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7 simple luxuries you can enjoy from home or nearby

Looking for things to do from home or nearby that feel like a luxury experience? Every year there comes I time I pace restlessly considering what to do for those days you just can’t manage to hop on a plane to the next adventure. Especially the past couple of years, when you’re in search of new inspiration during lockdown. 

If you’re starting to feel the ache of cabin fever, here are a few simple luxuries you can indulge in from home or nearby, anytime you need an escape. 

Grab a coffee and go for a scenic drive

I’m all about efficiency, as such, I typically brew my java from home. But grabbing a coffee at a local coffee shop not only helps support local businesses, it’s also a $2 ticket to a French roast guided tour of the most beautiful areas in your city. Grab a venti, go for a drive, and discover some place beautiful you can enjoy from the warmth of your car. 

Visit a local art gallery

Even most rural communities have places you can go to view the local art. Check out your local gallery listing and enjoy a day of artistic inspiration by yourself or with a friend.

Go out just for dessert

Want to experience something decadent? Skip dinner and go out just for dessert. You’ll be able to focus on the sweet treat without a steak dinner hangover, and something about an after dinner outing feels whimsical and indulgent.

Take a long soak and don’t forget snacks

After a long day at the office, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as an uninterrupted soak in a hot tub. Don’t forget the snacks and Epsom salts. Make your experience as luxurious as you want, with upgrades like champaign and candlelight.

Light a candle and curl up with a good book

Speaking of candles, a little light goes a long way in winter’s gloom. Light a candle, or a room of candles, and curl up with a good book. Luxury experiences are what you make of them, and setting the mood will give you the mental escape you crave.

Schedule a massage or spa day

A deep tissue massage is a part of many of my luxury escapes. Scheduling a massage or spa day from home almost feels like a resort getaway, minus the palm trees. 

Play some music and create something

In an era of information, we’re on overload 99% of the time. Clear your mind and practice being present by putting on some music that gets you in a mood, and use your hands to create something. Paint, cook, or get artsy re-doing a corner of your home. Giving your mind simple tasks will give you a much needed mental escape from today’s havoc. 

Anyone else desperate to create luxury experiences indulgent enough to actually enjoy a bit of the cooler season? Share your activities from home or nearby that help you escape. 

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