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athletic lounge

Lazy in athletic wear a contradiction?… nah. Ok but for real, the gym is calling my name. Returned from Las Vegas last night, and my liver is begging for a cleanse. Goals for the day: leave work on time – get my sweat game on.

In other news, had a great show at WWDMagic, and some of my favorite shoes are already sold out for next Spring! Had the opportunity to meet some key blogging influencers at the convention. It’s really incredible the amount of support in the fashion community. Whether people are doing it for a hobby or career, I’ve yet to be welcomed with anything but open arms and freely shared advise and encouragement.

A special thanks to Linh Nguyen from Linhwinn for taking a chunk of time sharing her experience on such a personal level. Her advise: be personal, have some fun, and always stay true to yourself.

In that same spirit, I’ve recently connected with a new friend, Soraya who has just launched her very first blog The La La Mode. She’s got a great eye for minimalist fashion, and a genuinely beautiful person. So be sure to check her out, leave some comments, and give her some support! She’s also posted an interview with me, so if you’re curious about the inside madness, you can find it here.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | jacket c/o:DEAD LEGACY | triple bar ring c/o:ROCKSBOX (get a month of free jewelry with code: dayinmydreamsxoxo )


Wearing (besides not much) my house lounge vibes, which I’m choosing to call sporty rather than couch potato. Cozy quilted jacket from Dead Legacy. Aside from having a stellar name, this UK brand specializes in super-soft jersey materials and casuals. More coming from them soon, and in the meantime you can check out their online selection here.2015-0813-dead-legacy-092015-0813-dead-legacy-022015-0813-dead-legacy-08

Drink water, be healthy, treat your body good, and have a fantastic week XXX


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