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have a scentsational week

Good morning friends. 6:39am EST, and I’ve been lurking about my house for the past couple of hours. A new habit of mine that presents itself during nights at random… Insomnia. And I’ve got to admit… I love it. Before you assume I’ve gone completely mad (which is probably the case)… It happened first when I was under a particular amount of pressure from my big girl job. So much to do, so little time. My body was so angst, it fought sleep until I conceded around 3:30am. Instead of allowing those bitchy jittery feelings pulse through my horizontal being, I got up (brilliant) and began trudging around the house, catching up on laundry, freelance projects, pending to-do’s, and yes – even the blog. Those few extra hours were surprisingly mad productive (apparently the zombie version of myself has exceeding work ethics) – and by my “usual” morning time, I felt so accomplished; the strain of the day had vanished. And a day began with a positive outlook and a clear mind, made tackling that extra load at the office a breeze. Plus… with nothing left needed to …

funnel necks and city views

One more post from the city as we toast to the show at the FFaNY after-party. Thank you for another beautiful show, until next time, cheers. Sporting a funnel neck in a sort of scuba material. Both big trends for the season, but definitely realizing it’s not ideal to wear during junk-food eating travel days #doublechin But still couldn’t resist sharing a few shots. No ootd info – mostly no names. Dread having to pack in a rush, but that’s what comes of back-to-back shows. When in doubt, basics come to the rescue. Yeah and about this 8″ thick slab of flawless marble masterpiece framing my champagne… lusting.