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bespoke mother’s day gift ideas

Unconditional love, support and friendship, a mother is one of the most cherished relationships in our lives that no one could ever replace. Mother’s Day is just a week away, and finding something special to express your love and gratitude can be challenging. 

Instead of defaulting to something generic, get her a gift she’ll truly love that shows just how much you know and understand her. Need some inspo to get started?

Here are some unique, out of the box, bespoke gift ideas for Mother’s day or any special occasions for the women in your life. 

For the master chef, homemaker and entertainer: DLISH gift boxes

No one ever really cooks quite like mom. But how often does she treat herself to exquisite food and kitchen goods? DLISH curates bespoke gift boxes and elevated home goods from the epicenter of food culture – Italy. Combining food, art and design into a one-of-a-kind experience, DLISH is an excellent gift idea for the mom who loves to cook and entertain. Each gift box is curated with rare, exquisite items from local craftsman and artisans with only limited quantities available, and they’re delightfully packaged in bright art-deco colors that make them a fun, playful gift to give and receive. 

If you want to learn more, you can read my full review of DLISH Gift boxes (I’ve tried three!) or shop their collection online with free shipping.

For the homebody and lovers of comfort: weighted blanked 

For the mom who’s embraced life at home, get her a weighted blanket to help take the weight off her shoulders. Weighted blankets can help reduce stress with a strangely calming effect.

I got one from Bearaby last winter and it has been a great home accessory to have around for days you’re seeking just a bit of extra comfort. Plus, they’re super chic.


For the on-trend fashion and accessory lovers: Artizan trendy gold plated jewelry

I just recently discovered Artizan Jewelry, and they have so many pieces to love. Their style is trendy and aesthetic, yet a good assortment of rich looking luxe classics. They’re a good source for fashionable jewelry that should last longer than your average fashion finds, as they are crafted with quality stainless steel and plated in 18K gold.

For the natural beauty lover and ageless beauties: Biossance Rose Oil and Eye Cream

I first tried and reviewed Biossance rose oil and assortment of beauty products last spring, and have only glowing (literally) things to say about the entire product line. After I tried it and loved it so much, I brought my mom the assortment as a gift to try as well. My mom and I both are now daily users of several of their products, and we’ve enjoyed visibly smoother and happier skin ever since.

Her favorite, the Biossance Squalane + Maine Algae Eye Cream. The Squalane + Maine Algae Eye Cream instantly firms, lifts, and smooths the look of skin. My personal favorite, the Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. My skin has improved so much since using.

For the timeless fashion and handbag lover: Status Anxiety buttery leather handbags

When I think soft buttery leather, I think Status Anxiety. Status Anxiety crafts beautiful leather bags for men and women. I’ve worn mine through airports, errands and everywhere in between, and they not only receive compliments, they’ve withheld the test of time and wear. Their designs are simple and chic, and work well into a wardrobe of timeless essentials.

They’ve also mastered pocket placement and easy closures, so they’re as functional as they are beautiful.


For the homemaker and aesthetic artists: Modern home accents

Is your mom into sprucing up her home with fresh decor from time to time? Matches Fashion has some luxurious home decor items that are not just your average knick knack – they’re true works of art. You can find ceramic and earthenware vases, designer wine goblets, specialty serving wear and mohair blankets from the best designers in luxury home decor.


For the jet setter and beach dwellers: Saint Laurent Rive Gauche raffia beach tote

The Saint Laurent Rive Gauche beach tote is the perfect Mother’s day gift idea for the jet setter and beach dweller. Perfect to toss in a towel and seaside essentials, this gift is effortlessly stylish, on trend, and practical (just like she likes). A little pricey for a beach tote, but she deserves it. After all, how often does she treat herself to true luxury?

image cred: LEON AND GEORGE

For the plant moms: Exotic Living indoor plants

Skip the flowers and go for longevity with a beautiful, exotic houseplant. If you mom loves her life as a plant mom, you can find some really specialty plant selections at Leon and George that also arrive in beautiful mid-century modern potters – perfectly ready to gift.


For the jewelry lover: new classic IVI toy chain bracelet

For the jewelry lover, this luxe gold bracelet is the perfect new classic mom can wear alone or stack with her favorites. It has a rich texture and bold links that make it a modern statement piece now, and a classic staple later.

For a lover of a good fragrance: Replica perfume by Maison Margiela

Speaking of luxury, Maison Margiela’s Replica line of perfumes is an olfactory treat every mom can appreciate. There’s a scent for everyone, and you can check out my Maison Margiela Replica perfume review to select a fragrance more personalized for your special someone.

Looking for more Mother’s Day gift ideas?

You can shop my curated list of 34 surprisingly sophisticated gifts from Amazon and get them here in a flash. Or, browse this season’s curated list of best luxe summer accessories and gift ideas from Neiman Marcus.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, some items in this post were gifted, and may receive affiliate commissions on some items in this post. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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