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luxury meets efficiency with d.internoscia transforming handbags

luxury fashion d.internoscia handbag review

Modern architectural lines, polished details and rich leathers. Introducing a truly innovative luxury brand of handbags that have some efficient features you’re going to want to check out. Discover just what sets this new headlining brand apart, and get to know the owner and designer Denise Internoscia in this exclusive interview and d.internoscia handbag review.

d.internoscia handbag cube jett bag reviewdenise internoscia handbag luxury designer

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | some photos c/o:D.INTERNOSCIA SITE | transforming luxury handbag c/o:D.INTERNOSCIA


When Denise first reached out in the early spring of this year, I was immediately drawn to the purpose and functionality of her novel handbag designs. We began a friendship of sorts as she shared her passion and personal story of struggles and success in the luxury fashion industry. It was irresistible. Certainly a story I couldn’t help but share on this luxury fashion blog platform that can shed some light on this new star in the industry.

Join Day in my dreams as we get personal in the unrestrained creativity and original designs of an incredible entrepreneur and her journey to success.

First, let’s talk bags. Just what makes Denise’s capsule collection so groundbreaking in the luxury handbag market? They’re not only beautiful. d.internoscia introduces their handbags as a “transformative handbags for the modern women.” Truly, I could not have said it better myself.

d.internoscia handbag website

This line is designed to be a travel companion without restraints. Every try to pack handbags in your suitcase for your travel attire? If so, surely you’ve felt the frustration as your handbags (and shoes) take up the entire bag, leaving no space for the rest of your essentials. No more.

d.internoscia handbag jett cube how it folds downd.internoscia handbag jett cube folds down flat

As you can see illustrated with my brand new Jett Cube bag, this substantial handbag folds down nearly completely flat. Small enough to hardly make a dent in your luggage space. Incredible, right?? How does she do it?

d.internoscia handbag deborah tote how it folds down

While the bold hardware appears to be no more than a display of modern design, they do so much more than that. Denise took her inspiration from her own travels. She designed both the Jett Cube bag and even larger Deborah H. Tote the same feature:

strategic zipper placement, allowing the bags to break down and fit flat into a bag or storage container.

d.internoscia handbag zipper placementd.internoscia handbag bottom

“I was taking a trip to Mexico and had organized different outfits with coordinating handbags. During the process, I became frustrated that I had to choose bags that lie flat or risk damaging the leather of my bag.  I started working on a design that would expand and retract with zippers which took inspiration from different origami designs.” – Denise Internoscia, Owner and Designer of d.internoscia

d.internoscia handbag jett cube zipper

As an avid traveler, I’ve been desperate for the next journey as travel restrictions are slowing being lifted across the states. Believing in traveling lite, I rarely travel with a checked bag. I’ve felt the same angst and spent hours trying to pack my bags in the absolute most efficient way to fit my essentials and a couple of handbags in a small carry on. It’s quite impossible. Instead, I’ve most often resorted to selecting a single handbag stuffed inside my personal item.

luxury fashion blogger lifestyle with d.internoscia handbag

In an era of motion, everyone is always multitasking, and fashion is becoming more and more functional. It has become essential to streamline our lifestyle in ways that serve us, rather than weigh us down.

As an entrepreneur, Denise is no exception. She comments on the importance of versatility, “I have a strong sense of style.  When trends come and go, I know what silhouettes work for me and can buy them in a trendy pattern that I can still wear for years. I am a child of the 80’s and we love to layer! This allows me to switch up my looks without adding to my wardrobe.”

d.internoscia handbag designer at work

Learning to live a minimalist lifestyle with less means selecting the pieces the best serve your lifestyle, today and in the future.

d.internoscia handbag jett cube open

d.internoscia handbag review of craftsmanship

Versatility is key in minimizing essentials, and selecting pieces that will ultimately get more use for longer in your wardrobe. d.internoscia handbags transcend fast-fashion. They provide a solution of timeless modern design with an uncomplicated solution to space and living with less.

luxury fashion d.internoscia handbag jett cube unzippedd.internoscia handbag latch

Aside from efficiency, d.internoscia handbags are beautiful, statement pieces crafted with beautiful leathers and solid metal embellishments. My piece of choice generously gifted to me by Denise, the Jett Cube bag in cloud.

