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extravagance and ice, and imma shine like gloss

decadent luxury fashion

Something about the the way the light moves across the facets like sunlight over water… sparkling with each ripple. It feels like a movie scene in slow motion. Sharp edges, the clear depth of each crystal, a bright flash with the slightest shift towards the sun.

After a full month of quarantine clothes… it was time to mix it up.

as by df shirt dress luxury fashionas by df shirt dress luxury fashion sexy

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK & JOSH WOLFE | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | shirtdress c/o:AS BY DF | chandelier earrings c/o:CAPRICE DECADENT | gold ring c/o: ANA LUIS JEWELRY


There’s something powerful in draping yourself in luxuries, like a queen feeling her crown settle on her head. Flowing fabrics, decadent embellishments, something sexy, but subtle.

The kind of adornment that makes you raise an eyebrow, jut out your chin and crave a $40 cocktail on the rooftops of Dubai. Extravagance.

as by df luxury shirt dress with crystalsas by df shirtdress evening attire

While I often speak about minimalism and the simple joys in life, there’s something to be said of treating yourself on occasion. And, after all of this lockdown, it’s something we’re all craving. The cocktail attire, glittering jewels, the tallest pair of heels you own, and a squad of your women all in full-length stride… floating in and out of each establishment as quickly as the glint of each draping crystal.

draping crystal earrings by caprise decadent

We may be in separation now, but here’s a reminder it won’t last forever. And when it’s lifted, we will be ready. Lining up cocktail looks in a row, for the sequential city raids that will follow immediately after safety restrictions have been lifted.

This year has been different, but it’s not lost. Make the best of it now. And bide your time kittens, the return will be all the sweeter.

as by df shirtdress luxury fashion blogger

First on the rack, new decadently iced shirtdress by AS by DF. Dripping in luxury, the sheer finish complements an evening blush in it’s smokey lavender glory. Each piece of the starchild is hand beaded in a direction that literally feels it’s dripping from your shoulders. I now own several pieces from their collection, and they’ve quickly become a favorite in emerging luxury fashion brands.

hand beaded as by df luxury fashionluxury fashion blogger in coctail dress

Their looks are bold, feminine and empowering, with a distinctly rebellious undertone. All of the things I crave after a week in sweats.

The only accessory you’ll need, undone hair and even more, sparkling, embellishments. Ear candy compliments of Caprice Decadent. Their pieces are exorbitant and extravagant. The kind of ice you wear when you want to feel like money.

caprise decadent earringscaprise decadent crystals closeupcaprise decadent chandelier earrings

Long Feathers was my first style of choice, with an excess of sparkling crystals and draping fringe that catches every ounce of light around them. Feathers was a close second, styled in a sunburst half-circle. Ready to make a real statement? Get both and wear one on each side. Because rules are meant to be broken.

luxury fashion blogger day in my dreams wears shirtdress

Now, go blast the song that makes you move. Get iced up, and get ready. This quarantine isn’t going to last forever…

SHOP: Get 10% off these earrings (or anything else) by Caprice Decadent through this link! A percentage of proceeds this month will be donated to COVID relief efforts specifically impacting mothers and children.

“Money on the floor when we dance on it
Shine bright, finna put a tan on it
Said, I took it and I ran for it
I run it then I stand on it
Money on the floor when we dance on it
Shine bright, finna put a tan on it like
I’m a bitch, I’m a boss
I’m a bitch and a boss, I’ma shine like gloss”
– Boss Bitch, Doja Cat

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, the featured items were gifted to me by AS by DF and Caprice Decadent. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


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