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keep yourself in check

checker blazer luxury travel style

While 2020 continues to prove more uncertain by the day, it’s important for us to always challenge ourselves introspectively. If your actions, motivations, and state of being are not being lead by love, check yourself. Ask yourself why. Look at yourself, straight in the eyes, and determine what will drive you. What will motivate you.

checker blazer luxury travel style at sunsetslip on luxury shoes

photography:JOSH WOLFE | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | check blazer:H&M | sunglasses c/o:SLOANE EYEWEAR | slip on shoes c/o:NAKED FEET

We cannot force others to change, but we can lead by taking our own steps in the right direction. We can change the world, by changing ourselves.

Find a quiet place, without distractions, and discover your own answers.

luxury fashion blogger in virginia mountainsluxury fashion blogger in virginia mountains

While I love to travel the world, experience the hustle of city life, and discover new cultures… my quite place is serenity. Here in the mountains of Virginia, I’ve been able to let go, rediscover myself again and again, and choose for myself who I am.

In a time of chaos, I encourage you to find a place where your soul refuels. Pick yourself up, and determine today will be a brighter day.

freedom in travel experience

This day, was one of my favorites… spent foraging, trekking, and breathing God’s air. While the original purpose was a campaign for a luxury footwear brand, the day became so much more. (But at least that explains why I’m wearing a checked blazer to hike the mountaintops.)

experience freedom

Instead of checking the day off the list, we grasped the opportunity to soak in the environment, feel the earth, and get in touch with ourselves. May you make everyday a luxury experience worth living. And when you get too caught up…

Take a moment to check yourself. Take a step back. Let your choice always be love.


  1. When we check ourselves it forces us to look within ourselves for permission, instead of surveying everybody, to pursue what we desire. I love this topic!

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