“The cloud color is my favorite because it’s slightly different.” – Denise (torn between Cloud and croc embossed black, I gratefully took her advise)

luxury fashion d.internoscia handbag in cloudd.internoscia handbag metal hardware

It has a soft, subtle metallic finish with silver tone hardware. The bag measures 5.5” square – just large enough for phone, wallet and essentials that you’ll want when jetting around on your next adventure or a night out. It also has 4 cylindrical base studs to keep your bag clean and dry if you happen to set it on a wet bar table or dirty floor.

d.internoscia handbag jett bag unzipped

The front latch folds down to secure the bag shut, no risk of items slipping out while you’re focused on creating new memories and experiences.

So just who is the modern woman Denise designed her handbags for? d.internoscia presents its line as a “handbag collection curated for the jet-setter and urban dweller.” Denise shares her thoughts on just who the modern woman is today:

“I believe the attributes that define modern women today is the ability to be authentic. I’m not sure if there is anything in fashion that is off limits.  I love Leandra Medine, of Man Repeller. She shows every aspect of her life without apologizing for the rawness.  I believe that is what draws people to her. Be your authentic self; unapologetically, but be nice.”

I couldn’t agree more. Sounds like you? Be sure to check her out, and support an extremely talented emerging designer and entrepreneur who I’ve found to be personally inspiring in so many ways. You can find the Jett Cube and the rest of the collection on her site,

Want to get to know more about Denise? Here’s a little exclusive Q&A I had the opportunity to put together with her to share inspiration, fun facts, the good, the bad, and tips for entrepreneurs who want to start their own brand.

d.internoscia handbag designer

Exclusive Q&A with luxury handbag designer, Denise Internoscia

  1. Where is your favorite travel destination and why?

    I mentioned that I often travel to Mexico. In the early years, it was because I couldn’t get enough of the sun and ocean, but as I’ve aged, I try to avoid the sun. With frequent visits to Playa del Carmen, I’ve befriended a local couple. Now, when I travel, the destination is only part of the reason, while the majority of the reason is the people I have come to love.

  2. What are 3 things that most people don’t know about you?

    If you were to run into me out and about, you would see a carefully curated outfit, and most would think that I am extroverted because of my choice of loud pattern or unique vibe, but I enjoy nothing more that standing in the corner and observing everything around me that plays out like a movie. Secondly, most people don’t know that I was raised in a rural city in Ohio. Most, if not all my cousins were farmers, and although I didn’t grow up on a farm, I was there for weeks at a time. Sometimes, my aunt would ask when I was going home…LOL! I enjoyed helping with the chores, but at times I was viewed as the odd duck because if I felt like wearing a big pink hat to the farm that day, that’s what I did!  Finally, I love fashion, but it’s not always the first topic I talk about it. I love deep conversations about life and connecting through humorous stories or struggles that connect us all.

  3. What is a normal day like for you as a business owner and fashion designer?

    Is there ever a normal day as a business owner?  I feel like many times the business dictates what needs to be taken care of for the day.  Of course, I wake up, drink my coffee, but as soon as you check those emails, issues begin pulling your attention that must be dealt with and other things on your scheduled list are pushed until later.

  4. What motivates you to stay active while being so busy?

    My cute Boston Terrier, Olina. She keeps me grounded. I could sit in the same spot all day envisioning new designs and working out a game plan on how to reach more customers, but she will stare you down and let you know it’s time for a break.

  5. On your day off, where would one most often find you?

    Walking around the city of NYC…There are so many great exhibits at the Whitney, or MOMA…it is really hard to keep up with all the great shows on view. In addition, NYC can be so intoxicating at night. It always draws me in with its hustle and bustle, but yet it has an intimacy at night that creates emotion just between you and her. If you ever get the chance, walk the Brooklyn Bridge at night- starting in Brooklyn.

