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self check, is this outfit even me?

An inbox full of fashion newsletters, runway updates, trend magazines and reports – and don’t even get me started on scrolling for hours through covet-worthy insta posts. It’s easy to get lost in the world of fashion. 

We are a culture of excess, and access to it all. Working in fashion and managing a side hustle fashion blog keeps me brow-deep in all things fashion. And studying all of the world’s most tantalizing trends can sometimes make it difficult draw the line between what we love, and what’s truly “us”.

If your wardrobe hasn’t felt like you lately, maybe it’s time for a self check. 

It’s important to realize you can appreciate all kinds of fashion, without feeling like you need to jump on board with every single trend. If you’re trying to reduce clutter and maintain a more minimalistic wardrobe, perhaps it’s time for some self diagnostics before shopping.

Pre-shopping self(help) checklist:

  • Does this piece express something about me?
  • Is this something I would feel confident wearing?
  • Do I have other items in my wardrobe I could wear with it?
  • Do I go places where this outfit would be appropriate? 
  • Would I feel like myself in this piece?

If you said no to one or more of the above, you may have a fashion fever. Side effects include overspending and a closet full of nothing to wear. 

Before you shop, remember to self check, remember who you are, and maintain a wardrobe that’s truly you.

When you have built a selection of pieces that truly embody who you are, fashion suddenly becomes effortless, as you can quickly style countless looks from a wardrobe you’ve carefully curated to suit your personality. 

Now all that’s left to decide, is what’s today’s vibe.

For me, a checkered shacket and leather leggings suited the mood.

As the weather gets cold, I default to pieces that allow me to take a bit of home-comfort out with me. That means all things oversized and loungewear that can double as day wear. The gold accessories help to sell the look as more conventional casual wear rather than straight lounge. 

The checkered shacket is an Alexander Wang dupe I’ve cycled into my outfits a few times as a layering piece that aligns with the season’s utility trends. Leather leggings are a staple, and this cropped pair is one just about every one of my must-have lists.

A little athleisure twist with the sneaks and a baseball cap made the look feel a bit more sporty and fresh. 

A nod to athleisure casual wear, a touch of edge with leather leggings, gold hardware and oversized menswear? Yeah, sounds like me. Feels good too. You’ll be spotting this look in my weekday roundup of office wear. Self check diagnostics – checks out.

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