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a minimalist somedays

If you follow this blog regularly, you probably already know I’m a huge fan of minimalistic blogs Modern Legacy and Love Aesthetics (to name just a couple). The crisp aesthetics with a stark contrast in monochrome schemes makes my heart skip – and I can’t look away. The minimalist community has always held a part of me captive. From living in micro houses, to a deliberate constriction in wardrobe and lifestyle – it’s really quite beautifully fascinating. And, I’ve given the thought of conversion some serious consideration.

I imagine the metamorphose as an enlightening experience, shedding past burdens, and flooding life with new meaning – transcending the old into a more pure version of oneself. Rebirth.

Then I realize I’d have to get rid of all of my stuff… I’ll settle with being a minimalist somedays. And few of my favorite stuffs being worked on the blog today. These new Denimocracy skinnies with an insane amount of stretch make these a new staple item (even if I was a minimalist). Made in CA, and probably one of the most comfortable items I own – you’ll be seeing these a lot. I have also been sweetly accused of being obsessed with this set of cuffs from THPSHOP. It’s true, I am. Bite me.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | crop:MANGO | jeggings c/o:DENIMOCRACY | slides:NICOLE | cuffs:THPSHOP



Thanks Denimocracy, and here’s to comfort, a better framed rear view, and being a minimalist… somedays.


  1. Glad to hear someone on my community is love minimalist as much as myself. See an independent fashion blogger who is herself is a blessed to me. Love this beauty basic look. I have it all similar to your look such as shoes, top, pants. Crazy chicness. Have a lovely day Missy:).


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  2. Hi!
    Love this effortless minimalistic chic black look. Simle but yet so powerful… I’m also using canon 5D mark iii, quite the camera, huh?? :)

    If you have time, be sure to check out my lifestyle blog with a nordic twist to it.

    xx Hanna

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  3. I only know a handful of people that rock the minimalistic look well and you are definitely one of them Kristina! Every picture is framed to perfection and you look absolutely ravishing in this crop top and jeans. Now that is epic style! Hope you have a lovely weekend dear! :) xo~ Lena

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  4. Fabulous! This look is sleek and minimal, just perfection. I’ve been looking for the male equivalent of these sandals for a while now, just need to find the perfect pair. Thanks for reminding me!
    Samuel xx


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