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Demi Lovato’s “Confident” stuck in my head. Holy girl-power… if that’s not enough to get you strutting your stuff this weekend, not sure what will.

The past week has been spent in mindful debate over a new direction in my working carrier. When you come to a crux in life, it can be difficult to be confident that, (within the rush of emotions and opportunities) the decision you make will be the best one. But more than right or wrong, it’s most important that when you do make the choice, you stick to it with guns blazing. No one can predict the future, but you can wield the direction of the day with your choices. So here’s to being confident that today will be your day, and you will live it boldly.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:NIKON D90 | silk blouse:VINCE | skirt c/o:DIARIO DE UNA COUTURIER | luggage set:TUMI | shoes c/o:CLARKS | stack rings c/o:K D’ANGELO


With a fresh working mindset – and this totally beautiful new luggage set gifted to me by a good friend Manish, the feeling of a new era is beginning to set in. (Apparently my long-loved backpack with broken zipper pulls and a tiny hole was no longer acceptable). #whatswrongwithducttape If you’re ever in the Manhattan area in the mood to shop, be sure to swing by the Tumi store in Soho and give Chris Sabella a hello from Manish and myself.

Rings from K D’Angelo you’ve seen before… they’re so versatile I hardly take them off. And when you’re trying to pack light, the more ways you can wear the same thing, the better.


Skirt just in straight from Barcelona from a designer there with the label Diario De Una Coutier. Her pieces are simply luxurious. Also pleased to find out the skirt has a bit of stretch, so the fit was flawless. The capsule collection is loaded with best essentials, and the warm tones and textures make it totally hands on (literally, I want to touch everything).

Wrapping up with thoughts for the rest of the week, step in the direction you want to go, and the rest of you will follow.


“It’s time for me to take it,
I’m the boss right now.
Not gonna fake it,
Not when you go down.
‘Cause this is my game,
And you better come to play,…

So you say I’m complicated,
That I must be outta my mind,
But you’ve had me underrated.

What’s wrong with being confident?” -Demi Lovato


  1. sanssouci says

    Beautiful post and black and white looks as always! Every single thing works fantastic on you, from the slit of your skirt [which I waaaant] to your casual elegant shirt, delicately tucked in! Your luggage set is simply perfect, in love with the lines and the silver details!

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  2. The skirt just looks amazing on you!!!! You made a great styling!!!! Just love it!!!! Your career will follow ok. You just need to hear your heart and your head and made a kind of a balance.
    Thank you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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