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oversized sweater style

how to wear oversized sweater style

Spotting oversize sweaters everywhere? We’re not talking about loose or slightly baggy sweaters. We’re talking about huge, body-swallowing sweater styles remixed into some really original looks. It’s officially sweater weather, and winter fashion 2017 is updating the trend with a casual update on this season’s favorite staple, sweaters. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | oversized sweater c/o:GRANA | boots c/o:SHOES OF PREY Wearing a sweater just got more fun If you’re like me, your closet is literally bursting at the seams with thick, chunky knits wadded up on shelves and hangers alike. So cozy, so warm, what’s not to love? This year, your favorite staples are being worn with a twist, with the rise of oversized sweater style taking over the street style terrain. Check out some of my favorite fashion blockers rocking the trend! You’ll notice in the below ootd inspo, each oversized sweater outfit is centralized on the cozy, comfort factor of the knit. Everything else is secondary. Image and inspo cred of these inspirational fashion bloggers from top left to bottom …

luxury streetstyle blogger

knot dress and luxury streetstyle

Too in love with this dress gifted from Too Damn Expensive to not write a blog post about it. If you caught the IG post, you know it’s one of my favorite looks of the season. Knotted everything is so on point for a fresh take on deconstructed basics. From knot-back sweaters to knotted slides, this twisted classic has been flooding streetstyle looks starting from spring and moving heavily into fall. What’s great about the trend? It’s completely fresh, but totally wearable so you’re not screaming “oh, that girl must be in fashion.” It’s edgy, but still wearable for a night out or day in the office. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | dress c/o:TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE | luxury tote:GIVENCHY | shoes c/o:SHOES OF PREY | sunnies:RAYBAN In regards to this dress in particular, the look is also extremely versatile. You can choose to leave the straps tied or untied for a more relaxed fit. Looking for an even more dramatic update? You can knot the bottom of the hem with the side panels …

luxury fashion blogger

not the same as I was with you

Back where we started, and doin’ just fine. Change is in the water, and the water feels right. The sky is pale, and the faint smell of my packed sandwich is somehow suffocating. The train is in motion, and it’s moving fast – goodbye NYC, the journey back to where it started begins. The mood? Calm. Still like the water in the windless exterior on the other side of the glass. Out there it’s deceivingly cold, with only a faint chill creeping through the window sill. Song on repeat: Frenship’s Capsize. 8 hours left to go and I’ll once again be home. Catching up on notes from the week, sorting through holiday photos reliving time well spent. Giving in to the journey set before me, today and for the years to come. Contemplating life’s most recent twists and turns, and once again find myself facing uncertainty… but with open arms. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III |ootd c/o:LULU’S | luxury sterling silver and diamond jewelry c/o:MICHAEL HILL Change is inevitable. I’m only grateful for those opportunities that …

say you’ll remember me

Walked into the grocery store this weekend to the welcoming aroma of freshly brewed, pumpkin spice latte, only to discover on my way out that it was actually perfumed pinecones… who came up with this madness?! While usually apprehensive of the changing of the seasons (hey fall fans… did you forget that WINTER comes next??)… this year I actually find myself quite ready for the cool morning air. Feels like a fresh start every day. Plus, I have been eying my growing stack of knit sweaters that I’m dying to get into. So much so, that I would actually feel a bit deceitful if I did not also share with you, that I am currently wearing said sweater – even though outdoors should reach the mid-eighties today. Hey – it’s cool in the air conditioning. #dontjudge White after Labor Day? Bring it on. (I just realized all of my paragraphs begin with “W” today… weird) Wearing a new top from Danice Stores that was a total steal, and layering on the white for fall transition. Fashion rules are made to …

some days can be classic

So this wardrobe combo isn’t particularly in my preferred choice of adorning myself. Though nothing is inherently wrong with it. In fact, I find it to be a quite pleasant combo – it’s just not very “me”. The shoot was for a corporate project for one of our brands, Nicole Shoes. Classy, sophisticated, homey. I tend to lean towards modern, minimal, and even a bit cold. So needless to say this left me feeling a bit froo-froo by the time we wrapped the day up. Many times in the fashion industry, one has to become flexible with adopting a unique persona for the brands or items they will be representing. And to be quite good, one must actually put themselves aside and “become” that person. After all, if you want to convince someone else, you’re going to have to be convinced yourself! Which can leave one feeling a bit like a disorientated chameleon. Blogging, I’m refreshed to find to be the complete opposite. Here, one has the freedom to express yourself fully, completely, and unconditionally. The clearer version of yourself you become, …

bad siding

I know, I know – the location for these photos is terrible. But that’s just where I happened to be, and had to post because I’m in love with this new sweater. It continues to be a rainy and dark week (daylight savings, usually I despise you – but I’m ready for you to show up any day now). Weather may be most universally wardrobe defining influences – sweaters and baggy jeans here we all come. And do pardon my lazy hair day. photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | sweater:SIONI | jeans:LEVI’S | boots:BACIO61

shear camo

What to do over a drizzly weekend other than shop and blog. Darker days call for chunky sweaters and combat boots, don’t you agree? Found several new baubles I couldn’t live without, but my prize find was a new lambskin rug – which my darling pup quickly claimed as her own. I think she felt at home snuggled in the winter white that she so well blended in. Needless to say, the following hours of our afternoon were totally lost in zzzz’s. photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III |  sweater:KENSIE | shorts:GUESS | boots:OTBT        

apparently jogging

Happy Friday followers. I don’t know about you but I was ready to make a dash out of the office no sooner than I had arrived. And apparently this ootd is just perfect to do so. I got asked twice at work if I was on my way out for a quick run. Which means I take sports influence way too seriously, or maybe it just really hasn’t caught on in this tiny town in Virginia yet. Either way, jog or not (let’s be honest, I prefer not) I’m feeling pretty content and ready to take on the weekend in my Nike track jacket and Dimmi trainers. – Sooner rather than later. photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | dress:SILENCE+NOISE | track jacket:NIKE | sneakers:DIMMI

pumps before utility

Just got back from a short hop in Florida to visit my brother. My flight was delayed on the way… by 6 hours. 6 HOURS. The gate attendants offered all of the stranded would-be-passenger’s pizza for their long-suffering. How kind. Don’t get me wrong, who would be cross at them – they’re not in control of the flight. To the angry people shouting at the poor girls… go to h***. And keep your mouths shut, you’re making the poor girl cry. And learn to relax. However, do remind me to never fly Allegiant again. (enough of my rant) Well the good news is, I had plenty of time to dally, so Instagram became my best friend of the day. Sorry if I over blasted you guys with posts on that front. Just know you were a part of the bigger picture saving of my sanity. (if it’s not already too late for that) OOTD: Sorry had to use the very impossibly cliche acronym. I just learned what it was… at the airport… during my 6 …