (I just realized all of my paragraphs begin with “W” today… weird) Wearing a new top from Danice Stores that was a total steal, and layering on the white for fall transition. Fashion rules are made to …

blank slate

Recently returned from a 3 week tour of the far east, and arrived back in the U.S. to find the trees budding, and a warm breath on the air. Ready for a fresh start into the new season, and excited to begin sharing the most recent bout about the globe with you babes. First stop – China. Actually let me take that back… after canceled flights and a number of delays, Chicago ended up being the first night – and just avoided San Fran the night after. American Airlines – you’re currently on my bad side. So with the time cut from the trip – China was barely a whisper on the wind. Wearing a Spring collection Zara one-piece that was easy and office appropriate. New THPSHOP cuff was the butter on the bread. The set was a gift from myself… big girls gotta treat themselves sometimes xoxo photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | dress:ZARA | cuffs:THPSHOP | slides:MADELINE