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items from my wardrobe I always re-wear over and over

minimal style capsule wardrobe essentials

The absolute chaos, hangers pressed so tightly together you could get blisters from pulling them apart – we all know what it feels like to have too many pieces crammed in our wardrobe. And, as much as we like the idea of a truly minimalist wardrobe, sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds.

If you’re trying to create some extra space, I’ve shared a few of my hacks for minimizing to a capsule wardrobe. But one of the most important factors we often overlook, is:

Don’t purchase items you’ll rarely wear in the first place.

capsule wardrobe tips

Let’s be honest. Most of us only wear our favorite 20 or so items, and the rest of our clothes sits untouched month after month… sometimes longer. What if you only purchased those reworn items?

With dozens of pieces arriving every month for features on Day in my Dreams fashion blog, I’ve had the opportunity to wear new outfits just about every day.

organized wardrobe

But amidst the piles of trendy fast fashion pieces, there are a few items I find myself grabbing on as much as a weekly basis.

If you’re looking for quality minimal style basics that you’ll actually wear, here are some essential items from my wardrobe that you’ll keep wearing week after week.

anne fontaine white blouse

IMAGE CRED: anne fontaine

A basic, luxury quality white blouse

I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to outfits with basic white button down shirts. Point being, the possibilities are truly endless. Depending on the blouse, you can wear them as a dress, a layer under sweaters, with your loungewear, jeans, blazers, even swimwear covers. Trust me on this one. This minimal style staple is worth investing in. My most worn piece is a simple white blouse by Anne Fontaine. I’ve probably worn it no short of 200X, and I’m not slowing down. If you don’t already have one, consider investing in a luxury quality white blouse that will polish and elevate the many looks you’ll be able to pair it with.

Iro black jeans

IMAGE CRED: the real real

Black wide leg jeans

On the hunt for the perfect pair of black jeans, I stubbled upon this mid-rise crop pair by IRO on The Real Real. Zero regrets. Though I made the purchase just a few weeks back, I’ve already worn the pair a half dozen times. Wide leg jeans have a bit more fashion-forward look, so they’re an easy way to be in Vogue while still being in your comfortable basics.

all saints leather biker jacket balfern

IMAGE CRED: Allsaints

Allsaints leather biker jacket

There are no words to describe the relationship I have with my Allsaints Balfern leather biker jacket. I’ve had it for literally years. It’s in excellent shape, and it’s been my go-to outerwear layer since I received it as a gift from the brand. A leather jacket can be both edgy and sophisticated, so the versatility is unmatched, plus they never go out of style You can layer it over summer dresses or shorts to extend the season. I’d say I probably wear mine about 80% of days between 50-70ºF. Again, opt for quality. A cheap PU jacket from H&M might seem like a good solution, but the material will cheapen your outfits rather than accentuate them. Plus, it will inevitably rip when you least expect it. Buy it nice, or buy it twice. The hundreds of times you’ll wear it will make the investment well worth it.

givenchy luxury designer graphic tee

IMAGE CRED: shopbop

Designer graphic tee

Ok, so not everyone is going to want to splurge on a $300-$500 luxury teeshirt. However, I purchased the Givenchy angry monkey tee, and there have been zero regrets. A graphic tee is an essential. If you truly aspire to have a minimal wardrobe, invest in one or two that you can rotate, rather than a drawer full of them you’ll never wear.

basic grey sweater

IMAGE CRED: theory

Decjuba overzied sweater

An oversized knit is a fall and winter essential. Again, think versatility. A grey knit stands great on its own, but it can also layer over your basic white blouse, over dresses, under blazers or with loungewear. I’ve even worn mine as a beach cover during off-season beach trips. My fav is a super soft knit from Decjuba that I received about a year back, and is still fashionably relevant today.

quarter zip up pullover

IMAGE CRED: amazon

Comfort Colors men’s pullover from Amazon

Last but not least, I have been on the hunt for a quarter-zip pullover since early fall. After trying many (and returning many disappointed), I stumbled on this total steal from Amazon just around $20. It has that perfect worn-in feel I had been looking for, and it’s perfect for days you don’t want to get dressed. Wear an oversized pullover with leggings, denim, or biker shorts for a trendy 2020 athleisure look that won’t die with the fast fashion.

minimal style capsule wardrobe

What are the most worn items in your wardrobe? Share your secrets, and maybe someday we’ll all be able to shop smarter and maintain a minimal style capsule wardrobe.

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