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fashion resolutions for the sake of your style and your world

2021 new years fashion resolutions for minimal style and sustainable fashion

There’s just something about fresh starts. Though one should truly find reasons to restart every day, the first of January seems a good a time as any. If you’re looking to make better fashion decisions in the new year, here are some resolutions that will change the way you shop and dress for the better.

With these simple lifestyle changes, you’ll be dressing more like yourself than ever, clear space in your wardrobe, and reduce waste that impacts your wallet and your environment.

minimalist luxury fashion blogger

photography:ME | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | outfit c/o:ANNE FONTAINE

#1: Don’t buy it unless you know you’re going to wear it

One of the biggest fashion faux pas we’re all guilty of – impulse buying items we never actually wear. Perhaps you unearthed an irresistible steal, maybe you fell in love with the fabric or print. Take a pause before you rush to the checkout. Even the most beautiful pieces in your wardrobe can go unworn; no matter the deal – it’s not worth it.

minimalist luxury fashion blogger 2021 trends

Ask yourself:

  • Is this style truly me or am I just hypnotized into buying?
  • Do I have pieces in my wardrobe I can wear with it?
  • Do I frequent places I even wear this piece?
  • How often will I wear it as compared to the cost – what is the cost per wear?
  • Do I already have something similar in my closet?

If the piece really isn’t 100% your style, if it doesn’t have a flattering fit, if you have nothing to wear with it or no where to wear it to – no price makes it worth purchasing. It will just end up shoved in the back of your closet with the rest of your impulse purchases. Instead, refrain. Buy only what you will wear, and aspire to cut back to a capsule wardrobe.

luxury fashion outfits

#2: Plan your outfits in advance

While you’re making your resolutions, consider what style you want to embody this year. As a fashion blogger, I love to dabble in the latest fashion trends of the season. However, my style doesn’t change as much as it evolves. Big changes are gradual, and I have a certain “look” that best suits my personality. I also wake up 15 minutes before I need to get out of the door and to the office.

Resolve to plan your outfits in advance.

fashion organizing wardrobe closet

How good are you really at coming up with an empowering outfit in 15 seconds before you fly out the door?

Dress more yourself, and understand your style more this new year by curating your outfits in advance. Plus, you can even plan to incorporate some of those unworn pieces in the back of your wardrobe.

minimalist capsule wardrobe

#3: Clear out the old before you buy the new

While you’re outfit planning, you’ll probably discover countless items you haven’t worn in years. Take the time, try on your vintage pieces. Keep what’s still you. Donate or repurpose the rest. A clean, fresh wardrobe will help you to see the gaps in your wardrobe that you may need to fill, or your might discover you had everything at your fingertips for flawless style all along.

sustainable fashion

IMAGE CRED: ready made from Pexels

#4: Minimize your fashion footprint

While you’re clearing out the back corners of your closet, consider the impact those impulse buys had not only on your wallet, but also your environment. Waste is never good – in any capacity.

Resolve to waste less this year, and minimize your fashion footprint. Even better? Know who you’re buying from, and support brands that follow sustainable manufacturing and distribution processes. After all, we should resolve not only to better ourselves, but to also better the world around us.

calculating cost per wear

IMAGE CRED: Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

#5: Invest in high rotation items

Assuming there are still some spaces in your wardrobe you’d like to fill for the New Year, swear to yourself to stop spending on fast fashion. Instead, invest in high quality luxury basics that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. Spending $2000 on a cocktail dress is not only wasteful, you really won’t get the satisfaction out of it, especially if you only wear it once or twice. (Be honest with yourself, you know you won’t wear it more than that).

I would however, pay just about anything for the perfect fitting jean that I wear everyday.

minimalist wardrobe fashion blogger

If you wear something a lot or find certain items are always in your laundry, those are the piece you’ll want to invest in.

For me, a non-wrinkle tee, quality at-home sweats, my black crop jeans and my collection of Anne Fontaine white blouses make my list of daily essential items I rewear over and over again. They’re worth the cost, because they’re the building blocks of 90% of what I wear.

capsule wardrobe essentials

Highly versatile items that you can wear in different ways for different occasions also have a higher value when you consider the cost per wear.

To calculate the cost of wear:

  • Take the total cost if the item
  • Divide it by the amount of times you think you’ll wear it
  • The resulting number is your cost per wear

For example, if I bought that cocktail dress for $2000 and wore it twice, my cost per wear is $1000. A heavy price to pay for just a couple of occasions. If I spent $500 on the perfect pair of jeans but wear them three times a week for a year, the cost per wear is just $3.21. Calculating the cost per wear really puts your purchases into perspective, and helps you make the right buying choices to support your lifestyle.

shop local

IMAGE CRED: cottonbro from Pexels

#6 Support small and locally owned businesses

If you aren’t making an effort already, please don’t forget, we’re just coming out of a global pandemic. Whether or not you have been greatly affected, rest assured small and locally owned businesses are paying a heavy price. Even large mega brands have been forced into a radical fashion revolution, and the little guys are fighting even harder to stay afloat.

local fashion businesses

IMAGE CRED: cottonbro from Pexels

Businesses in your area are run by friends, family and your fellow community. Support them.

This year, make it your fashion resolution to shop local first. Support people. Do good. Give back. It’s one small way you can truly make a difference in people’s lives and our economy. It may seem like a small change to you, but if we band together and resolve to make better fashion choices this year, we can make a big difference.

shop local community

IMAGE CRED: from Pexels


  1. I loved all the fashion resolutions that you have shared through this article. I can relate some of these resolutions with myself as I don’t take care of my clothes and don’t use them after I buy new ones.

    I will surely try to work on some of these resolutions for myself for the sake of style and the world. Thank you for listing it together and sharing this information with us.

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