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spring fashion trend – bucket hats are back, and still not going anywhere

Vogue has officially declared that the bucket hat fashion trend is going no where.

You can thank Y2K fashion and the early return of 90’s and early 2000’s style. The bucket hat is officially back on the fashion scene. And with its laid back yet edgy vibe, there are plenty of reasons to embrace the trend.

What are bucket hats

Yes, I’m talking about the fisherman style hat with its narrow, downward-sloping brim. While fashion leaders and celebrities have been obsessed with the re-emergence of the bucket hat trend since 2020, they’re making even bigger headlines in spring 2022. 

image cred @dayinmydreams

Typically made of canvas, the most outrageous styles have even been spotted in thick padded faux fur and shag (but let’s not go there). 

image cred: @haileybaldwinbieber

Who’s wearing them

Fashion leading celebrities like Bella Hadid, Hailey Beiber and musician Duo Lipa have all been spotted wearing bucket hats on the repeat paired with beach style and street style alike.

The ever fashion social circle has also widely adopted the trend, rocking bucket hats with y2k fashion, retro outfits, and minimalist ensembles (my favorite of course).

image cred: Pinterest

I’ve personally just expanded my bucket hat collection to two. With a faux shearling style I wore through the cold season, I’ve just splurged on a new Jaquemus bucket hat as a staple for my spring and summer wardrobe. 

image cred @stylesightworldwide

How to style your bucket hat

While the weather is still chilly, you can style your bucket hats with cozy knits, tailored trousers and leather ensembles. For spring style, lighten it up with flowy shirts, beachwear, preppy style and your favorite 90’s throwbacks. 

You can also browse some great bucket hat outfit ideas on the Editorialist.

image cred: Pinterest

Where to shop bucket hats

For my minimalist wardrobe, I opted for a luxury piece since I know this is something I’ll be able to rewear throughout the season. My top pick, the Jaquemus Off-White La Montagne ‘Le Bob Gadjo’ Hat.

the Jaquemus Off-White La Montagne ‘Le Bob Gadjo’ Hat. Image cred FWRD

Prada bucket hats have also been a key item, ranging from solid canvas to jeweled evening wear looks. You can shop them at most luxury fashion retailers. I grabbed mine from SSENSE, and you can shop my favorites from their assortment below.

Shop the look:


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