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you and the moon

Worlds colliding this week with preparation for FFaNY and WWDMagic, in addition to having family in town for the next couple of days. Yet again, finding myself wishing there were a few extra hours in each day, but then – that’s better than wishing them away.

The past few months have brought with them many changes, and I find my heart to be as restless as the world around me. On the brink of a breakthrough, or on the edge of devastation – some part of me finds pleasure in the conflict.

It’s like being a speck caught in a whirlwind – and as unsettling as that might sound, the adrenaline rush is totally worth the ride.

Carrying over the winds into this week’s wardrobe, I found myself playing a lot with combining sport elements into a casual-tailored blend. Those mornings when you find just the right combo and think… “yes. heck yes. today is going to be a killer day…” yeah, it was like that.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | kimono:FOREVER21 | shoes c/o:CLARKS  |  double bar cuff c/o:ROCKSBOX (use code:DAYINMYDREAMSXOXO for a free month)  |  jewelry c/o:JJDR |  iphone case c/o:SNAPMADE | cosmetic bag c/o:SNAPMADE | portable charger c/o:LEPOW


Very excited to share my latest collaboration with Clarks as a Trend Setter! Being from the world of shoes, they’ve been a company I’ve had my eyes on as of late with the new things they’ve been doing with their line up. Thought Clarks were your mom’s favorite shoe brand and haven’t dug much deeper? Trust me, it’s time to look again. Their new collection has several pairs now on my wishlist, and this first set – it’s just me getting started.


Also still geeking out over this cuff from JJDR. If you follow my Instagram, you’re already fully aware of my obsession.


In the bag, customized “Day in my dreams” case and portable charger for the many times I kill my battery reading blogs and playing on Instagram. Yes, I am that creepy person stalking your profile for an hour everyday. #sorrynotsorry

2015-0717-you-and-the-moon-03Also new in the mix, started working with Rocksbox this month and have a free month of jewelry to give to you guys! Use code: dayinmydreamsxoxo for the free sign up. (see that glimmering double cuff?) that and a couple other beauties to come from them, so enjoy! xoxo


  1. I can definitely understand why you’d be having a killer day with this outfit, you look amazing Kristina! I love that kimono and it’s the perfect length too. Clarks was actually the brand of my school shoes and I didn’t know they were doing other things so I’ll definitely check them out :) xx

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