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7 luxury fashion blogs you’re going to want to follow now

It’s time to indulge ourselves and pay homage to the the best luxury fashion blogs the visionaries that bring them to life. From effortless chic ensembles to lust worthy accessories, these are the leaders that inspire fashion for generations. These powerful women have built empires through their keen eye for aesthetics and understanding of the fashion empire. They inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. They let us drool over their Balenciaga bags and Gucci shoes. They show us how to make everyday a luxurious experience. They remind us that luxury is an experience that we can all be a part of, and that true style is an expression of ourselves. If you loved my top inspirational minimalist lifestyle blog list, this post is for you. You’ll recognize some of my all time favorite fashion bloggers, as well as a few new faces you’re going to want to follow. Minimalist luxury style without interruption with @pepamack Petra of @pepamack has nearly a million followers on her luxury fashion Instagram account, and it’s no …

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future trad and perfecting plaid

Future trad makes its debut for fall fashion trends grounded in traditional preppy style with a futuristic twist. Marie Claire is calling it one of the biggest fall fashion trends of 2019. The material focus – plaid. Here’s how you should be wearing your business casual day wear in the new season. photography:JOSH WOLFE | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | plaid pants c/o:FIDELITY | chain belt:CHANEL | chunky shoes:DR. MARTENS   Suiting evolves with a futuristic take on traditional British style. The era of cross-over and non-conformity lends its hand to shifting this style. Conventional turns unpredictable as classic silhouettes are worn in a new way with oversized layering and a mix of casual and innovative pieces. Modern updates can be seen in the details with rubber edging, button details and trench inspirations. Advise from The Kit, “Mix it (plaid) up. Now is your time to play with heritage pieces by pairing them with unexpected items. Wear a plaid kilt with a T-shirt, or even double up on tartan and wear it head-to-toe. Much like …

how to manage a luxury fashion blog and full time career

12 essential tips to manage a successful luxury fashion blog and full time career

Since starting my own luxury fashion blog in 2014, one of my most asked questions is how I manage to keep up with a blog while continuing to work a full time career. It’s true, I sometimes find myself asking the same question. But the truth is, with these tips and principals, I am able to double down and earn a sustainable income on the blog, while also slaying my day job on the side – without compromise. A successful blog requires time, effort and focus – but it is still possible to manage alongside a 9-5 (or in my case, an 8-5). Whether you’re interested for fun or want to learn to how to make a stable income on the blog before you ditch the corporate life, here are a few essential tips to get you started. 1: Make fashion your b**** That’s right. If you want to manage basically two full-time jobs, you’re going to need to make fashion your bitch. You want to be good at something? Eat, sleep and dream it. …