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summer’s blush brightened with pastels

sporty pastel fashion featuring lie and fabrizio gianni

Summer has never felt warmer – and not in the temperature department (though that’s been quite pleasant as well). Every year brings tides of change, and this one has been filled with some of the brightest moments I can recall. The biggest blessing in life is being able to wake each morning eager to start the day, and I sincerely hope that each of you experience the same.

And those days when you are able to see the light – soak up the sun and enjoy without looking back.

In not-so-far history, I recall having days nearly impossible to rise, anxious for what the day might hold – and other mornings spent longing for just a moment of rest after 80 hour work weeks back-to-back. Yet somehow one of the most prominent contributing factors to this bright warm summer today is having come from those days of struggles past. Learning what it means to give your all to reach goals that in the moment may seem impossible. There will always be battles uphill, but the moments of light between are worth fighting for.

pastel fashion with lie jacket and otbt shoes

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | all white sheath dress c/o:FABRIZIO GIANNI (use code: dayinmydreams for 15% off) | pastel blush pink jacket c/o:LIE | normcore sneakers c/o:OTBT | pastel blush strap timepiece c/o:THE TIME KEEPERS | pastel rosegold earbuds c/o:VAIN STHLM | diamond and silver stack rings c/o:K D’ANGELO

This past week has been spent doing just that. With 80’s and sunny, family in town, and a sense of accomplishment – the blushing warmth of the season couldn’t have come at a better time. Pulling those feelings of warmth and light into the wardrobe, I’ve found myself playing with warm pastel tones in my otherwise monochrome wardrobe. Yes friends – color. This blush jacket by LIE has been a gateway to a new world, and I find my eyes suddenly being drawn to shades of spring blossoms, butter cake and champaign. (sounds good right?)

blush pastel pink normcore jacket

pastel pink normcore jacket and all white sheath dress

Sheath dresses have been a staple as a work-friendly option on the go. This all white piece by Fabrizio Gianni is an absolute favorite with simple lines and a great structure flattering to every body type. Having already established the brand as a go-to for quality essentials in the past, this dress proved to be no exception, and plays an important role in the brightening of my summer wardrobe.

You can find more looks featuring Fabrizio Gianni here and here.

all white fabrizio gianni sheath dress

all white normcore otbt sporty sneakerspink and blush fashion accessories

Paring blush pastels and sneakers together for a sporty-fashion normcore vibe… One couldn’t be happier strolling through summer’s glow. Hope you’re enjoying the warmth of the season inside and out.


  1. Love yet another one of your posts including colour! Constantly challenging me to even just look at non-monochrome clothes. Happy Wednesday babe! xx

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