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Up next, WWDMagic (Vegas brace yourself… here I come) Though the show has not yet begun, I’ve allowed myself a slight sigh of relief, as our heavy lifting for August show prep is now coming to an end. The past several weeks have been a total rush, and despite the dwindling post-it note collection on my desk, it’s always a challenge to let go of the anxiety of projects and deadlines, and allowing the seeping need for rest to take it’s place. September?… yeah, I’ll be in bed.

Though travel is my passion, the epitome of comfort is being home – in my wrinkled sheets, with nothing better to do than sip coffee, idly flipping through pages in a book or binge watching Netflix for hours. There was once a place surrounding my childhood home – so quite – you could walk for hours and never see a car or another living soul.

That peace, the stillness, no sound aside from your own beating heart and the wind flicking through the trees – that is home.

Welcome to a glimpse of what that looks like today. Something about a solid chunky-knit sweater really ups the comfort factor to me. Who doesn’t like to feel cuddled all over?


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III |  knit:C. WONDER | shorts:BLACKFIVE | cuffs:THPSHOP | earrings c/o: JJDR | triple bar ring c/o:ROCKSBOX (get a month of free jewelry with code: dayinmydreamsxoxo ) | instagram feed booklets:CHATBOOKS (get one free with my code: HJX2LNP4 )

2015-0813-lets-get-cozy-032015-0813-lets-get-cozy-042015-0813-lets-get-cozy-05  2015-0813-lets-get-cozy-152015-0813-lets-get-cozy-11

Those square bound booklets – they’re my Instagram feed! (just came in the mail this morning) Found this site called chatbooks that prints directly from your IG into these memorable booklets (apparently I’m a sucker for sentiment) Get your first 60 page book free with my code: HJX2LNP4


What does home mean to you? Hoping wherever you are, you’re able to enjoy a moment of that this weekend. xoxo


  1. I can totally relate! To me home is the place where you can set everything into place to make you feel comfortable. You’re free and able to forget about anything when you’re at home

    Natalia | Lindifique

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  2. You make relaxing at home so classy and beautiful! I’m the complete opposite, my hair’s always a mess and I’m mostly in my pyjamas haha anyway that sweater looks so cosy and that instagram book is such a great idea! Hope you have a great week :)

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  3. This year has been tough on traveling. With a bunch of jobs I’ve traveled all over the world, and although the destination is always fun I constantly miss home. My bed, my kitchen, my cats, my comfy socks waiting for me – there’s something magical about home.

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  4. I have to say, I don’t even look half as gorgeous and chic as you do in the vicinity of my bedroom! I love chunky knits as that’s my go to look with skinny jeans when the temperature drops. You are such an inspiration dear! Good luck with your trip in Vegas! Will be seeing your fun times there via your IG posts :) xo~ Lena

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