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the mini bag trend on fashion bloggers

mini bag trend | born from a need for less

Our world is chaotic. Returning from a long weekend in Nashville, TN – I was surrounded by miles of traffic, crowded sidewalks, and music city bars packed shoulder to shoulder. The sound of soul searching in the artists’ voices were nearly drowned by a mix of chattering and classes clanging. After the show, people spilled into the littered streets – not to return home, but to the next audio highlight or corner pub. With them, friends, phones, and a bag full of their life “essentials” were dragged along with them into the endless night. Makeup, chargers, midnight snacks, you name it – people carry it with them. But the truth is, the social stimulation and electric setting is more than enough to consume everyone’s focus. The rest is just stuff. Stop and smell the roses. We don’t need more, we need less. In an experience-first generation, the clutter is only weighing us down. Lighten your load, and listen to the subtle voice of minimalism. Then get back in those doors and do the two-step like …

luxury fashion essentials for the minimalist

life and luxuries for a minimalist

With life rolling through like a freight train, it’s important to be able to step back and appreciate the small things. Coffee on the porch on a cool morning, the laughter in the eyes of someone you love, a fragrance the reminds you of home – these small moments let us pause. They give us a deep satisfaction of being only in the moment without distractions, capturing every sensation more intensely than we often allow ourselves. These are the moments we get lost in, a treasure that cannot be met for value. In the fashion industry, it’s easy to get caught up forgetting these moments entirely. Operating at jet speed and surrounding yourself with material items, hunting for the latest fashion trends, and skimming through so much content, it’s easy to become too overloaded for truly soaking everything in. Since starting a luxury fashion blog just a few years back, I have learned how fast those treasured moments can pass you by. Striving to lead an alternative minimalist lifestyle, it has become an important part …

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versatility at its finest, NAME activewear review

Gym, then coffee date. Office to happy hour. Yoga to the market. With people overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time, it’s unusual for one to be able to step out of the house for just one thing. My list is normally a mile long of a few errands I’ve been putting off, some element of work and probably trying to squeeze in some social time between appointments. In NYC, that means packing a change of shoes, my laptop and sometimes even a change of clothes. Versatility is key for my lifestyle. If the stuff I tote along with me can’t keep up, its going to end up staying in the closet. In the era of wearable technology, robotics and AI – why can’t a girl get a bag that’s just well, smarter? That’s why I’ve partnered with NAME, a luxury fashion brand to introduce their newest activewear bag. Taking a stance on redefining luxury, NAME understands that a women of our generation seek not only beauty and elegance in fashion, but …