  6. How do you feel launching d.internoscia has impacted your happiness and overall mentality?

    Launching a company is not without its downfalls and disappointments, for example, finding an honest manufacturer that is willing to help an emerging designer bring to fruition these challenging designs, but at the end of the day knowing that I have a God that gave me this unique talent and ideas, helps me feel a sense of purpose.

  7. What are 10 things that are almost always in your bag? (she cracks me up in this one)

    10 things?!  I’m really more minimalist than that…but here goes! Sunglasses (I love some big shades!), Wallet, a good lip gloss(I prefer Buxom), my phone (don’t want to miss that important call), old receipts from a dinner out with friends, a nice hand cream (L’Occtaine), a sweater(because the restaurant is always cold), some loose change that I never know what to do with, and an umbrella, but you can always buy one on the street for $5…. I’d be making things up if I gave you 10..haha!

  8. Who is a dream retailer you’d love to carry your bags?

    It used to be Barney’s, but we all know that story…but I would have to say, Dover Street Market.  I’m a fan of Comme de Garcon, who never disappoints, but the inside of their store is like a well curated museum. They have all the big names…Margiela, The Row, Jil Sanders, Comme de Garcon, Thom Browne with some emerging designers mixed in…At Dover, a unique identity is held with the utmost respect.

  9. Where are the last 3 places you shopped at?

    Assembly NYC, Zara, of course, and Bloomingdales in Soho.

  10. Who are some of your favorite contemporary artists that have inspired your work?

    Now this is a tough one.  I have so much love for so many artists.  Anyone with a unique voice that creates an experience for the viewer, is so inspiring to me. A painting on the wall won’t get it for me. Liz Sofield was my original inspiration in how she uses origami on a 2 dimensional surface.  Right now I love this artist, Jannick Deslauriers, out of Montreal, that creates common objects out of mesh and lace. Her work is actually affordable for the detail that is placed in each work.

  11. If you could sum up your personal style in three words, what would they be?

    Rock & Roll Chic!

  12. What are some of your interests outside of fashion?

    As you can probably guess, visiting museums and crafting gifts for friends.

  13. When did you start working in the fashion industry?

    In 2008, I started my own Etsy store where I produced one of a kind designs and eventually streamlined designs that I was able to begin selling to boutiques.

  14. What was the most exciting moment in your career til date?

    Sending my prototypes off to the manufacturer and seeing the samples come back from the factory all shiny and beautiful. You can’t wait for everyone to get them into their hands and feel the leather and craftsmanship!

  15. What was one of the biggest obstacles you overcame to launch d.internoscia?

    Fear! When you continually have to invest money in something that doesn’t show immediate results, like working for someone else; it can be stressful. I have a husband that is my biggest cheerleader; He continually tells me to go for it!

  16. What is your lifetime goal for d.internoscia?

    My lifetime goal for d.internoscia is to fill a need. In the future I would love to find a manufacturer that gives a hand up to those who need a way out of impoverishment or enslavement, but currently with the challenge of the designs, we can only give out of our profits to help at, who help those who are enslaved.

  17. What are some of your tips for entrepreneurs wanting to launch their own brand?

    Build some capital. Everything takes money, but don’t let this discourage you. Keep designing; Write down your goals, and develop a plan of how to achieve them! If you have a unique idea, share it with the world!

  18. If you could spread and inspire a personal message with the success of your fashion line, what would it be?

    Don’t let disappointment discourage you from moving forward. It’s okay to have those emotions, but don’t stay there!  Having someone as a cheerleader and mentor is always important because they will talk you off the ledge and show you that your goal is attainable. “Thanks Liz!”

luxury fashion luxury fashion blog review of d.internoscia handbag designerluxury fashion blog review of d.internoscia handbag

Thank you for joining me on this journey with Denise and d.internoscia handbag review. It’s so important to me to highlight emerging designers and support entrepreneurs in their endeavors. In fact, as a entrepreneur and fashion blogger myself, I truly believe it’s our duty to do so. I encourage you to do the same, and check her out!

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this handbag was gifted to my by d.internoscia. While she actually offered to pay, I insisted on making this feature free because I was so inspired by her designs and her story. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


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