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why you need leather leggings in your wardrobe

Less isn’t always more, but in the case of those seeking to reduce to a capsule wardrobe, keeping pieces that count is key.

One of the most versatile pieces that you’re not going to want to skip out on – leather leggings. If you don’t already have a pair or two in your wardrobe, be prepared to be convinced otherwise. If you do, here are a few perks you may not have thought of, and a few tips on integrating them into your wardrobe.

image cred @nicolerusssell

Leather leggings go with everything

From super casual ensembles like sweatshirts and tees to sexy evening attire in bodysuits and heels – leather leggings go with (literally) everything.

If you’re trying to reduce space in your wardrobe or packing for a trip, leather leggings are a must, with tons of leather legging outfit ideas to wear all season round.

Leather leggings are easy to pack

If a destination is on your horizon, leather leggings are also super easy to pack, and take much less space in your luggage than your vintage denim or wide leg trousers. Just fold and roll.

image cred @mvb

You can style leather leggings for any occasion

Because you can style so many different types of outfits with leather leggings, the occasions are equally endless. Wear a pair with an oversized shacket and boots for your next outdoor adventure, or for girls night at your favorite wine bar.

Leather leggings are surprisingly comfortable

Despite what one might think looking at the skintight, mid to high gloss pants alternative… leather leggings are surprisingly comfortable. Look for a pair that has high stretch and a soft lining if you want extra breathability. 

image cred @amagodson_a

Nothing says effortlessly sexy like leather leggings

The forming fit, the familiar casual silhouette – there’s just something that screams effortlessly sexy. If you want to add a little “mmm” factor in your day, it’s the right time to get into a leather leggings outfit.  

image cred @la_nadia

Tips for styling leather leggings

Looking for leather legging outfit ideas?

Who What Wear shares a half dozen outfit ideas on what to try with your favorite legging trend. A few styling tips to stay on this year’s trends:

  • Wear your leather leggings with a sweater vest (because sweater vests should be in everyone’s wardrobe by now)
  • Go leather on leather for a look that’s edgy and sexy
  • Pair with an oversized sweatshirt for a look that says, I’m sexy… but not trying
  • Wear leather leggings with a shacket and sneakers as one of this year’s hottest combos
  • Pair your leather leggings with a blazer for office to cocktails
  • Layer on an oversized knit for a look that you can wear anywhere
  • Opt for a crop if you want to emphasize your silhouette

Tips for storing and caring for your leather leggings

Treat your leather leggings with love. A heavy stack of clothes and a wire closet rack can be a death sentence for leather attire. Roll neatly in a drawer, or hanging them lightly over a hanger with plenty of space. Avoid the squish to extend your leggings lifespan.

Types of leather leggings and where to buy them

I’ve always been a huge fan of David Lerner’s leather leggings, however, they can be a little hard to track down these days. Other winners I’ve received from Commando who does a great job with leggings and bodysuits alike.

You can also grab a pair of leather leggings on Amazon for a steal – well worth the investment with the potential outfits you can create.

image cred: AMAZON

While a fitted legging is a staple, don’t forget to consider other types of leather leggings to mix up your looks. One of my most worn pairs of leather leggings is a low-rise crop. You can also find leather biker shorts, joggers, and high gloss vinyl leggings to suit your specific style. 


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