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on the edge of nothing

Time flies like a turbo yet, and life is living in the fast lane.

It’s easy to get caught in the stream, but as important to keep it from flowing over you. There is an enormous value in an organized, structured plan for daily tasks – and staying ahead of those to keep stay on the edge of nothing. Currently attempting to do just that by crossing off a few projects and to-dos to get a head start on Monday. While I prefer to spend Sundays in bed, it’s a pearl knowing you have a jumpstart on the week as well. Spring approaching, it’s also time to get a start on wardrobe cleansing (those piles on my floor are just getting taller) and living life as a minimalist has become far from the truth.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | long vest c/o:FABRIZIO GIANNI | pants c/o:FABRIZIO GIANNI | shoes c/o:NICOLE | wallet c/o:STATUS ANXIETY | arm cuff c/o:WREN GLORY | mother of pearl beads c/o:ZACASHA | mother of pearl ring c/o:CHAINLESS BRAIN (use code: KRIS15 for 15% off!) | timepice c/o:KLARF


Pieces that make it through the purge will need to be carefully selected to get my item count back to a reasonable level. My hangers are literally overlapping at this point… yikes. Anyone else over ready for Spring cleaning? Priority “keeps” should always be anchored in strong classics and quality materials, the rest choose carefully my loves!

Just in from Fabrizio Gianni are two definite survivors, aka this vest and pant from their new collection. I was so excited when the package came in, each piece had to be tried on at once. There entire shop is what dreams are made of. This new slip-on pant couldn’t have a better fit – and the material for both came out of the box wrinkle free – if that’s not your ideal then I don’t know what is. Long vests are also a staple must-have, and looking forward to styling this in different layers as the season allows. For now – straight forward and on the edge with pearl details from Zacasha and Chainless brain, and tonal Nicole shooties to match.


(Note: Please ignore my weird finger pose in the above photo. Apparently testing the wind). Anyone else starting their wardrobe swap? How to you decide keep or sweep? Happy Sunday and have a beautiful week ahead xoxo



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  2. Always on point you are and wow, those pants come in wrinkle free? YES that’s a dream! Haha. I’m into those tonal boots you’re wearing, uber gorgeous. Talking about spring cleaning, I’ve got a monster job to do. I just need to start, somewhere. LOL xoxo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

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    • yes! seriously I couldn’t believe it. they came so nicely packed first off… but when I pulled them out and didn’t have to steam… my heart was stolen haha


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