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have a scentsational week

Good morning friends. 6:39am EST, and I’ve been lurking about my house for the past couple of hours. A new habit of mine that presents itself during nights at random… Insomnia. And I’ve got to admit… I love it.

Before you assume I’ve gone completely mad (which is probably the case)… It happened first when I was under a particular amount of pressure from my big girl job. So much to do, so little time. My body was so angst, it fought sleep until I conceded around 3:30am. Instead of allowing those bitchy jittery feelings pulse through my horizontal being, I got up (brilliant) and began trudging around the house, catching up on laundry, freelance projects, pending to-do’s, and yes – even the blog.

Those few extra hours were surprisingly mad productive (apparently the zombie version of myself has exceeding work ethics) – and by my “usual” morning time, I felt so accomplished; the strain of the day had vanished.

And a day began with a positive outlook and a clear mind, made tackling that extra load at the office a breeze. Plus… with nothing left needed to do at home – I got to spend the rest of the evening over a nice dinner and a glass of wine. Ok two glasses. Three – gimmie a break, I earned it.

With an almost impossible amount of responsibilities and pressures encompassing our generation -working three jobs, raising families, and attempting to have a small slice of personal life… (plus we’re supposed to look stylish… whaaaat) Just remember, we all need to have moments to breathe, relax, unwind, catch up. So light a candle (this new one in the photo smells particularly nice this morning), and keep it burning. The end of the tunnel is in sight. And that’s where they keep the wine. Have a scentsational week my friends.


  1. Laughing when I read your post of course you deserves it ;) and insomnia, I like it too, I’m often most creative during the night! Love the photo btw!!

    Love, Julia Linn

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  2. Insomnia with increased productivity? Can I have some of that, Kristina! Hehe, your post always is a delight for me to read. Enjoyed the little wisdom you’re always sharing on your blog. Hope to got some shuteye love. Bless you :) xo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

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    • it was amazing! and so far a great start to the week… hope yours is the same – enjoy those hot sun-rays comin your way!


  3. This is such a great post! Loved every word of it. If only I could be as productive as you especially in the late hours of the night haha. Maybe some candles will help :) also those shoes are perfection.

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    • I used to be the same… but somehow recently it just clicked.. so maybe your schedule will too! thank you, wearing them today but I must admit… my feet are dying lol.


    • haha thank you… and i do visual marketing for a shoe company! so great days i get to be a shopper, stylist, and photographer… good days i do project management to create lookbooks and other marketing material. what do you do??


    • yeah it’s been working out pretty good so far! except for the fact i’m ready for bed by 10:00 ha. maybe the mind just needs enough focus and clarity to function?


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