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Good morning and happy Saturday. Just a quicky post of today’s morning ritual. VA has been blessed with 70’s and sunny this nearly holiday weekend. And despite the weather, Christmas has come early! Spending the quiet hours of the morning sorting through goodies, setting up the TV’s new sound system,  and listening to Elvis’ Christmas CD… who else but #theking


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | pj set c/o:ADORE ME | natural skincare c/o:NUDE | chain bracelet c/o:FOXY ORIGINALS | geo ring c/o:FOXY ORIGINALS | bralette c/o:ADORE ME


And speaking of early Christmas, so excited for this gift set from NUDE. True story: I was cleaning out my sample drawer. You know, the one stocked courtesy of Sephora… holding tiny viles of perfumes you’ll never wear and cremes for every inch of your body possibly imaginable. Amongst those, stood out a completely empty purple vile of cleansing oil. I had kept it intending to order the full size, but apparently it had gotten lost along the way. And yes you’ve guessed correctly, it was from NUDE! Love them because their formulas are all-natural, and one of the few products that react positively with my sensitive skin. #stoked


Other deets from and pretty things from Adore Me and Foxy Originals. And since I’ve been sitting here playing with them and chatting with you all, the sound system has been completely set-up (don’t you love it when stuff get’s done while you’re sitting on the couch?) Netflix binging for the rest of the day? I think yes. Cheerio xoxo


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