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from the end of the world to the fastest returning fashion trend – y2k is back

For all my millennial comrades wondering, y2k is making a monumental return – but this time as a fashion trend, not the end of the world as we know it. And this season it’s all about the aesthetic.

image cred @haileybeiber

While 90’s returned almost as quickly as they ended, y2k may be the fastest fashion trend turnaround of all time. Celebrating an era of curious youth, simple tanks, bucket hats, chunky footwear and yes… low rise cargos are making a return. 

What is y2k fashion? 

Talking decades, y2k fashion covers the late ’90’s and early to mid 2000’s. For millennials, it’s all about the throwback to early teens and capturing those fond memories of youth and exploring new found freedoms. 

image cred: The Trend Spotter

Defined by pop culture, it’s a little less about bringing back Britney, and a little more about expressing style at that stage when you transition from youth to adulthood. As such, exploring what it means to feel “sexy” is a big definer of the trend, mixed with whimsical elements of youth. 

Yes, we’re talking teeny-tiny mini skirts and butterfly clips. 

image cred @haileybeiber

Key pieces in y2k fashion trends

So what exactly does the evolution of y2k fashion look like almost 25 years after it’s first debut? Here are some of the pieces making a comeback:

  • Low-rise jeans: Not everyone is ready to ditch their mom jeans, so you can expect to see a mix of high rise, boot cut denim and ultra low rise hipsters.
  • Wide leg pants and cargo pants: Get ready for more wide leg jeans and the return of cargo pants.
  • Ribbed cardigans: Cardigans have returned, specifically in ribbed knits and crop styles. Just like the 2000’s baby.
  • Teeny Tiny Mini skirts: Miu Miu made a big statement with their low-rise micro mini skirt on the SS22 runways. Let’s just say barely there is the new mini skirt standard.
  • Corset tops: The cropped, the better
  • Mesh second skin: For tops, for skirts, for the silhouette
  • Whimsical accessories: Yes, like the ones you made at camp. Whimsical childhood accessories are also making a strong comeback with plastic beading, bucket hats, scrunchies and bejeweled hair clips.
  • Colored sunnies: Regretted this in the 2000’s not sure I’ll be adopting it again. But regrettably as it is, they’re back.
  • Low-rise maxi skirts: Get beach ready to expose those hip-bone baring mid sections.
  • Baby tees: With the excuse to mom it just shrunk in the wash.
image cred @jacquiealexander

Who’s most excited about the return of y2k fashion

One of my very favorite fashion bloggers @jacquiealexander is absolutely killing the y2k fashion trend. Follow her for more inspo.

The word is out y2k fashion trend is just getting started, and FW23 runways are already following suit. So now may be a good time to start planning out your summer wardrobe.

image cred: Yahoo covers Miu Miu runway

Fall runways are already being littered with more of the trend from more low-rise denim to extreme mini skirts and shag jackets. Dare we mention the Juicy velour track suits… let’s hope not. But I won’t be betting on it. 

Rihanna was recently quoted in Bustle, “the silver eyeliner I’m wearing right now is very y2k! It’s definitely where I’m at with beauty as well. I love that era.” – Rihanna

image cred @ootdsubmit features Kendall Jenner and Hailey Beiber

Fashion icons like Bella Hadid and Hailey Beiber are also rediscovering their love for the nostalgic fashion trends, often spotted in their favorite 2000s inspired pieces.

Where to shop y2k fashion

Don’t be afraid to stop at vintage clothing stores and second hand to pick up a few authentic pieces from the y2k era – they’re still readily available if your eyes can spot out the treasures.

Of course, high end designers have also adopted the trend, so if this feels like the new you, go ahead and invest in some Jacquemus and Miu Miu

image cred @miaou

Miaou is basically defining the trend. Their entire collection exudes 2000s style. If you’re looking for something in the mid-tier fashion range, Revolve is littered with the trend with an assortment of 2 piece low rise skirt sets, y2k accessories, and casual essentials like baby tee crop tops, daisy cardigans, hair claws and checkered prints.  

image cred: S-kin Studio

Planning to adopt the y2k fashion trend? My new Jacquemus bucket hat is my sign – I’ll be there. After all, what’s not to love about a nostalgic throwback to the simpler times of your early teens? I’ll see you there.

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