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a tether keeping me there

In a place inescapable, and not wanting to leave. Welcome to one of the many wonders of the world, Natural Bridge. Deemed the “Bridge of God” by the Indians who discovered it, this archway was carved from the seemingly still waters that run through it’s gateway.

Whether it was the contrast of shade beneath the bridge, or the cool blue of the water’s reflection, my breath felt hot against the stone, like an earthen beast lurking in the dark in search for prey.

….ooor maybe I just felt like a bad-ass wearing laced leather shorts and killer sandals. Either way, it made the adventure all the more exciting. Which, by the way – I was able to enjoy with dad and bother visiting for the weekend. If you ever find yourself in VA, this place is great for an all-day of play with trails along the bridge, a semi-large zoo, and the deepest caves on the East Coast.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III |  top:VINCE | shorts:NASTYGAL | gladiators:OTBT | pendant and chain c/o:SILVER MOTH


And if you can appreciate beauty that takes time, check out Silver Moth and their secret behind crafting this hand-cast pendant. The process is called “drip wax” and I was truly amazed by the amount of time and steady hands it takes for each tiny masterpiece to come to life.


Tell me you don’t want to jump in that water right now, I dare you. Wishing you all a happy weekend. NYC bound tomorrow for FFaNY for the week, so keep in touch on IG and I’ll be seeing you there. choo-choo.


  1. oh wow, that’s a beautiful place kristina! and i swear i’m not a creeper… but i love your skin so much. like it literally glows! your entire body!

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