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hey there slick

Apparently have an unquenchable taste for all-black lately. I swear I’ll branch out later this week… maybe. I’ve been musing over Instagram’s never ending inspirations, and really feeling the knee-ripped jeans and succulent vibes. Unfortunately, I don’t have a green thumb, so I’ll have to live sans pop of spiny greenery for now. However, here’s my nod to western undertones, the minimalist’s edition of course.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:NIKON D90 | top:EXPRESS | jeans:ROCKSTAR | bucket bag c/o:THE LEATHER COLLECTIVE | silk scarf c/o:VèVèlle | timepiece c/o:FJORD | boots c/o:OTBT

2015-0907-hey-there-slick-082015-0907-hey-there-slick-042015-0907-hey-there-slick-03 2015-0907-hey-there-slick-07

By far my favorite bag silhouette of the year, introducing my very first (and favorite) bucket bag from The Leather Collective. Hand crafted hide, this piece has been my go-to since it arrived. (was that just an adorable, unplanned rhyme… yes… yes it was.) What I like about it: bucket bags roomy enough to haul around my daily equipment needs, without being as bulky as a tote. Plus I’m a huge sucker for rich leather, so this was a no brainer for me. Their designs have a nice raw edge, which to me gives it that extra luxurious minimal touch.

As you guys know, I’m also a huge fan of supporting entrepreneurs, and Weifen is truly that – as well as a fantastic person to work with. They do some custom designs and embossing as well… more from them coming soon, in the mean time be sure to check out her shop here!

2015-0907-hey-there-slick-10 2015-0907-hey-there-slick-262015-0907-hey-there-slick-11

My scarf you say? I know. It’s incredible. Hello fall, I can now welcome you with open arms. VèVèlle uses only the highest quality materials for their capsule collection. To me, these are one of those things you just can’t skimp on since the focus goes straight to the materials and movement of the fabrics. Definitely worth the investment for a nice fall statement piece. My favorite is the Terre Natale that I’m wearing. They also have several with tropical vibes and yummy colors.

I’ve been looking up different ways to tie it and still haven’t finalized on my favorite.  I found this video that was pretty helpful, but it’s fun to be creative and invent your own ways to tie it up. Ideas anyone? #helpme

2015-0907-hey-there-slick-15 2015-0907-hey-there-slick-16 2015-0907-hey-there-slick-17

The lone ranger then walked, with a steadfast gaze, alone into the sunset…. or just to the other side of the pavement. whatever. Later babes.



  1. I love your take on simplistic Western! This black on black is so chic and I especially love the scarf around your neck. I’ve never had the guts to wear something like that, it always feels a little too ‘out there’ for me, but I love how this look came together on you! Maybe I need to step out of my comfort zone a little :)


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  2. Yey so happy! Finally this post came out! Okay here is the thing you look fab in black, this is absolutely your color. The look is amazing I would probabbly wear it on a car trip! And yes I love your eyebrows with your green eyes and the piercing is amazing. I am not a fan of piercings but on you it looks cool. The bag is super at the first moment I tought that was the one of M. Gavriel.
    With Love Soraya xx

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