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Just got back from a short hop in Florida to visit my brother. My flight was delayed on the way… by 6 hours. 6 HOURS. The gate attendants offered all of the stranded would-be-passenger’s pizza for their long-suffering. How kind. Don’t get me wrong, who would be cross at them – they’re not in control of the flight. To the angry people shouting at the poor girls… go to h***. And keep your mouths shut, you’re making the poor girl cry. And learn to relax. However, do remind me to never fly Allegiant again. (enough of my rant)

Well the good news is, I had plenty of time to dally, so Instagram became my best friend of the day. Sorry if I over blasted you guys with posts on that front. Just know you were a part of the bigger picture saving of my sanity. (if it’s not already too late for that)

OOTD: Sorry had to use the very impossibly cliche acronym. I just learned what it was… at the airport… during my 6 hour delay.

Good things come to those who wait? Anyways, on the jumper wagon. Because who’s not. And they’re just comfortable. Unless you’re wearing layers, that makes going to the privy way too complicated. This one is by Cloth & Stone, which would be utility except for the fact that I can barely walk in the heels. Clearly I’ve gotten way too comfortable with my ankle boots and slides.

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photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | jumpsuit: CLOTH & STONE by Anthropology | pumps: NASTY GAL

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No this shot isn’t totally random. On this particular day, I happen to get a weekly delivery of local farm fresh produce. This is the first kale of the season and I’m stoked! Made a green juice immediately after walking in my door…. take that back… immediately after removing my shoes. Noms. What’s your favorite veggie that you like from the store but OBSESS OVER from the garden?

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